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Both pictures are idiotic in their own way...

I no longer have a penis. This was not a medically necessary procedure at all. It was done with the encouragement of some people I met online, in August of 2010, seeking attention, seeking admiration, but once it was done, these people faded away quickly, and today I have to live with the results of my admittedly poor choices.



—Dorian Thorn, shocked that he now regrets removing his dick.

lol haunted much?
Closeup of the ruined mess that used to be his dick

Last Thursday, Dorian Thorn (AKA Matt Thompson AKA Shame Junkie) started as a troll for the lulz until everyone realized what a sick fuck he was. In response, he started calling himself the meatpuppet and trolled himself.

He started a blog that featured him sucking over 9000 dicks and being a huge faggot. He documented himself:

Then, after eating his own shit and drinking piss (more than once), he removed his own dick because it was full of AIDs and no one in their right mind would get anywhere near it.

When ED became OhInternet, he celebrated that no more of his nudes were online and deleted fucking everything, forgetting that some people know how to save image files to their hard drives, and his is a type of dickless faggotry that the internet does not forgive.

Just in case he had any shreds of dignity remaining, Dorian now appears on Tumblricon.png tumblr ArchiveToday-favicon.png(archive) called Shame Junkie where numerous incidents of him being publicly exposed are documented. One can only wonder if ED is going to get a mention?


Severing the penis without removing the testicles causes intense sexual frustration, since sexual urges and drive originate from the testicles but with no penis there is no way to satisfy them.



—Imagine this fucker's life.

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