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Powerword: Conrad Collins
Nationality: American
Gender: Trans female
Occupation: YouTuber, blogger
Years active: 2012-present
Website: JewTube channel

Digibrony/Digibro/DigiGALxxXXxx69 (Powerword: Conrad Collins) (as well as about a dozen other usernames) is an alcoholic pedophile and YouTube anime critic (possibly a secret tranny) who pays his parents rent to live in their house lives in his wife's house who works and goes to school to pay their rent, while he rants about needlessly over-analyzed intricacies of My Little Pony and anime for a "living".

After being excommunicated from the MLP community for being too cringy and obnoxious even for them (how much of an autist do you have to be for that to happen!?), he temporarily gained the favor of anime YouTube, until he lost it all again when he started making videos talking shit about every single other anime YouTuber, saying he's better than them (despite making the worst content) and blocking and trying to get anyone who criticized him banned from YouTube. Fun fact: he once even bragged that he met another anime YouTuber at a convention and started lecturing him about why his videos are better. As a result of this, Digi gained a reputation of being a thin skinned hypocrite who's constantly contradicts himself, and yet somehow manages to be guilty of literally everything he accuses other people of, even if he's attacking them for two completely opposite things.

He is currently hated by every other anime youtuber, all of whom he hates right back, and who don't want to associate with him, and his channel is dying.

His most recent endeavors revolve around manipulating a small group of retards he regularly verbally abuses into becoming financially depended on him and a bad podcast he runs and pretends he will turn into a business so that he can continue to push them around. The rest of his time is spent being trolled to death by Mumkey Jones fans for kicking him out of this autistic podcast because he wouldn't tell his fans to stop making fun of Digibro and his friend Jesse for bulling an autistic 16-year-old.

Side note - Digi is infamous for how badly he smells.

Digi as an MLP critic

It's his fucking fursona

Digibrony first rose to fame around the peak of the brony fandom in 2012 after abandoning his anime blog and moving on to MLP, with his careful and neat analysis of each episode of MLP in mind numbing detail with an autistic MLP recolor as his avatar that he literally traced.

Despite Conrad's current facade of intellectualism and reaction to negative criticism that seems to imply he thinks he deserves some sort of respect, as a Brony, he was exactly as autistic as every other MLP fan, if not worse. Aside from the aforementioned edgy horse-sonic recolor (that he made a video about that was so pathetic it ended up on r/cringe), he also had his own horse-pussy waifu, which he would creepily post about staring at pictures of for hours on end (and probably masturbating). Finally, to top everything off, there was a video of him dressed up as a pony, jumping around on a bed and making horse noises. Today Digi is trying to distance himself from his autistic past, he has deleted most of his creepy cloping posts and made the video private. Sadly for him, we have copies of the posts he missed a mirror of the video.

As an "analyst", his video were mostly long and boring, since it's literally just a cartoon for little girls, so he had to pull a moronic "theory" out of his ass about every single episode to stretch his videos out and make 30 minutes worth of content out of each and every one of the show's 21 minute episodes, even though most of them could be summarized in a single sentence. Theories that all had a simple explanation: it's a show meant to sell toys to toddlers.

Creepy Brony Shit About missing Pics
[Collapse GalleryExpand Gallery]

Bye Bye channel

Conrad's contemplating becoming an hero because his YouTube channel got deleted for violating the YouTube copyright policy. Also a prime opportunity for him to show off specimens from his gun and katana collection.

Bring back my YouTube channel or I'll commit suicide!

On February 6, 2015, Digibrony's main channel was deleted by YouTube for copyright violations on his anime reviews. The following week, his channel was restored after he asked his fans to spam emails to Youtube by (half) jokingly threatening to kill himself if they don't; The channel was soon restored, leading perfectly to his account being suspended yet again the following week because Digibro is physically incapable of not stealing other people's intellectual property. And in the following following week that followed, his channel was brought back once more, and remains up at the time of this writing until he inevitably gets banned when he steals someone's shit again.

The MLP community gets sick of this retard

Quality cosplay
His quality fanbase

The Brony community gradually came to resent Digibrony, climaxing in an Equestria Daily thread (Archive of original comment thread) about his channel's deletion, where everyone got their feelings about him off of their chest. Feelings that mostly included indifference to his channel being deleted and contempt for him for being an arrogant, smelly loser who talks down to the community like he's better than them for no discernible reason, while living in his mom's basement and making videos where he reads too much into a show even the fanbase understood is not that deep. Butthurt over this well deserved hatred, he took "ny" off the end of his user name and moved on the the next community that he would leech off of (although his Youtube URL is still "DigibronyMLP").

Eventually his MLP fanbase fizzled out and was replaced entirely with his new weeaboo fans. Things were going fine until his regular faggotry reared its ugly head and he earned the contempt of his new fanbse as well.

His channel is now slowly dying.

Depression Quest Steam Review4
Digi's reaction to Brony's saying they don't care he got banned
Depression Quest Causes Depression

DigiBro is the Greatest Anime Youtuber (according to only him and the worst one and biggest hypocrite according to every other anime youtuber)

How Digi sees himself

After being forgotten for the faggot that he is by the MLP community, and latching onto the the Anime community instead, where people have not yet heard about what a retard he is, it was time for Digi to, once again, show his true colors.

After getting banned from r/anime for endless self-promotion, he managed to gain some popularity for making his only well edited videos and going after the lowest hanging fruit, like Sword Art Online and giving a dishonestly bad review to a show called "Asterisk Wars" because it sort of resembles SAO and Digi was desperate to capitalize on his SAO videos before the clock runs out, even if it meant giving a bad review to the first thing he finds, whether or not it deserve it. Soon, Digi's head became massively inflated and he began making videos calling out other Anime youtubers by name and telling them they suck compared to him. He even went so far as to possibly get one of them banned (ThatAnimeSnob). In one incident he met another anime youtuber at a convention and started yelling at him that his videos aren't as good as his!

In the list of people Digibro thinks he's better than there are people like Gigguk, SuperEyepatchWolf, PedanticRomantic, Mother's Basement, ThatAnimeSnob, AnimeEveryday...... Actually, there's no point in making a list because he's named pretty much every major Anime youtuber and said they aren't as good as him for such a variety of reasons as: making videos too long, making them too short, editing too much, not editing enough, spending too much time on jokes, being boring due to a lack of jokes, wasting time on personal stories, not giving any personal reasons why you care about the anime and so on... As you can see, his criticisms are pretty self contradictory. But it is when you combine them with his hypocrisy that you create an inception style fallacy-within-a-fallacy that nearly collapses in on itself.

Here is how it works:

  • Digi makes a video criticizing someone for something
  • Digi makes a video admitting he doesn't watch the videos of the person he criticized
  • Digi makes a video praising the person he recently said is bad
  • Digi makes a video criticizing someone else for the exact opposite reason
    Even non-anime cartoon youtubers are dunking on Digi
  • Digi tries to, and even admits to trying to ape the style of someone he criticized or would criticize for the thing he's aping
  • Digi then tries the exact opposite, aping someone else's style that he criticized for the opposite reason
  • Digi makes a video calling Anime youtuber out for being greedy and doing attention seeking video for adrev
  • Digi makes a video begging his fans for money, whining about not making enough and shilling unlicensed merch, which is all far worse than clickbaiting
  • Digi makes a clickbait video anyway
  • Digi calls people out on criticizing things without actually engaging with them (despite attacking youtubers who's videos he admits he doesn't watch)
  • And so on, and so on, and so on...

The general rule with Digi, as many have pointed out, is that everything anyone does is bad because he wasn't the one who did it, and when he himself does it it's good because he's the best in his own mind. Even though his videos are notoriously bad, his editing became increasingly more lazy as he gained subscribers and realized he doesn't have to put in any effort anymore because he has enough subscribes that will watch him out of inertia, and he is guilty of every single thing he accuses everyone else of because he constantly jumps from style to style, looking for what will make him the most money but without putting any actual effort in or talking about topics anyone but his wants to hear about.

As you can probably guess, this all didn't go over well, and Digi was soon inundated with videos by critics and other anime Youtubers explaining why he's actually pretty shit and comparing and contrasting various things he's said to each other to prove he's a hypocrite.

Response by a youtuber who's 20 times better and more popular than Digi

They now pretend like they don't hate each other, but everyone knows that they do.

Showing how every single criticism Digi has for other youtuber he both contradicts and is guilty of himself
There are so many examples that this needed a part 2
Why all of Digi's reviews are wrong
Digiis a hypocrite so often that another guy had to make a video about this to cover all the examples the first guy missed
What Digi is really saying
Using BadWritingAdvice video to help Digi
A random guy Digi quoted in a video as saying he's, by far, the best anime youtuber, makes a video telling him to shut the fuck up
Digi is gonna get his ass beat

As of now, the relationship between DigiBro and everyone else on anime Youtube is that he hates all of them and every single one of them hates DigiBro.

UPDATE: Western cartoon youtubers don't want anything to do with him anymore, either.

So, is DigiBro actually good at reviewing anime?

This speaks for itself

lol, of course not.

Trying to appeal his ban from r/anime and getting shat on by the mods

Digi's videos are tedious and boring. They are without a hint of entertainment value and often (read: always) devolve into sappy personal anecdotes by the halfway point with sad music overlaid on top of them. On top of that, he is exactly like a high school English teacher, in the sense that he needlessly picks apart everything to its very core, pretending that something as trivial as a blue curtain in a room has some great cosmic significance - except rather than analyzing classic works of literature like Shakespeare or Dostoyevski, he instead applies this analysis to cartoons aimed at 7-year-old girls and animated child porn. In his FIFTEEN youtube channels (that we know of, as well as at least one that's been banned for yet another slew of copyright infringements), where he churns out endless, money grabbing, garbage content for his sheep fanbase that will watch literally anything he puts out, he has nothing worthwhile to say and no interesting way to say it.

Some people point to his seniority as proof of his authority on the topic, like the fact he's been reviewing anime on various blogs for over a decade now. But least we forget that somewhere during that decade he spent two years doing in-depth analysis of a show about cartoon horses for little girls. So if his tastes in entertainment turned him into an obsessive Brony, what could he possibly have to say that is of any value?

And it's not just the MLP thing. Digi's taste is shit in general. You wanna know what his favorite anime is?... Fucking K-On!. A shitty moe-blob show that is such an obvious knock-off that it earned the nickname "Azumanga Daioh with musical instruments". The show only has one good season and, naturally, that's the one Digi likes the least... Wanna know his second favorite anime? "Gakuen Utopia Manabi Straight". Never heard of it? I don't blame you because it's boring. A show that opted to subvert the traditional anime 4 main character personalities by making half the cast be "the quirky one". The show is boring, has a dull premise, goes nowhere slow, looks like shit and is one of Digi's favorite things in the world. In spite of all of this, he had the nerve to make video criticizing everyone elses taste in anime, for which people tore him a new asshole.

To top it all off, not only is his content bad, it keeps getting worse! The more fans he gets, the less effort he needs to put in to make the bare minimum he needs to live off of. So that's exactly what he does. Instead of making good videos, he makes 10 rants a day while literally drunk and refuses to get better lighting for them, even though that's most of the content he produces at this point. Instead of learning how to edit better, he pays his friends to do it for him or just doesn't do it at all. Instead of going to therapy, an AA meeting or showering, he continues to jerk off to child porn while drunk and surrounded by his own feces.... but that has nothing to do with anime reviews.

Digi Reviews a Game he Didn't Play (badly)

In a nutshell
(no one actually asked)

While Digi would quickly expose himself as a censorship man baby, he first outed himself as a little bitch and an idiot to everyone (or re-exposed, if you ignore everyone who remembers him from his MLP days) in an incident unrelated to MLP or anime or other anime youtubers. No, his first dip into the world of "BAN FUCKING EVERYONE" was the result of a review of "Mario Odyssey"... which he didn't play.

For some reason, Digi decided that, after about 3 fans asked him about it, he can't handle being hounded for his opinion about this game and must make a review about why it sucks... even though he didn't play it. To do this, he made a lengthy video comparing "Mario Odyssey's" first level, which he watched his brother play in 480p, to the hub world of "Mario 64" for some reason.

If you watch this review you won't learn anything new or useful about either game, but you will learn that Digibro doesn't know anything about Mario, video games or making reviews.

When people started calling him out on it, he began blocking anyone on twitter or his comment section who so much as hinted his video may not be perfect.

Video destroying Digi's retarded review

Digi and Co. bully an autistic highschooler and then play victim (The Mumkey Jones War)


In one of his many, lazy, money making schemes, Digi shat out a lame podcast with a handful of easily controllable nobody pawns that have 100k less subs than he does even if you look at all 7 of their channel combined (one of them doesn't even have 2,000 subscribers). On the podcast, he regularly yells at and verbally abuses his little bitches, some of whom are even financially tied to him so they can't fight back. Unable to stand up to a guy that has the same relationship with them that an abusive, drunken husband would have with his wife in the 50's, the rest of the "Horseshoe Crew" (as they call themselves) resort to abusing one another to relive stress in between having mental breakdown and quitting the podcast on-and-off because they're all already the kind of weak, mentally unstable losers that a guy like Digi could easily manipulate.
"But how did Digi meet these losers and why would he do a podcast in them in the first place?", you might be thinking to yourself. And here's where things get interesting.

At some point, Digi and Mumkey Jones somehow got together because I guess Digi mistook his fake anime reviews, created out of contempt for people like him, as actual anime content. The two ended up doing several podcasts together, the main one of which was a podcast called "The Pro Crastinators Podcast" (or PCP, for short) alongside several smaller youtubers that were mostly people Mumkey helped promote in a couple of videos, and a guy digi pays to edit his videos because he's too lazy and talentless to do it on his own. All was well with this Youtube odd-couple until Mumkey's fans attacked!!!... Digi's friend for harassing autistic children.

That's the part you won't hear about if you ask Digi about the incident. The story is that after Digi's podcast cohost (Endless Jess) started harassing a 16 year old autistic kid, who was a fan of Mumkey, for tweeting at him "why aren't you funny?", Mumkey's other fans responded by lightly trolling Jess by making joke video about him and making fun of him on twitter.

Jess flipped his shit at this and went crying to Digi. Digi's reaction was to demand that Mumkey somehow stop his fans from calling out his cohost for bullying the mentally retarded, and when he couldn't (or maybe wouldn't), he held an ex-parte, communist style kangaroo court, where Mumkey was "voted out" behind his back (he wasn't really voted out, since everyone knows Digi decides how everyone else will vote since half of them are literally financially dependent on him giving them work). After this, Mumkey made a video calmly explaining why he was kicked out of the podcast (leaving out the autism bullying to let Digi save his dignity), and saying he isn't interested in recording the final two episodes of his own podcast that he used to do with Digi.

Mumkey's video

In response, Digi made a drunken rant video where he claims the reason Mumkey was "voted out" was that his fans are all trolls who were trolling Endless Jess and made him quit the podcast (neglecting to mention why they were trolling him). He places the blame on Cream man, mrmeatman, Princess Nat Lord (the autistic kids Jesse bullied) and Bedhead Burnie (who is a random guy that had nothing to do with this). He then went on to accuse Mumkey of not being good on the podcast and saying his content is stale... even though Mumkey makes a variety of video and gets millions of views, while Digi has been making the same video over and over for like 6 years now. He also accuses Mumkey of lying about him not wanting to do their second podcast, which could have been chalked up to a simple, drunken misunderstanding, if it were not for him being informed that's not what Mumkey meant while his vide was still rendering, and him deciding to let it finish rendering and upload it to youtube with this lie still included, rather than edit it out. He goes on to admonish Mumkey for not blocking anyone who criticized him, the way he does, and later adds in a separate video that he hates Mumkey because (again, unlike him) he doesn't get butthurt about stupid internet bullshit.

Conrad's psychotic response

A video series explaining the events

(not part of the series but almost the same)

While Digi's podcast and reputation went downhill, Mumkey replaced Digi in his final two episode with the famous Asterios Kokkinos.

Digi's fans responded by writing in their gay PCP wiki that no one reads that mumkey is a sociopath.

The trolling of Endless Jess

Why aren't you funny?


—The words that will make Jesse break down in tears

Jesse's biggest fan makes all of PCP proud
What trolls put on www.endlessjess.com

Endless Jess is a bottom-of-the-barrel youtuber who took 6 years to gain 10k subs, and even that was thanks to Mumkey helping him get views. He makes literal shit content (like a video where he literally plays with human feces) which is always tinted yellow for some reason, and projects a "tough guy" attitude in his videos, but is secretly a giant bitch who can't take the slightest bit of criticism. Also, his biggest fan is a retarded brony who's infamous on an MLP 4chan clone for once putting a sharpie in his asshole and getting it stuck.

After an autistic 16 year old told him he isn't funny, he started trying to bully him, only to have Mumkey's fans retaliate. His response to this was shutting down and stabbing Mumkey in the back by demanding Digi kick him out of the PCP, otherwise he won't return. After successfully getting rid of Mumkey, he never showed up on the podcast again. Something that should have been expected, because even before that he was constantly having mental breakdowns during the podcasts, repeatedly quitting it and never showing up to scheduled recording sessions without notice.

So, while Mumkey upgraded to "The Dick Show" members for his own podcast thanks to being kicked out of Digi's, Digi replaced the only other popular guy on his podcast who would regularly show up, with a mentally unstable nobody that no one likes who refuses to do any work and actively makes the podcast worse with his constant drama. Genius.

So, what was this awful trolling that drove Jess insane? Literally nothing. Mumkey's fans sent him some mean tweets and youtube comments, made joke videos about him and bought the domain name of "endlessjess.com" for 10$, which they used to make a site making fun of him. And what was Jesse's reaction? Blocking everyone remotely related to them, even if they never talked to him, getting one of them banned from youtube for making a joke rap songs about him (assburger), banning them from his discord and sending one of his fans to idle in their discord and spy on them!

Mumkey even took pity on this poor retard and got his fans to sell him back his domain. Although, even that wasn't good enough for the little bitch who demanded they give him the domain they paid for for free. It's unclear how this ended, because the troll site is still online and it is glorious.

This is a collection of the "trolling" videos that made Jess lose his mind

Digi's delusional plans for the PCP

Channels4 banner.jpg

An honest comparison
Typical EndlessJess video

Since Mumkey's departure, Digi replaced him with two other people who's subscriber count combined is less than Mumkey's, and despite claiming he's going to back off of the podcast for a while to give everyone else an opportunity to shine, has been on every single episode to cover for Jesse, who, despite forcing Mumkey out in exchange for him staying, has not appeared in a single episode since.

All of this puts a damper on Digi's plan to turn the PCP in to successful business HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA

After kicking out the only other person in the podcast who has any kind following, a following that is quickly growing and will overtake Digi's sooner than he thinks as his own channel stagnates, all for the sake of being able to keep a guy on his show who regularly refuses to do any work or even show up and isn't even funny on the rare occasions that he does (by contrast, Digi himself admitted that Mumkey would always be up to record and would always show up on time), Digi decided to turn the PCP into an actual business and force all the other members to move to the same city as him so that they can start making a living off of it. All this, despite the fact that everyone else on the podcast combined don't have 1/3 of Digi's subscriber count, one of them took 6 years to come close to 10k subs, and several of the people on the podcast only have any subs at all in the first place because Mumkey once promoted them in one of his videos, before which no one ever heard of them.

Mind you, this is a podcast that makes less than 1,000$ on Patreon (which has to be split between 7 people) and probably doesn't make a lot of ad revenue since its highest viewed video is sitting at 65k views, and even that is only because it has the words "Chris Chan" in the title. And, in spite of this idiotic venture being doomed to fail, some of the people on the podcast went so far as to stop working on their own channel and now work exclusively on doing Digi's dirty work for him on his own channel, in hopes that they can hasten the fruition on this pipe dream that's going to crash and burn and leave all of Digi's friends homeless after they quit their jobs and move cities because of him.

Video explaining why PCP is doomed to be a financial failure

Other "notable" members of the PCP

Davoo crying about mean comments

Digi's other cohorts, aside from Jesse, are themselves a bunch of "exceptional individuals" who would be worthy of their own article if anyone actually cared about them.

  • HippoCrit - Makes garbage content. Was one of the people first promoted by Mumkey who stabbed him in the back. Refuses to make good videos out of some misplaced pride in "not selling out" by making reviews of shit no one cares about, but then gets asshurt when he gets a bunch of thumbs down. TheDavoo often screencaps him fighting with people in his comment section and posts it on twitter to laugh at him, despite himself being even more of a thin-skinned bitch.
  • TheDavoo - Puts both Digi's and Jesse's hypocrisy, obnoxiousness and censoriousness to shame. Openly mocks HippoCrit for his reaction to comments, but then had a mental breakdown and quit twitter and shut down his comments forever so that no one will be able to contact him again because he's that scared of criticism. Constantly starts shit with other podcast members, not only Hippo. Hates Jesse and is always fighting with him because of their mutual thin skin. Once proved both how stupid and how averse he is to criticism when he tried to mute Jesse, live on air, during a podcast, and was then shocked and appalled that other people can still hear him. The only person he's too scared to start shit with is Digi, since he quit working on his own videos (and maybe his job?) to edit Digi's for money and is completely depended on him, therefore acting like his little bitch. Sadly for him, Digi is now shifting his focus to his awful Vlog channel because he's too lazy to write or edit anymore and can get the same money by making 2 lazy vlog videos a week instead of one "good" review video a month, so DaVoo is about to be out of a job.
  • Munchy wtinyhats - Notable for how not notable this person is. Has about 1,500 subscribers and no one has a clue why he's on this podcast. Probably a combination of pity and Digi being happy to have someone he can abuse even more easily.

The Maddox Parallel

Davoo crying about mean comments part 2

Due to Mumkey's and Digi's obsession with Dick Masterson and Maddox (Mumkey seriously can't stop talking about them and their podcast was an intentional rip-off of it that landed Digi on the Dick show. Mumkey has since compared Digi to Maddox more than once), and the stark similarities between Mumkey's and Digi's situation to that of Dick and Maddox, it's worth it to draw a little comparison between the two.

  • Both have a guy who's online persona is of being an angry tough guy, but who can't take the slightest bit of criticism.
  • Both involve someone who supports free speech against someone who will block anyone that makes fun of them and their friends.
  • Both have someone who thinks he's the head hancho of the podcast kick the other guy out, only to realize it was his own reputation and podcast relevance that took a hit.
  • Both have the guy being kicked out contributing everything to the podcast he was kicked out of, while the other person hardly ever lifted a finger.
  • Both resulted in the podcast being doomed to failure and Digi/Maddox being too blind to realize it and still trying to make it into their cash cow.
  • Both revolve around one guy with a fanbase of shitposting retards, and another with a fanbase of regular retards.
  • Both have a guy that takes a strange pride in his integrity when it comes to making money (Maddox won't put ads on the site and Digi refuses to make good content because he sees it as selling out and insists everyone else on the podcast does the same) and yet both shamelessly resort to underhanded tactics when hurting for cash.
  • Both involve a guy called Jesse that bullies autistic children.
  • Both involve Asterios Kokkinos.

As you can see, it's only a matter of time before Digi sues Mumkey.


Digibro begins to lose his mind

As his content began to go down the shitter, apparently so did Digibrony himself, both in appearance and hygiene, as well as his mental stability.

Digibrony high on LSD

As time goes on, Digi becomes ever more unhinged. Making more and more videos while drunk or high. Covering more and more of his room with pedophilic anime paraphernalia. Dressing more and more like a lunatic and looking more and more like a hobo. As his decline continues, he makes ever more deranged schemes to make money off of his dying fanbase, becomes more easily agitated by trolls, ends friendships and burns bridges in random fits of sperg rage and smells ever more like a rotting carcass.

This is not a joke, by the way. Digi is notorious for his lack of personal hygiene how badly he smells.

Digi The Pedophile

Even his biggest fans are fully aware that he's a pedophile, and even acknowledge it in the fanart the make for him.

It should be clear just from his walls covered in drawing of half naked, underaged girls (one of the posters is literally "Kodomo no Jikan"), that Digi is a pedophile. To anyone who still thinks there is some plausible deniability here, I would direct you to his slew of tweets talking about watching "loli" anime, or an entire review he wrote about how he masturbated to hentai featuring little girls (although this review is not nearly as bad as the secret reviews he would post on PornHub, where he dresses in nothing but underpants, puts panties on his head and reviews hentai in a racist, japanese accent).

But what really cements this theory is a Kiwi Farms thread, where a former friend of Digi show's up and tells everyone that Digi has a box of anime child porn in plain sight at his parent's house, that he has a shit-covered bathroom in his room, that he informs his guests when he's going to masturbate to loli porn, and that he dresses up in his mom's clothes and jerks of in front of a mirror, while imagining he's a little girl.

Spot the part where dick regrets letting digibro on his show

He would wait until his family left, dress up in his mom's clothes, put on a hoodie so he couldn't see the majority of his face, stand in front of a mirror, and masturbate while making "sexual loli noises."


The first things I found in his room (where I spent most of my time up there) was a box of borderline pornographic lolicon images he kept near his desk. Not even well hidden, mind you.


I asked him how he could keep that kind of shit around when his family wasn't shy about coming up to his room without announcing themselves. He said they were aware and didn't care about it.


He had a bathroom attached to his room, and it was the most disgusting state I had ever seen a bathroom in. We're talking stains everywhere and his shaved hair just laying about on the counter and floor. And in that entire two weeks I was there, it wasn't cleaned once.


he'd occasionally kick me out of his room, saying he had to masturbate.


there's a tumblr up somewhere that he secretly helped run of masturbation confessions.


He is hands down one of the most socially awkward, cringy fucks I've ever been friends with.


Use scrollbar to see the full image

Collection of loli tweets

Digi the Transexual

That last note might have caught your attention.

Yep, Digi is secretly some sort of age-regressing tranny. In other words - he's an Autogynephile.

He's been involved in some sort of project where he wrote a story about a transsexual 10 year old and had someone draw the character for him, talked in two separate videos about wanting to be a little girl (one was in a private stream for patreons) and, again, as mentioned, dresses up as a loli and jerks off to himself in the mirror.

Digi's Relationship With Intellectual Property

File:Digi shirt.jpg
A shirt Digi is selling of a character he doesn't own.

Digi does not understand that other people's things don't belong to him.

After having his channel shut down multiple times for copyright infringements, and having at least one other channel shut down permanently for the same reason, Digi now sells Tshirts on his site of a character he doesn't own and openly promotes illegally sold, off-brand anime merchandise made by knockoff sites if they give him free stuff.

He's also further alienated himself from every other Anime youtuber by committing the cardinal sin of Anime youtube - telling people to watch anime on illegal streaming sites that other anime youtuber won't even mention the name of to avoid giving them any traffic, rather than sign up to Crunchyroll.

After all, why should he pay money for legal anime sites and actual licensed merchandise to support the industry he loves, using the money he gets from that industry's fans for his content that's completely dependent on the existence of that industry? Why do that when it takes effort to move your mouse literally half an inch down to the next link (that's was literally his reason for watching KissAnime - It's hard for him to click the second result on google instead of the first) and save that money you could have spent on a subscription to buy more alcohol?

Explaining to digi how money works

Digi's relationship with banning and blocking everyone


Digi's reaction to people (rightly) criticizing his shit Mario video exposed him to his anime fanbase as the faggot that he is (his MLP fans already knew thanks to him quitting the MLP community after they made fun him in a thread, as previously discussed). Further light was shed during the Mumkey Jones drama, when Digi said that "Mumkey has a really backwards idea about free speech", which at first was interpreted as the gay, but at least somewhat understandable, belief that it's okay for Digi to ban people from his comments if they are trolling. But, perturbed by the influx of criticism, Digi soon showed everyone what he really meant was that he wants to ban anyone who so much as says his videos aren't perfect.

Aside from rage-quitting entire communities for criticizing him, banning people from the comments for saying he's wrong and turning off comments completely to avoid anyone doing it in the first place, Digi also reports other youtube channels and tries to get them or their videos taken down if they make fun of him. He did it to AssBurger, who made a joke rap about him, may have been involved in getting ThatAnimeSnob banned after the two developed a genuine animosity towards each other over anime reviews, orchestrated a mass flagging of another video proving he lied in his video about Mumkey, is currently falsely accusing a third person of harassment in preparation to try and get them banned, and has made multiple videos talking about why all comment sections should be banned and about his dream of a perfect social media site it will be:

  • Impossible to comment on
  • Impossible to share
  • Impossible to dislike

He literally wants a website where all anyone can do is read his tweets/watch his videos, click the 'like' button, and nothing else.

His idea of a perfect social media site
Butthurt about comments
Even more butthurt about comments
Going apeshit about comments at 11:55

Gallery of being a bitch About missing Pics
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Reaction to this article

Digi did not like our article.


Someone who is either a troll or a fan who's completely oblivious, posted our article on Digi's subreddit. DaVoo liked it and people said it's not even that bad (it was nearly blank at the time), but Digi exploded over it, fluctuating between yelling into the void and autistically chastising ED for not knowing as much anime minutia as him. DaVoo quickly changed his tune like the sniveling sidkick of a Saturday morning cartoon villain, and we here at ED made sure to bring this article up to Conrad's standards by adding all the stories about him being a dress wearing pedophile that smells like shit. After that it was put on the front page long a month-long marathon of Digi diss videos as video of the now.

You're welcome.

The fanbase quickly re-discovered this article and liked it even less now.


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Fun Fact: Digi came to an anime convention and spent all of it drinking in his hotel room

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Digibro's Million Channels

Other Digibro Accounts

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Digibro's PCP Bitches

  • YouTube Favicon.png TheDavoo - Probably the biggest bitch in the podcast. Attacks everyone else. Cries when he's criticized. Digi's editing slave
  • YouTube Favicon.png Davoo goes to saturn - Davoo's other channel where he makes video about his love of blocking people
  • YouTube Favicon.png Endless Jess - Contender for main bitch on the podcast. This is his main channel where whines about shit and nobody watches
  • YouTube Favicon.png My Japanese Animes - Jesse's channel where he did exactly what Mumkey used to do, but without being funny
  • YouTube Favicon.png The Blue Glow - Yet another Jesse channel does let's plays with Digi
  • YouTube Favicon.png Manchild.inc - Another Jesse channel where he talks about MLP... yeah
  • YouTube Favicon.png Kayfabe Commander - Jesus fuck Jesse has a wrestling channel... why do all these people have 9 channels?
  • YouTube Favicon.png Hippocritshow - Incredibly boring videos. Promoted by Mumkey. Stabbed him in the back. Still failing.
  • YouTube Favicon.png Ben Saint - Artist/(former) friend of Mumkey they only need for art
  • YouTube Favicon.png BestGuyEver - Trying to be Digibro
  • YouTube Favicon.png LethalAuroraMage - She's the girl
  • YouTube Favicon.png Rebel Pixels - No clue who this is. Still has Mumkey as a featured channel. Must have not gotten the memo
  • YouTube Favicon.png Munchy wtinyhats - This guy have 1,500 subs. Why is he on this podcast?

Mumkey's Autistic Troll Crew

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