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This article has been cleaned up, and it was a trip to hell and back. Please, don't fuck it up.
The NAMBLA Teacher of the Year Award recipient, Mark Miner.

Didaskalos (more like "KidsIDiddleALot" RiteAmI?) a.k.a. Mark Miner, is an unbelievably unfunny "full-time internet pedophile." He is known for failing at life, raping young, fresh boys, and, as was mentioned before, for being unbelievably unfunny. In addition, he has used this page as a fronting ground for his pedofaggotry. The evidence of his huge ego and his pride in fucking little boys is voluminous here. His userpage is also a record of his failures, the incoherent babble of which takes up a huge amount of ED's precious bandwidth.

At one time, Didaskalos used to be a traveling "heroic poet" and still considers himself well-read on subject concerning the seemingly-constant boy-fucking that took place in Ancient Greece. Like all pedophiles, he endows himself a great deal of self-importance about the work he's done and the close proximity to kids granted by people above him. He's used everything as a cover for pedophilia, up to and including the old "it's just part of the show" act as a result of his dramatic readings of shit nobody cares about.

Pedophile Past

Mark was employed as a Latin language teacher for the San Diego Unified School District in February 2000 before being v& by The Man. Mark was also successfully and humiliatingly trolled by someone named ILuv2Surf. ILuv2Surf carefully documented the lulz on a pedo-baiting blog in which the archived chatlogs of pedo and fail were put on display. Butthurt, Didaskalos came to ED and set up this page, intending to give himself a solid defense. The end result was a tl;dr spectacle of AIDS, USI and retarded antics that even ODB didn't want to touch.

Didaskalos also made the mistake of showing up to Lulzcon 2007 (see below) in which he presented a retarded tl;dr Powerpoint presentation all about the conflict between him and ILuv2Surf. He also implicated The Man, ILuv2Surf and himself in a series of anagrams and tongue-in-cheek wordplay that left the audience craving the lulz. In a god-awful attempt to counter-troll ILuv2Surf's sometimes unwieldy grammar, Didaskalos coined an anagram "based on ILuv2Surf's IRL powerword", called EVKWIA, whatever the fuck that means. As Didaskalos only finds this humorous, it is apparent to the rest of the world that he is batshit insane and needs to be dealt with by Bubba. To this day Didaskalos is absolutely convinced that the Sacramento Police Department is after him, when in reality the evidence is clearly contrary. The very fact that Didaskalos can't keep his mouth shut about being a pedo only highlights the necessity to not only watch this ED page (which he uses as a vanity page), but, by and large, to avoid the man himself.

Didaskalos' favorite sites, predictably, are Boychat and the Christian Boy Love Forum. And like every other pedophile in existence, Didaskalos' defense of his love of shota is nothing short of mind-boggling.

What follows is Didaskalos' failing to defend his pedo boy-loving desires. As Dramacrats your mission is to fucking delete everything he has posted on this page. You will be assisting the lulz and our beloved ED by showing to the world that this faggot needs to get shot.

Did you know that after Mark Miner was outed by ILuv2surf in 2000:

  • He was canned from his teaching position in San Diego Unified School District
  • His girlfriend left him
  • His car spontaneously asploded and was taken to the dump
  • He was placed on a police watch list
  • Posted outrageously raunchy material like this account of a summer of Lifeguarding at Boychat.


Wishing to skewl the internet on how to pedo correctly, Mark politely asked Girlvinyl if he might be able to guest speak at Lulzcon 2007. After a rigorous background check by the welcome team, Mark was found to not be wanted for any criminal activity. His request was turned down pending he send us a picture of his dong (shown right). At Lulzcon, his rants included informative discussion topics and keypoints regarding his pedo brethren and their personal rights, followed up with a presentation on his arch nemesis ILuv2surf, a street-smart cop who stops perps dead in their tracks. He was more effective at stopping trolls than Sergeant Smith was.

After he /r/'d lulzcon to be his personal army and aid him in the catfighting, he was politely told to GTFO.

Shortly after this his hotel room was raided by anonymous and his cp stash went missing. BAWWWWWWWWWWWWWWW Not to worry: on his spring 2008 West Coast tour he plans to make a Abu Ghraib pyramid of ten naked freshmen, with himself in front doing a winking Lyndie, wearing a T-Shirt with the tour slogan: "Bitches don't know about my Heroic Poetry."

His presentation at lulzcon: Didaskalos/Presentation.

Examples of crazy

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Didaskalos comes back to ED

Harvard 18 hookup from craigslist.jpg

Didadaskalos recently came back to ED, this time to fuck up this page again, adding more shit no one cares about, including how he was over $100,000 dollars in debt, horny for delicious boys, and, again butthurt over having his ED paged edited by someone other than himself. For months and months Didaskalos used this page mainly to brag about his supposed knowledge of heroic poetry, as well as trying to coin a meme, to no success whatsoever. What more can you expect from a man who wipes the shit from old people's asses all day?

Tl;dr, Didaskalos is still a pedo and a huge faggot.

Back in 2009, the following ad was spotted on the Boston craigslist:

Middle-aged paederast for teenage male arm-candy - m4m - 42 (South End) HI! I'm a bald, leathery-skinned middle-aged paederast looking for teenage male arm-candy to take to local productions of Aristophanes. Next week: Lysistrata at Harvard!

You: be smart enough to laugh at what I quote in Ancient Greek, but not arrogant enough to tell any jokes of your own.

I am 100,000 dollars in debt, so you will also have to pay for food on our dates.

In return, I will do my usual paederast routine of telling you that you're handsome and smart and will amount to something, even though we will both know I'm lying.

You should be as completely arrogant, self-centered, and beautiful as the meaty 18-yr old Harvard boy in this ad:


See, it's an important part of my job that people THINK I'm cutting a wide swath through the innocent impressionable youth of Boston. That's where you come in. People come up to us at events and ask "So...are you guys...going out?" And we just smile. It's called "performance art." Google the "Warren Cup," you'll get some idea of the tastes of the clientele I'm trying to please.

Scandal is an important part of building my reputation. When we go to events, you should be prepared to wear a dog-collar and leash, or pee in the punch-bowl, on command.

Our Future Together: You will be my constant companion and ingratiating performing animal, doing very simple but very pretty tricks for the wealthy and cultured, as I make the rounds of Boston's Dustiest Cultural Institutions. Later in life, I guess, you emerge from my considerable shadow by your dedication to "artisan" pottery-making, or whatever. See the movie "Chris and Don."

NOTE: The headlines will lack the necessary "frisson" if you're not really a "teenager." But I'm keeping it legal, no schoolboys! So, 17 will not work; 20 will not work. And I *WILL* check your ID.


(Hint: Google "Didaskalos" to see who I am.)

   * Location: South End
   * it's NOT ok to contact this poster with services or other commercial interests

TLDR: still crazy, after all these years.

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