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It takes all of my freak strength to keep my head from sending me to my death.
Something else dog is able to accomplish with his freakish talents.
Rule 34, and YES, DIS IS REAL. You may fap nao.

Dog264 (not to be confused with Simon Birch) is the result of a passed genetic experiment by top YouTube scientists to create the ultimate video making machine. Fortunately, they passed utterly. He is the definition of a YouTube Failure and has sorry people watching his crippled ass videos everyday. Dog264 is a horrifying sight to behold, a man with shriveled gimp arms and a gigantic head out of proportion to the rest of his freakishly deformed body. His existence is an argument for eugenics.

In shorter words, Dog264 is a failed abortion and should finish what his parents started; by becoming an hero. He is screwed when it comes to real life since he has no education, can't read, and can't do physical labor. His only options are the circus or an hero. So encourage him as often as possible.

Dog264 cannot go outside unlike the other children because of his horrific and sick disabilities and will be trapped inside his house with all of his friends gone to school and him left alone in his room crying how he could have been a normal child. He is an ignorant fucktard that should be put down by the vet. According to Dog himself, he would rather sit in his faggy scooter than the normal chairs. So his witchcraft fearing parents tossed him in the basement, threw a camera at him, and told him to bring in the lulz. He's planning a new game show, called Will it Blend?: Sick Fuck Jeffrey Dahmer Anorexic Guro Loli Bondage Basement King Crabs with Rock Lobster Shemale Chicken Furries Doing it with Erotic Filthy Chris Crocker Super Funtime Funded By Homosexual Jews.

The vast majority of Dog264's videos circa 06-07 consist of him (alone or with a buddy) lipsynching to various songs, including hits from Linkin Park and Queen. These videos have been known to turn a person completely fucking queer upon watching, and should not be viewed by anyone. Now they consist of fake money and fail.

TL;DR He fails.

Update, the channel was cleaned out. Turns out that Ricky was actually a claymation.

RE-Update! He re-upped his videos to a different account DogTwoSixFourVideos

Dog264 gets PWN3D


Dog264: does it work with vista
mascle32: try it i guess
Dog264: it says for windows xp and 2000
Deluge: aww mang well fuk dat
mascle32: ..huh?
Dog264: hey watch the language k?
mascle32: lulz
Deluge: ok..
mascle32: dog u be trippin!
Deluge: fuck dat motha fuckin shit ass cunt bitchin' faggot
Dog264: .?
mascle32: LOL LOUD MOUTH
Dog264: ill kick u if you u don't frickin shutup
mascle32: lol
Dog264: k?
Deluge: like i give a shit......
mascle32: yea watch ur mouth u fool!!!!
Deluge: fuck u cripple douche bigalo
* Deluge left the room.
Dog264: ugh!
mascle32: wtf was tat?
Dog264: frick!
Dog264: idk.....
mascle32: hay im still here to keep u company
Dog264: wats his problem?
mascle32: even if ur live is lil boring lol
Dog264: oh
Dog264: kthx
mascle32: nawwww just kiddin foool!
mascle32: later cripple ass hoe
Dog264: ?
* mascle32 left the room.
Dog264: ugh!!

True facts regarding birth

Dog's witchcraft hunting parents actually did lots of crack before he was summoned-I mean born. Because of this, he suffers from the world's WORST case of [Marfan Syndrome] which can cause rather bad things. He is very Christian and being born with a very rare disease, God apparently hates him. It's estimated Dog will actually die in 4 more years from the effects of his own faggotry.



Dog264 explains his personal drama on his homepage:

"This week was CrAzY! Last Tuesday, eBaum's World.Com put me on their forums, so I had *SO* many comment-emails from YouTube piling into my MSN inbox... Probably a hundred emails that day! Plus, on the same day, 4Chan.Org made sure I wasn't their friend by telling me, repeatedly, on different MSN accounts, to STOP my videos, CLOSE DOWN my email and, my favorite, that they will TRACK ME DOWN! So since they now know my email address, I will NOT be accepting any more random friend invites on MSN. Sorry guys, but its for the greater good... The next day, when I woke up, I had fifty new emails to read, I thought "Ahh, screw this!" and deleted them all. That day the emails kept coming... And coming... AND COMING! It made me so mad I started to think of a new email for YouTube emails and stuff, because the emails kept popping up and irritating the crap out of me (Ringading MSN Email alert). So I made one. This email will not be public, ONLY for YouTube comment emails and things simler. Finally... Today I had an email on my OLD email address saying that I wanted to change my password (I never wanted to!), so I guess somebody was trying to "hack" me...Nuurgh, such a crazy week! Other News: I should be making a video this Sunday or Monday, so YAY! Oh, and for 4Chan.Org and every hater out there, I don't care what you say, I just DON'T CARE! I will never stop making videos! NEVER EVER! So shut up! You shall never win! :D"

So his dad beats him

Turns out Dog is into S&M, so he reached an orgasm pain while being beaten.

Recently, Dog's dad caught Dog pirating software and hacking hundreds of YouTube accounts. Dog's dad beat him severely, then made him "take a break" from the Internets.

MOAR trolling of dog264's JewTube account plz!


Dog264 Fans Request a "Shout Out"


Current trolling of Dog264, and the recent depression

Recent interviews have been lulzy indeed. Our interviewers asked Dog about his troll problems, and he broke out crying and pissing all over the place, because just then he got over 9,000 spam posts. He then told us to leave and as we left, we heard anguished cries of "I JUST CAN'T COPE!" and "FRICK THEM I'LL HAVE A SCUTTLE!". We suspect he'll be an hero soon.


Dog264 has not been anywhere to be seen on YouTube, and his normal stomping grounds with his faggot friend barboy has not seen a crab in weeks. We seriously think he has gained a small life or has a different account on YouTube. More news eventually...

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