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Doge will be posted by the same
unfunny newfag until you like it.

Doge images are the dog's version of lolcats, involving a combination of improper english and weaboo grammar, as expected of something dredged up in the thought processes of a dog, spelled out in random spots on the image in Comic Sans. Since /sp/ caught wind of doge's popularity, it has been reposted so much that the mods have declared an all-out war on doge and, as a result, commonly delete half of the board on a daily basis.


the shibes are in.

The origin of the term doge happened on October 28, 2010 on Rebbit, when some hilarious fellow by the username of papajohn56 uploaded a picture of a Corgi with the caption "LMBO LOOK @ THIS FUKKEN DOGE". The post gained at least 100 upvotes before everyone stopped caring.

Doge entered the world of Tumblr in the summer of 2012, when some weaboo blogger thought it would be a fun idea to post pictures of Shiba Inu dogs doing stupid Japanese shit, and then putting captions over them (written in satanic runes of course). The blog is incredibly well-populated with the typical denizens of Tumblr, with every shitty captioned image receiving more reblogs and notes than the last. Since then, tumblr has spawned thousands of Doge blogs, each one stealing from each other in typical 13 year-old fashion.

By 2013, Doge had spread to 4chan, mainly /sp/. With the flood of summerfag /sp/artans looking for funny joke to repost, it is not hard to understand how easily something like Doge became the problem that it is. The gallery below contains some examples of the aftermath of this Doge-faggotry.




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The only good Doge video.

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