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They literally posted this image on their Twitter.

DisruptJ20 is a far-left terrorist organization that planned to attack President Trump's inauguration ball and commit numerous other terrorist acts as a form of "protest" against democratically elected God-Emperor Trump before being exposed by an undercover sting operation conducted by James O'Keefe's Project Veritas. Despite branding themselves as a hardcore "Anti-Nazi" organization, DisruptJ20 was not afraid to resort to such Nazi-esque behaviour as gassing people they don't like and punching Trumpkins in the throat.

Who the fuck are these cunts?

This will never work.
Punch the president in the cock.
We’re planning a series of massive direct actions that will shut down the Inauguration ceremonies and any related celebrations–the Inaugural parade, the Inaugural balls, you name it. We’re also planning to paralyze the city itself, using blockades and marches to stop traffic and even public transit. And hey, because we like fun, we’re even going to throw some parties.


—DisruptJ20, in their own words

Direct Action is when you take collective action to make social change without giving power over to an authority or middle person. We don’t ask permission or put our faith in electoral politics, instead, we use our bodies to stop the smooth operation of the system we oppose. Examples of direct action include the ongoing resistance at Standing Rock against the Dakota Access Pipeline, the street and highway blockades of Black Lives Matter, or the occupations of public squares during Occupy Wall Street.


—DisruptJ20, comparing themselves to fellow terrorists

#DisruptJ20 rejects all forms of domination and oppression, particularly those based on racism, poverty, gender & sexuality, organizes by consensus, and embraces a diversity of tactics.


Unless you're oppressing Trump supporters

Exposed by James O'Queef

Relax, bro! It's just a prank!
These three people are conspiring. Guess which one is the government agent.
Over 9000 innocent civilians could have been killed if James O'Keef hadn't saved the day!

After James O'Queef released undercover footage of the DisruptJ20 organizers plotting to use Butyric Acid to "disrupt" the Deploraball, DJ20 responded by claiming that they knew they were on tape and made up the "stink bomb" plot to cover up their real plans. Yes, these fucktards actually want you to believe that they made up a fake terrorist plot to cover up their real completely legal and completely non-violent plot to cause chaos at the Deploraball.

The message has to be, we do not recognize the city government either. If you try to close us down we will look for your house, we will burn it.


—Luke Kuhn, being an edgelord anarchist

We will physically fight the police if they try to steal one of our places. We will go to war and you will lose.


—Luke Kuhn, having a great suicide plan

Yeah, if you had… a pint of butyric acid, I don’t care how big the building is, it’s closing…


—Luke Kuhn, plotting a terrorist attack

And this stuff is very efficient, it’s very very smelly, lasts a long time and a little of it goes a long way.


—Scott Green

I’m trying to think through how to get all the sprinklers to go off at once.


—Colin Dunn, being too stupid to hold a match near a smoke detector

Butyric Acid: Weapon of Mass Destruction

Butyric Acid
Butyric acid makes vomit smell like vomit.

Butyric acid is a carboxylic acid with the structural formula CH3CH2CH2-COOH that has a history of being used by pro-lifers to shut down abortion clinics. It typically comes in big glass bottles being thrown at Japanese scientists as they sit down to nosh on the carcass of one of their experimental animals. According to The Original Wikipedia, butyric acid is actually present in human vomit and responsible for most of its smell, and also used to imitate the flavor of Hershey's chocolate.[1]


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