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Reasonable negotiations.

Ever wanted to show your approval of something being shit in just one simple click? Ever wanted to instantly make a like-whore's anus throb? Meet Dislikes. Obviously this button of mass destruction will only cause lulz when the victim thinks likes are srs business, which fortunately, is almost everyone on the internet.

Without dislikes, expressing sorrow or discomfort on misfortune such as the death of Osama Bin Laden, or the fact that Hitler didn't finish the job, would be somewhat difficult. Fortunately, even on places without dislike buttons, you can still show how shitty their posts are by just not liking it all liking every post except theirs. However be warned, the dislike button can be abused just as easily as its brother due to people disliking posts out of blatant butthurt. Honestly though, you shouldn't give a fuck whether people dislike or like you in the first place, because in reality they probably don't even fucking like you at all.

Reasons why people disliked your comment

  1. Your comment is so terribly unfunny that the person reading it had to remove their greasy sausage fingers from their cock just to reach over and dislike your post.
  2. You made someone fucking furious over something you posted and caused them to smash their hands repeatedly over the mouse hovering the dislike button.
  3. Some faggot is trolling you and is expecting a lulzy response. You can immediately kill his apparent turn on by ignoring it and not responding at all liking all his comments.
  5. The person hates you for no logical reason and wants to show that by disliking everything you do.
  6. You have liked something that person did not like.
  7. The person still hates you over that thing you did years ago and will not let it go.
  8. Hipsters.
  9. You tried to do something and failed at it hard.
  10. You tried to fit in by jumping on the bandwagon even though nobody likes you.
  11. You gave the person a reasonable dislike, which is often met with three in return.
  12. You can't fucking spell.
  13. Your gay animu avatar.
  14. You should end your pain.

Dislike Spammers


Dislike spammers are simple faggots who get a sick kick out of disliking posts for no fucking reason at all, although some argue they're doing it for attention. Or perhaps the dislike button was just implemented in the place they commonly lurk, and they went batshit insane over it. Most spammers are proud of their work and view the number of dislikes given as an accomplishment, when the truth is it's actually a measure of their overall gayness. Spammers believe they are doing God's glorious work and have earned themselves a sweet spot into the pearly gates of heaven in the day of the Rapture, which is stupid since God doesn't allow faggots in heaven. The only way to kill these parasites is by ignoring them until they realize that the thousands of hours they spent disliking posts was in vain, because you're not giving them any reaction at all.

On the other hand, dislike whores are people who enjoy receiving dislikes. Initially, a dislike whore will view receiving a dislike as an unforgivable insult, however once they realize they have initiated the Streisand Effect by expressing displeasure, there is no turning back. Their only motivation to live is to be recognized as the most hated member within a community, completely disregarding that a dislike can mean a plethora of things other than hatred.



For the longest time, the only way to show dislike to a post on EDF2 was by not liking it all, ignoring it, or commenting on how blatantly shitty it is. This all changed last Thursday when known faggot administrator, Scampini, implemented the dislike button. Instantly people started abusing this system and the member's worries on whether others like them or not was soon uncovered. Predictable as it is stupid, dislike spammers came on the scene out of the closet and made the people who have never heard of ignore wish Scampini installed a "don't receive dislike alerts" button. In the end, this simple implementation has caused much butthurt and lulz in the EDF2 forum and possibly some day, a revolution.

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Elsewhere on the internet

Some sites utilize a variant of the dislike called the downvote. The downvote is a load of bullshit however because instead of giving you a means to express your disgust in the laziest way possible, it is used as a legitimate ratings system and if you receive enough downvotes your comment or post is hidden from public view. This is another example of how serious business is a cancer working its way through the core of the internet, which in all honesty is nothing new when communicating with the socially inept.

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