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Aspergerbenice.gif This person has Assburgers Syndrome,
so you can't say anything bad! :-(

Be aware of that, you insensitive fuck.

DisneyFan-01 is a 35-year-old, socially retarded, Disney fangirl, Olchai from the South, and undoubtedly the biggest Suethor who has evar lived. She lurks around Deviantart inserting herself into Disney movies, Dragon Ball Z, and Kingdom Hearts. Her Mary Sue travels to various worlds trying to quench her thirst for the putrid cocks of ugly men, and even writes/draws crossover fanfiction/fanart of her menagerie of ugly lovers fighting over her! Bitch may have low standards, but they're still entirely beyond the realm of possibility. On top of all that, she's written a ridiculously long fancomic about how her self-insert and the ugly guy from Treasure Planet saved Kingdom Hearts.

Behold: The Man Trap

DisneyFan01 seriously believes that she can work for Disney animation studios and single-handedly bring back traditional animation by creating an epic Disney movie about her obviously self-insert character falling in love with Piccolo from Dragon Ball Z and that fat guy from Treasure Planet.


srsly wtf
Original ideas?? DisneyFan01 has them in spades!
Df01's slutty mary su--wait, isn't she supposed to be a virgin??

Just when the world thought that no Mary Sue could even come close to compete with the levels of suck of OCs such as Ebony Dark'ness Dementia Raven Way


, DF01 has gotten Over 9000 pageviews and a subscription to DeviantART, and this is widely understood as meaning she is "one of the most talented artists on DA." Some others might argue that because all she draws is terrible fanart that is all unimaginative crap, DF01 is not truly a unique and beautiful snowflake. But they would be wrong! Because she is "completely original and one of a kind. " Just ask the retards that fap to her work in TARTland.

It should also be noted that, despite having completed art school, she is uncomfortable with drawing from the nude form. This is just one example of typical DF01 logic, in which she's A OKAY with drawing her character in semi-sexual situations with an ugly cyborg furry, but GOD FORBID she's forced to stare at any penis other than Silver's.

Mary Sue Mary Sue Mary Sue

Boys, boys! Stop fighting! You can do better than this Aspie fucktard. Kill her, then find an ACTUAL woman with some class.
Marina's just an ordinary girl who goes on extraordinary adventures involving Disney worlds and Captain Hook plotting to rape her. lol wut
ttly original u guiez
Marina is a fickle goddamn whore. This is so copyright lulz

Her only creation bearing the faint semblance of original work is her obnoxiously sweet, innocent and somehow simultaneously slutty Mary Sue "Marina Seadrift." In a now sadly deleted scribble on DeviantART, DF01 once admitted that she modeled Marina after Jessica Rabbit and Sailor Neptune, among others. This is especially beautiful because Sailor Neptune is a lesbian and Jessica Rabbit brings whole new meaning to the childhood game "chubby bunny." Marina has the personality of a cardboard box, and in her character sheet, DF is grasping at straws by saying modesty is a "flaw" and one of her personality traits is "having good balance."

Disneyfan Marina was originally created as a love interest for Piccolo from Dragon Ball Z, otherwise known as the asexual dickless slug alien guy whom the most retarded of fangirls seem to fall in love with. Despite this hideous race of green muscular men repeatedly being portrayed as able to make babies all by their lonesome and Marina unconvincingly being portrayed as a 30 year old virgin, "Colo-chan" and Marina appear to have had children together????

Marina somehow magically got her virginity back around the same time DF01 saw Disney's giant box-office bomb "Treasure Planet" and dumped Piccolo for the even more hideous John Silver, otherwise known as ManBearPig - [[3]] We're super serial. Why this character in particular is anyone's guess, as the film is only vaguely remembered by anyone who went to see it, let alone the actual storyline of the film and any of the characters in it.

DF01 immediately began to write an epic fanfic-slash-fancomic called "Faithful Hearts" now known as "Faith of Heart", which is basically Kingdom Hearts only 100 times shittier, starring Marina instead of Sora involving no Squarenix characters, Disney channel cartoons like Phineas and Ferb and featuring non-Disney characters like Beetlejuice. The shitty cartoon version. Marina is also instantly friends with every single Disney character she meets, plus any other character she meets, not to mention every single villain hits on her no matter if they're dead, gay, or a sack of bugs without functioning genitalia to speak of:

This doesn't make her a Sue, does it?
Disneyfan demonstrates her knowledge of anatomy and proportions

One random LJ user amused by this dramafest summed up DF01's self-insert Mary Sue character and her epic story perfectly:

She has a Disney princess self-insert character who goes to different Disney worlds with her best friends, Donald, Goofy and Jiminy, wielding a magic rainbow sword creating by King Mickey in order to defeat these black monsters called Nightmares (which are controlled by "those who have pure darkness in their hearts" and "feed off the light inside pure hearts") Not to mention King Mickey runs off because the stars are fading, as the "Nightmares" are destroying other "worlds," Merlin gives them the Winnie the Pooh book with missing pages, they have rocket ships piloted by Chip and Dale, and I think there's a plot where they have to rescue kidnapped Disney Princesses.

She might as well change the title from "Faithful Hearts" back to "Kingdom Hearts." This is even a more blatant ripoff than Kilala Princess. Like, she isn't even trying to be original she just has her terrible self-insert OC, and she sounds too entrenched in her own fantasy to even realize how ridiculous this all is.


—Some fag on LJ

DF01 also seems to believe that she can defend her character from Mary Sue accusations by giving her "flaws", but these "flaws" tend to amount to things like: she thinks she loves puppies and kittens just a wittle toooo much and she's a sweet, naive, virgin (the best kind, amirite?).

How dare they call her perfect, magical, special snowflake character who saves everyone ever a sue!

John Silver

Yes, I love John Silver. I can admit it. Who cares of he's an animated character!!!! He's real in my heart, and I don't want anyone to try and change my mind about it! You find me cool about it, thank you. You think I need psychological help, SCREW YOU!!!


—DF01, telling her haters to GET BENT!!

Don't find me weird just because I'm in love with John Silver.


—DF01, contradicting previous quote.

Also, I have a doll of John I sleep with every night. I know, I'm twenty years old and I still sleep with a stuffty. It's a little weird.


— DF01, stating the obvious

It's not the looks that matter in a man, it's his personality. Besides, all the good looking ones are taken.


—DF01, not understanding that anyone worth dating wouldn't go near her with a 35 and a half foot pole.

If Belle can find the man of her dreams in a Beast,

if Princess Fiona can fall in love with an ogre, and if a woman can cry at the lost of her giant gorilla king, then there's nothing wrong with one to fall in love with an old, Ursid cyborg pirate.


DF01, using her own special brand of logic

Tracing Duhuhuhuhuhuhrama

DF01, following in the footsteps of many a great Disney-DeviantART before her, clogs up DeviantART's servers with "art" featuring characters and poses ripped straight out of screenshots from various Disney films. Of course, she denies it up and down, while crawling back into her hugbox and crying about how she'd never do such a thing; the mere thought of anybody accusing her of such on the internets is breaking her deep, autistic artistic heart.

DF01 and other TARTlets have somehow gotten it into their stupid heads that "referencing" refers to the process of looking at one piece of art, copying it exactly (while not tracing), and calling it their own art. And since it's not directly tracing it's A-OKAY! But since her "references" tend to be wobbly, lumpy monstrosities that only vaguely resemble what she was copying in the first place, she should probably just stick to tracing.

A famous excuse of DF01 for her epic FAILURE as an artist and as a human being is a common scapegoat used by the most savvy of politicians:

Of course, I think I squished Hook's waist a little in the last one. But no one's perfect..


DF01 can prove she doesn't trace. She has an eyewitness.

Gallery of Copies & Traces

[Collapse GalleryExpand Gallery]

She vainly attempts to defend her artwork in This journal entry.

Crazy fans help ramp up the drama levels by suggesting those who call DF01 out on her art theft should be killed [2]
How it all started.
Some people have real lives. Then, there's John Silver.
Reality sucks. BAWWWWWWW.

Real referencing occurs when an artist is trying to draw a picture, let's say of a horse walking, and suddenly says to himself 'Oh fuck I have no idea at all how horse anatomy works.' Then said artist will look up pictures of horses in an attempt to understand how the horse is put together, and how one might look walking from the angle he wants. At no point will he attempt to copy line-by-line a horse and then claim it as his beautiful and perfect work. I guess what I'm trying to say here is DF01 is a talentless hack and should eat a bag of dicks.


ED's resident art expert Sam Jackson Pollock explains referencing.

Now, once upon a time it was fairly obvious to all who weren't utter retards (or as they are called in Disneytard circles, "psychopaths") that DF01's work was traced. So naturally, DF01 was called out on it, overlays were produced, and LiveJournalposts were made lulzing at it all.

DF01 responded in a way that totally didn't make her look like a juvenile assrape victim, because she's 23 you guys, and that sort of shit is what people grow out of by that age. Oh wait hahaha here's what really happened:

DF01, "truly in tears right now."
Wait, so she DOES copy screenshots!? I never would have guessed!
I am truly in tears right now.

I was accused by a fellow deviant (not naming any names) of most of my pictures being traced when they are really used with references. And now my heart is in a lot of pain and I'm not just saying that to get to all of you. My heart is really hurting. I was even told that I would be banned because of this false accusation.

I don't want that to happen.

This website has given me more friends than I ever had in real life and now I've lost one because of this. I can't lose anymore. I don't want to. Please. . . I need all the comfort I can get. I'm hurt bad.


—DisneyFan01, crying in her hugbox

Even the REAL hero of Kingdom Hearts is denied a place in her Suthorpalooza
What are you talking about?! This has nothing to do with Kingdom Hearts omg u guys (lol. note how this comment contradicts the one above)
You don't say.

Naturally, this ridiculous explosion of attention-whoring over what could be seen as a trite matter really endeared DF01 to the haters. Dozens of fans, all equally as mentally stunted as DF01 herself, flocked to her hugbox entry to tell her to not listen to the "anti-Disney fan creeps", because after all, they are just jealous. QED, bitches!

DisneyFan01 on Youtube

Like any true internets user, YouTube Favicon.png DF01 has herself some YouTube videos. She has recently taken up the hobby of begging her mindless fans to give her videos some thumbs up. [4] Witness the fruits of her animation studies and see just how wrong ED has been about this amazingly talented art student:

On top of that her fans have made over 9000 fan tribute videos to DisneyFan01's Marina Seadrift's and John Silver's love. She also has a set of staunch defenders that include YouTube Favicon.png Wolfgirl1998 who will scream and rip off your e-peen if you dare insult DF01. Which brings us to...

Gallery of Fail

[Collapse GalleryExpand Gallery]

People who draw Marina Batter than Disneyfan01

For God knows what reason, a number of people have recreated Marina Seadrift leagues better than the person who created her! Ranging from hobbyists, to art school students to team leads at prominent studios, they can put pencil to paper and actually create a well-proportioned, interesting character. Remaking Marina Seadrift is another form of casually showing up your friend who has been blowing hard at a hobby for a decade and crushing their dreams with a victory lap. Let's watch!

Better than DF About missing Pics
[Collapse GalleryExpand Gallery]

Gallery of Win

Comments made of win About missing Pics
[Collapse GalleryExpand Gallery]

Hate Art

[Collapse GalleryExpand Gallery]

Cascading Butthurt


With her totally original art and her totally mature attitude drawing bottom-feeding asspatters like moths to a flame of suck, DF01's fans were quick to carry the burden of butthurt back to their own journals, generating a mass influx of BAAAWWWing into DA's drama-abused database all about how horrible horrible haters are e-bashing DF01 and how run-on sentences make for more shitty articles. Remember, folks - You can safely ignore and throw away any comments that are critical of you and your art, but those mindless and contentless comments giving you and your art praise are an entirely different kettle of fish! Because the former are just jealous of your mad piss-all-over-Disney skillz. And besides that, what they are saying is slander. SLANDER, SLANDER SALAMANDER.

So back to the point, there are now several journals on DA bitching about how people should lay off'a DF01. Mostly they are, in the process, attacking fellow TARTlet kellywormtongue, known to us on ED through retarded Snapesnogger drama, and fallenbybrokenwings who apparently deserves to be killed for all of this. Because DF01 is too busy wading in her own emo tears to defend herself, and since it isn't nice to pick on other deivants, she'll let her rabid, retarded fanbase avenge her instead.

DisneyFan01 said, "I quit tracing when I was 11." So please, help her. Hurry before it's too late.



... ... ... ... [ad infinitum]



Awe, hun. The world is full of idiots. Don't let one person get to you when you have all of us behind you.


Unfortunate juxtaposition, amirite?


Y'see children, DF01 is under the impression that anybody who +watches her on DevianTART is automatically her BFF, and must circlejerk with her whenever she so desires it. So when one of her BFF's took the side of reason over the whole tracing fiasco, DF01 never went crazy on QuietWatcher, just a few of her rabid fans.

I never claimed to be your friend so don't anyone send me nasty messages about being a traitor or whatever. I'm just a watcher, and right now I can't be as quiet as I would like.


—quietwatcher, LOL

Last Thursday DF01 posted a comment on one of kellywormtongue's drawings in hopes to reconcile have Kellywormtongue link to her shitty art again. It was known that Kellywormtongue commented occassionally (before DF01 was outted as a tracer) on DF01's pictures which, in DF01's special, delicate mind meant that they were BFFs. Even though Kellywormtongue said in the description of the picture that it was about a nightmare, DF01 naturally assumed it was about her:

Spoiler Alert: Kelly came back to DA just to lick DF's ass

Most understand that DF01 is trying to get a hugbox out of KellyWormtongue because she used to link to her page. After a rabid anti-fangirl of DF01, Fallenbybrokenwings, showed what this lolcow really is, Kellywormtongue stopped associating herself with the tracing cunt and took down fanarts she did of Marina. Anyone with half a brain knows that the only reason DF01 is bawwing so much over Kellywormtongue is because she gave her most of her page views.

The Fanherd

[Collapse GalleryExpand Gallery]

For reasons unknown, DF01 has a fanherd so large, it could compete with Snapesnogger's legion of mindless tards. These folk seem to think that pageviews equal artistic skill. All of them seemed to have an understanding that tracing is soul-raping art theft until a more talented Disney-tard with a nearly identical Treasure Planet Mary-Sue (and the sense to get wet over the nubile adolescent boy rather than the fat disgusting robo-bear) wrote a rambling journal about how DF01 is innocent because she doesn't trace, she just poorly copies what she sees.

This just in DF01 has announced on her journal that she is going to halt production on her current comic and pursue something new! This is hope that perhaps something of substance with believable characters and a more mature story line may be in her future, but her fans are not pleased that she's 'giving up'.

DF01's fans also take it upon themselves to defend her against the OMG HATERZ, whether it's scoping out her comments box ready to pounce on the slightest critique, or making journal entries on her behalf, telling her critics to LEAVE HER ALOOOOONE!!!

Okay, there is this thing going on that I just realized. People are bashing (disneyfan01) about her artwork! I've seen her artwork and it's super good! People keep bashing her and I think it's not right! So if you're one of those people, please stop! I also think (kombat-unit) is being waaaaaaaaaay harsh on her. So please stop.

Anyways, that's pretty much it.

Alvin: So not! Did you forget what happened at school?

Me: Oh yeah! I have great news! My crush Zack asked me out! So I obviously said yes! But when we were talking at PE, little miss "wicked-witch-of-the-west-cast" (also known as Shelia Gonzalez) started talking about us and how we were going to make out! It was sooooooo embarrasing! Luckily Zack is a nice guy and cussed out Shelia and defended me! Ha! Anyways, Zack is one of my loves now!

But that's soooooooooo not the point! I'm still mad at everyone who bashes (disneyfan01) !!!!!!!



CrazyCartoonGirl is crazy.

A few of her right hand men include:

  • Keblademasteress[5] is a no talent sycophant who has to take movie quotes as a substitute for comebacks. She also doesn't realize the feminine form of "master" is "mistress" and is incapable of spelling words as simple as "key." Her hobbies include long walks on the beach, crying to DF01 when someone says something mean to her, spamming people with RP comment threads, and vomiting on her keyboard to help write incoherent sentences. Let it also be known that she is madly in love with JohntheEnforcer. Was recently banned for RPing porn in deviation comments. [6][7][8]
  • JohntheEnforcer is a 28 year old man who still lives with his parents and likes Sonic the Hedgehog. His love for Keblademasteress burns with the fiery passion of a thousand suns.
  • Casey Graves wants to be Dolphy soooo bad.
  • Coppertopdragon the man who loves DF01 and doesn't seem to comprehend that she would rather be alone, obsessing over an overweight bear thing than be with him. Pwned.
  • Chibi-Schnurri is a DBZ fangirl whose artwork looks like it came right out of MS paint. She's also in love with Captain Ginyu of the Ginyu Force, but will only kind of admit it [9]. She's also a massive lying attention whore.
  • Destiny Star can't seem to pull her tongue out of DF01's ass. Possibly her most hardcore follower.
  • Morty340 He is a pathetic faggot that just recolors sprites and claims it as his art. His comebacks fail at everything and yet he continues to try even though we all know he fails.
  • Chibikan A closet die-hard DF01 fan from Ohio who will take you down even if she does choose to represent herself as a CareBear.
  • HerbalDrink Should probably make one of his "Don't do this" for DF-01's work, he's soooo good at them on the Complaints Forum.

June 02, 2008. A Day That Will Live In Infamy


On this day, a clever anon posted a link to a fake login bar in her comments, which was supposed to lead to fan art. Several noble TARTS claimed to have seen this fan art[10](thru page 551, then the lulz begin). Taking the bait, she soon found herself locked out of her account.

Before replacing her shitty artwork with lulzy shock images, the "hacker", pretending to be DF01, posted a journal entry stating that ED has won, she's quitting the internet forever, and moving in with Coppertopdragon. Massive lulz ensued as her fantards actually believed she was tired of life and just gave her password to ED to vandalize her page and was going to give up her beloved Mary Sue for her new life with coppertopdragon and her new job working at Disney (like anyone would believe Disney would ever hire her). The very idea her fans would actually believe she'd not only settle down with a real man but get a real job speaks to just how retarded they are. However, they still fail to realize that vandalizing an ED page is pointless, while vandalizing a DA page is pure win.

After at least three hours of bitching and reporting, the DA mods put down the pipe and banned DF01's account(Goodnight, sweet prince.). But not fast enough to keep those pesky anon from screencapping all of the glorious lulz. The gallery below is an example fantards at their most violent, the most notable being YuiHarunaShinozaki, whose reactions raise an important question: Which is worse, spamming a DA page with goatse, or throat-backstabbing one for doing so?

DF01 made her return as Disneyfan-01, the most original name ever, shortly after receiving it up her butthole. Her fans, displaying their intelligence, rejoiced, having feared she had left for good. In addition, several comments made by them show us all that the internet is a place for rainbows and sunshine, completely ignoring the fact that it was DF01's fault for the whole hacking incident.

All fans could sigh in relief, they would soon feed off of her feces again as she reposted her old images.

Oh NOOEEESSS!! About missing Pics
[Collapse GalleryExpand Gallery]

DF01 in the Real World


Yes I did. Majored in animation.

Right now I work at Walt Disney World as a Cast Member and I'm waiting for an opening at the drawing department there. That's where artists draw characters for the guests, from Mickey to the new Disney Fairies are drawn in the style an animator would draw them.


—On working at Disney World

DF01's part-time job when not tracing the shit out of Disney is: being a strong, liberated defender of the Kiddy Fiddler Club, sponsoring for the deceased and beloved, Wacko Jacko. And some BAWW

Since May 2009, DF01 has worked at Walt Disney World as a "cast member". Like most students that waste their time and money getting a degree that will get them nowhere in life (see Music Performance and Philosophy), DF01 got hers in animation and is now putting it to use by being a "cast member". When pressed further, DF01 reveals


A Cast Member is what they call anyone who works there. I'm what most managers call a host. I like to see myself as a life guard because I work at a playground.


—-Aka, you'll be stuck there a while.

Full time at Hollywood Studios, Honey I Shrunk the Kids Playground.


This is bullshit, however, as if you look up "host" on the Walt Disney World job website, the only results returned are in the "custodial" department. So really, she's just a janitor who happens to work at Walt Disney World. If you mention this, however, her page-lurking fans tend to make up ridiculous excuses saying that "once you're in, you're in." Apparently that means that you too can delude yourself into thinking that cleaning up kid piss and vomit all day will get eventually get you a job working as either an animator or a character artist.

Her "Love Life"

A tender love note sent betwixt the lovers
What a poor pathetic little fuck.
DF01 tells some very sad/pathetic truth

Disneyfan01 is also a typical Suethor in that she is obsessed with a fictional character to the exclusion of any real person. Prime example is this poor bastard. [11] His name is Randle Rodgers, a.k.a. Coppertopdragon and he leads what seems to be a sane, relatively normal life. He works at Disney World at a ride nobody ever bothers with unless the line for Space Mountain is too long.

DF01 explains why John Silver is her only romantic option in life
DF01 caught cheating on Manbearpig.


And still she denies it

The following testimony was written by someone who may or may not have been DF01's roomate. How anybody could stand living with her is anyone's guess. All it really does is assure what the general public already knew: that DF01's nothing but a pretentious little aspie, with absolutely no concept of reality, let alone what constitutes as good art.

I actually went to school with this girl, and not only is she a talent less hack, a stuck-up bitch, delusional and uninformed about the lack of respect from other students, but her freshmen year was known to body-chuck people in the hallway, unaware of the common practice of 'asking people to move'.

As one of her roommates freshmen year, I found out she does indeed have aspergers disorder, and according to the online sources, a common displacement of reality is for the person to mistakenly envision themselves as an 'idiot savant' or 'rare genius' in some creative field. Needless to say, another symptom I witnessed is an unhealthy addiction to TV, movies, and video games. Gosh, I wonder.... not that I don’t enjoy listening to her mimic Pee Wee Herman quotes endlessly. That’s how you make friends, right? Parrots have more charm.

I love how she posts a picture of the animation lab in Kinney Hall (art school in Columbus, OH) pretending her spoiled minimum-wage forever ass could ever afford, I'm sorry, MOMMY AND DADDY could afford her very own light table for *gasp* tracing. Because that's what it's for.

I *am* relieved to be enlightened that she is still indeed a virgin; it means she has yet to love someone more then herself.


—DF01's ex-roomate

DF01 has alleged that she has an IQ of 135, which she also gave to her self insert mary sue. In DF01's own words:

"...And as for the I.Q., I gave her the same number as mine because I want her to be smart above average, but not a genius. That's just what I am. So, I just decided on that."


Further proof that this asspie can not have an I.Q. of 135, she completely gushes on her dev journal about loving the Dragon Ball: Evolution movie. Anybody with half a brain didn't even go see that shit, but DF01 did. And she's probably making a bawful fic about her new and improved(?) version of 'Collo-chan'

Further proof of retardation

One must wonder how she functions properly with no brain.

Amazing and Clever Retorts

DF01 is also known as the epitome of maturity, below are examples of her witty replies to the many people who offer any comment other than "OMG SILVER AND MARINA FOREVARRZ".

You think you can do better? Prove it! Hah! You can't! And My teachers say I have potential! So I WIN and you suck!


— DF01's reply to someone who critiqued her animations on Youtube, in which she fails to realize that "potential" is code for "you suck and may continue to suck in the future".



—DF01's favourite comeback.

How would you know? I don't see you in the class. And I'm not slacking off. I said I'm a lot better now than when this was made. This was one of my first tries in animation. You think you can do better?


—DF01, displaying ignorance that one doesn't have to be an artist to recognize shitty art.

My artwork is my children!


—Not being creepy or grammatically incorrect at all.

haha, that's so funny I forgot to laugh. GET BENT! Stop reading the lies you read on that ED shithole!


—Lies? I guess she can't stand looking in a mirror.

You think my stuff sucks?! I'd like to see you try if you think you're all that. Get bent!!


—Using her signature line.

Well, believe me that I am working on some things that are very original. Let's see what they'll[ED] have to say about that.


—More *~**OrIgInAl**~* Mary-Sues eh? Yeah, just what we want.

Ho ho and ha ha, so funny I forgot to come home next week.


— DF01 has begun deluding herself.

Either you back the hell off and have that page deleted ((most likely referring to ED)), or things are going to get rough with the law, you bong residue brain!


— Srsly, what kind of comeback is that? She also seems to think that tracing is lawful and paying someone out is unlawful.

Yeah, like you and yo momma


— DF01, after being called a retard. Apparently she's a black person now.

Silver is more human than he is bear, but quit while you're behind.


— A poor attempt at reverse psychology.

Die. You are not funny

You are not cool You are not better than everyone else. You are just a sick bastard who just comes up out of nowhere and show off the most disgusting image ever for absolutely no reason what so ever. Go ass rape yourself with a rusty razor blade and die.


—On getting NIMP'D

Nothing is fixed but ruined, you fat bitch.


— After seeing Silver Shooped

Marina Loses Her Virginity

CopperTopDragon moved on and left DeviantArt. DisneyFan has slowly been beaten down into accepting criticism, or so it seems. What better way to finish 2011 than with a self-made rule 34? Fap away, robo-bear fetishists.

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