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The Furry Godfather and Troll Extraordinaire is dead!
RIP 1953-2015. Furfags will forever mourn your loss.
Refashioning your childhood since the 90's.

You know how Furfags have all that creepy furry art with the giant penises, giant boobs, way too much cum, and so many fetishes that it makes your head spin? Well, once upon a time this sort of crap was frowned on as "freaky" and "hideous" within the furry community and that remained the case until one well-respected artist started drawing the freaky crap himself. That time was the early 90's and that artist was Douglas Duncan Winger.

Basically every single thing you hate about furries from their ability to ruin your childhood to their sick fetishes can be drawn back to this one man. He encouraged Eric W. Schwartz and was the reason that he took up skunks as his main character species. He admired the disturbingly realistic work of James M. Hardiman and saw him as a "pretty chill guy". Did we mention Hardiman's skunk incest triplets? On the side of people who didn't take away the message of "skunks and minks are super fuckable" we get every single person who has ever drawn a penis the size of a torso on things with tits, the American fandom dedicated to hermaphrodites, dick nipples that don't come from Japan, penises sprouting out of tails, Giant dogs fucking busses, and other horrors you either wretched over or fapped to recently.

All hail Doug Winger: the secret godfather of the furry fandom!

Who the Fuck is Doug Winger?

Winger's First Vixen drawing
Advertising for the BBS

Typically when you hear the words "furry" and "Artist" you think of some bored basement dweller fresh out of high school drawing crappy MS paint art and posting it to inkbunny or Fur Affinity. You laugh at the idea of these so-called artists actually having a career in art as they have zero idea how to do composition, their colors are atrocious and god help them when it comes to anatomy. They simply fail on all fronts, which is why they turned to drawing crappy porn in the first place: niche markets mean less picky customers. I mean, who the fuck would ever think it's a wise idea to start with a career only to ruin it?

Enter Doug Winger.

Doug Winger, like all furries, was a nerdy guy. He actually started out as an engineer for Republic Aviation Corporation where he designed new ways for fighter jets to lock on to and fire at their targets. When Republic Avaiation was bought out by Fairchild he worked for Fairchild for a few months, decided they were a pain in the ass to work for, then decided to do actual rocket science instead. He used his military street cred to get into NASA and then proceeded to make it so the Space Shuttle orbiter could be actually steered so it wouldn't crash into things. Next time you hear about the guys down at the space station getting supplies or making it safely to and from the station, thank Doug Winger.

Of course, the prestige of being a literal fucking rocket scientist wasn't enough to keep him happy... and can you blame him? According to the man himself, they were "Horrendous shitty jobs with God-like pay". Anyone with a shit job starts to have their mind wander and Doug's mind went to cartoons. When he wasn't drawing up schematics that make super fast things not crash into other things he was doodling cartoon characters and learning to draw. He found out that he would rather be drawing cartoons instead of making rockets and got good enough to actually get paid doing it.

Over time this man has worked for every company that created your childhood. Playmates Toys, Hasbro, Fisher-Price, Mattel, Applause Inc., Jakks Pacific, MGA Entertainment, Warner Bros. Consumer Products, Nickelodeon and Wham-0 are just a few of the companies he did designs and art for. Check your closet for old toys... we mean, "Collectables". Chances are you have some of Winger's work already, especially if it's still in-box or has artwork included.

By the time the 90's had rolled around, Winger had drawn everything from My Little Pony to Tiny Toons and even done background work on Dora the Explorer and Angry Beavers. This is also around the time that Doug got into the budding internet Furry scene and began posting in various BBSes (think of them as proto-forums), as well as MUCKs and MUDs (like Secondlife without pictures) featuring cartoons. By cartoons we mean cartoon animals. By cartoon animals we obviously mean furries. His furry career started when he did promotional artwork for his favorite BBS which, naturally, got the attention of posters who thought "gee, that art looks great!" and began to ask for commissions. The commissions swiftly turned from art to porn. But what about the weirdass fetishes?

It started when Doug ended up getting commissioned by a massive asshat. You know the type: he wants things not in the artist's style and will complain over and over about small changes until you have burned a few dozen pencils in redraws or flip a table and tell him to go fuck himself. In short, the average furry fan these days. Well, this asshat hadn't noticed that Doug's work featured realistic proportions and kept demanding bigger and bigger boobs.

We'll let the man himself explain the rest...

Oh god my eyes

Doug (center, right) advertising the Herm hangout he inspired
Dicks everywhere!
Why all the dicks?
Where's the whamdoodle?

Doug adored trolling the asshat. All trolls know it feels great to put an ass in their place in a clever fashion. The problem is that it backfired: people loved his huge-titted artwork and demanded more. Doug, annoyed that they asked and still feeling troll-y, obliged with bigger tits, bigger dicks, and more dicks thinking that would shut them up. Alarmingly, it simply brought him even more fans and requests for commissions.

And then Doug found Tapestries Muck. Back in the days in which Gadget porn could get you booted out of the BBS, Tapestries MUCK was the go-to place for people into furry porn (called Furverts back then) to sit there and have disturbing cyber sex with each other. Doug started with a demon mare named Boggle. His second character, Pandora, started as a full blown hermaphrodite that eventually had a "sister" named Pup join her. Where Pandora was simply an oversexed dick-girl, Pup was a Doug-Dog hybrid with cartoonish body proportions and a dick that needs a crane to erect. Then came Minerva Mink... or at least Doug's version of her which involves hidden penis and/or sometimes being a horse. All the furverts on Tapestries went crazy for these new, actually original characters and soon Doug was drawing them when he wasn't roleplaying as himself on Tapestries.

That's right: Doug Winger didn't actually have a fursona and literally played himself on these MUCKs even though that "self" grew big tits as the years went by. All of his characters like Pandora and Boggle were actual characters. There were no lulzy "do not steal" warnings, no "omg you defamed my fursona" tyrades and no fucks given if you didn't like his work. Doug had morphed from a rocket scientist with a passion for cartoons into the troll god of the Furry Fandom. He was loved by a handful of vocal furverts and scorned by the rest of the community.

When anyone starts getting well-known there will be imitators. Soon every furry-related MUCK was full of hermaphrodites and as Doug drew them bigger, the fans did, too. When he added dick-nipples, they added dick nipples. When suddenly dicks came from tails, too, you can bet your sweet ass that tail-cocks were the hot new accessory. Doug was puppeting the senseless masses of furverts quietly by doing what he always has done: drawing porn, cracking jokes and trolling the fuck out of the internet.

Soon basically every single non-hentai inspired furry artist was probably inspired by Doug Winger. It got to be too much leading to things like Burned Fur stepping in, bashing all of the imitators and yet somehow not seeing the godfather behind it all as he sniggered and drew more freaky things for everyone else to imitate. The backlash from the rest of the fandom towards the increasing freakiness all around them was loud, but generally unfocused. As railing against your fandom becoming a freakshow was deemed "hateful", the rageful posts mostly have been wiped from the internet's collective memory with few traces remaining on ancient archived geocities sites and websites that haven't been touched in four or five years if you're lucky. Here's a typical example post:

Doug Winger is quite possibly the most warped and deranged human being to ever walk the face of the earth.


— [God Hates Furries].

And Doug Winger himself kept drawing actual cartoons for actual companies for real money until he was forced to retire from actual work due to COPD related to his smoking. Smoking-related ailments claimed the furry godfather's life in the Summer of 2015. The troll legend and secret overlord of Furry Fandom is now in Troll Hell where he helps design awesome rockets to fight Heaven's legions in between drawing Satan's favorite weekly comic strip. He is surrounded by his creations and adoring fans and there is much yiffing in hell these days. Life is good.

Yes, Doug Winger had a career despite all of this insane furry porn trolling because he spent time drawing other things too, actually spent time honing his art skills, had a portfolio, and had tons of positive job references from being an intelligent, actually likeable human being. He didn't whine about "furry rights" or demand that others "respect his furriness". He was OK with being "Just Doug" and stayed humble in person with lifelong friends who visited him in person until the day he died. His best friends stayed at his bedside as he died- he didn't die alone! In short, the furry Godfather was what none of his imitators are.

And that's why Doug Winger is a legend: he was a furry/troll who was also wildly successful at real life. The king is dead. Long live the king.


Tons more of his art can be found on his VCL, Furaffinity, Macrophile site, and "Super Sekret" site. Yep... there's lots and lots of porn... Images are listed from earlier works to later works down near the bottom. You've been warned.

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