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Police.gif Doomer3868 is missing. If you know where the faggot is, say something so everybody can milk lulz from this epic lulzcow.
Aspergerbenice.gif This person has Assburgers Syndrome,
so you can't say anything bad! :-(

Be aware of that, you insensitive fuck.
This is my new theme.


—Doomer3868, every second

Drawing of Doomer3868's OC done by a fellow devianTARD

YouTube Favicon.png Doomer3868 is a Floridian 16 year old manchild and asspie known for his obsession with the WWE (and later he became a brony too). He was a Doom fan at the beggining but he eventually stopped talking about Doom for some awkward reason. He is also the least loyal friend you could have and a basement-dweller. Doomer loves making sockpuppets like crazy, lying, talking behind people's backs (he did this to the point nobody knew who did he hate and who did he like) and talking about his theme songs all the time. While he himself isn't that famous (though he does have a certain degree of fame), his Deviantart-favicon.png William-Of-Normady sockpuppet, which he used to "troll" people, is pretty well known on devianTART. However, he's also a lulzcow and that deviantArt account was made out of pure butthurt to make fun of a girl that trolled his asspie friend BlueMario1016. Doomer is basically an anti-lulz machine, as everything he does that seems funny turns unfunny when he reveals it was related to WWE or to something gay. He used to lurk around in places like YouTube, deviantArt or Xat (where most of the lulz happened).

Early Internet "career"

What a good friend that Doomer is!

One day during the mid to late 2000s, Doomer decided to join the faggotry known as ZDaemon (username unknown). There, he found someone who would eventually turn into his "best friend": YouTube Favicon.png DragonClaw6000. Doomer eventually began to drag him into his own problems and make fun of him for no actual reason, despite DragonClaw being his friend. Doomer also claimed once that he used to be a Wapanese during his early Internet years (and still is: he faved hentai on YouTube Favicon.png an account of his that now seems to have been hacked). On April 18, 2008, Doomer surfaced on YouTube as Doomer3868, most likely unaware that he was to become trollbait for some during the next years. Or that he would befriend an asspie lolcow like him: BlueMario1016.

Doomer's lies

During his Internet years he's made a lot of lies to look "cool", and some others to run away from trouble. Some of these are:

  • Every girl at school wants to have sex with him, but none of them are enough for him.
  • Doomer is liked by everyone at school. (it was later revealed he actually has no friends and is bullied by skinheads all the time which might explain why he used to call his haters "Nazis")
  • Doomer had a lot of girlfriends IRL.
  • He likes his friends.
  • He likes criticism.
  • He hates the new WWE era. (he said a lot of times he misses the WWF "Attitude Era" and that the new WWE sucks but he still watches WWE and is obsessed with it)
  • He hates Weegee and its fad. (he was later found secretly contributing to the fad)
  • He "left" the Internet in 2012.
  • He doesn't care if he gets trolled. (he actually claimed once to have broken his own Sega Genesis console because of being trolled, though this could be false too)
  • He is aware that WWE is staged. (if he were aware of it, he wouldn't "hate" some of the WWE wrestlers, would he?)

And many more lies that made Doomer the funny lulzcow he is today.

Doomer on XAT

As mentioned in the first paragraph of this article, XAT is where Doomer lurked around the most and where a lot of lulz happened between him and his "friends". He made a few chatrooms such as TheNexusBase or TheCorreBase (yep, they were WWE related too). On there he used to brag about how him being "epic like CM Punk" and his IRL popularity as well. He also talked all the time about his theme songs, WWE itself and his dreams of becoming a WWE Superstar (though all he got to be is a WWE SuperTARD). There he expressed his love for sockpuppetry too by telling his friends about his "funny" hoax accounts. And he as well accused his own friends of what happened to him all the time for no actual reason (to the point it became obvious he just hated them) and drama began. Was Doomer trolling? Nope. He was just butthurt nobody agreed that the WWE is awesome or that he should lead his friends. He even accused one of turning him into a brony (which makes one wonder if he's just a brony because it's "cool" to be a brony these days and Doomer wants to fit in). Every day he also mourned the death of wrestler Owen Hart (and later Randy Savage's too).

Doomer's reaction to haters

Every time someone began to troll him or didn't agree with him, Doomer would mock that person in XAT by changing his username to "*insert username of mocked person here*_CENA" (John Cena is one of the WWE wrestlers he hates) and began to make unfunny John Cena jokes or type stuff about being "gay" or "retarded" all in caps. His behavior reminded some of a retarded butthurt monkey.

Revenge and Doomer's "Retirement" (not really)

Tired of being lied to and betrayed all the time, Doomer's own "friends" became Doomer's new haters and began to make "imposter" accounts of him and send him a lot of crap mocking him. Doomer eventually ragequitted, posted a crappy video of Wade Barrett swearing and made his channel look like it was hacked by Anonymous (though it was obvious this was false and he also admitted it later, as one of his former friends made a journal about it). He closed his deviantArt too but he didn't do it until someone posted a comment "exposing" him.

Did Doomer finally leave? Nope!

As his own friends expected, Doomer made a new brony dA account named AdamEdgeCopeland and tried to hide. But he failed hard because he showed his WWE and My Little Pony obsessions and also made the stupid mistake of watching his buttbuddy BlueMario1016. One of Doomer's haters found him in Blue's dA watchers list, mocked him and then Doomer bawwwed, admitted he made the account, said "sorry" for everything he did (though nobody believed him because he did the same a lot of times before) and finally baleeted the account. But he refused to give up: when NewBlueMario1016 was hacked on YouTube, the hackers found a bunch of PMs from "UltimateDoomWarrior" (one of Doomer's accounts). Then it seems Doomer bawwwlocked the now hacked account and, since UltimateDoomWarrior's channel is invisible/unavailable, nobody knows if he's still on the Internet. He's probably still drooling over My Little Pony and WWE while thinking what is the next thing the skinheads at his school will do to him.


Thumbs up if I'm epic like CM Punk.


—Doomer's unwarranted self-importance

Now I'm just a Doomturd like you said...


—Doomer bawwwing (and also saying the truth)

You're a Michael Cole.


—Doomer trying to insult someone

Thumbs up if you like to sing with the radio.


—Doomer's pathetic attempt to be funny

Doomass? Wow, we already have a nominee for the worst insult of 2012.


—Doomer owning a "mean hater"



—William-Of-Normady AKA Doomer trying to be funny and failing again


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