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DeviantArtSecret, or DAS, is an active deviantART profile that submits so called "secrets" to the already filled-with-crap archives of deviantART. The group, that was founded 7 years ago, has turned into a celebrity on deviantART, where it's famous for filling the front page with "art". Over 12,000 secrets have successfully raped the already pathetic online community, and there are no signs that they will ever leave.

The profile was originally created with the goal to help people, somehow. Writing down your secret and having it posted on a public site (in combination with a link to the SUICIDE PREVENTION WIKI) would fix people's life issues instantly.

Nowadays the profile is used by emos as a confession blog/dairy.

Current Status

Typical DAS fan defending one of the secrets

Almost 20,000 people are watching DeviantArtSecret, of whom at least 50% is emo.

Due to deviantART's changes to the frontpage called 'fair exposure', artwork from different categories (i.e. furry drawings, pornography, cosplay) are shown. This measurements were taken to prevent that only quality artworks were shown on the front page. On top of that, DeviantArtSecret has it's own category within the art system: it's a "community project". The result? DAS litters the front page every day.

Why a "secret" is art

Fine example of an artwork

If you browse the gallery of DAS you might think the secrets are not artistic. But that only means you're stupid, because anything can be art, and on deviantART anything posted is art.

Most secrets are made on MS paint, Word or notepad. There even are "secrets" that were a screenshot of a Google search! Most TARTlets still use pencils and paper for their artwork, and envy the so called "Secret Tellers" for their intensive digital artworks and overall skill.

The color palette used in secrets is gorgeous. Secrets usually consist of a black background with white text, or vice-versa. There also are secrets that have color, usually red.

There have also been secrets that used an image as background. Most images came from Google search, but there are also complete secrets that came from Tumblr. Very outrageous.

The last important characteristic of the secret is the letter font. Using 5 different types of font on 10 different sizes is obviously the work of a true artist with great creativity.

But what makes the secret a masterpiece is the emotion. It takes great skill to put the typical "speshul snowflaik"-emotion into MS paint.


These images get disturbingly much attention

People that were lucky enough to have their secret posted by DeviantArtSecret are called Secret-Teller or ST for short. There are three different kinds of these Secret-Tellers.

The Emo

This type of ST occurs the most often. The emo feels disorientated from the world and is completely misunderstood. Of course they don't have any friends and their parents are mean, too! As soon as the emo finds out about DAS, they will feel the urge to write down their "deepest emotions" caused by one of the following things:

  • My parents/friends don't understand me
  • So-and-so doesn't understand me
  • I might be gay/lesbian/bisexual/straight
  • My bf/gf broke up with me, now I'm sad
  • My bf/gf wants to break up with me, now I'm sad
  • I am a speshul snowflaik
  • I am the only 13 year old that has problems with growing up

The Troll

In rare cases, a troll is able to submit a secret. Sometimes one of the DAS helpers fails at seeing bitter irony in a secret due to shit in the eyes and posts the secret. The most recent secret by a troll had the following message:

I get discouraged when I see lower quality art getting more reactions than pieces I have slaved over and no one really cares


a troll's "secret"

The creation of the secret took about 45 seconds like most of the secrets. So far this secret has gained over 900 favorites and is recognized as the most successful trolling on the page.


Some secrets could have been real. They mostly contain confessions about being molested, a weird fetish or something completely random. These secrets gain little attention because they are not stupid enough.

Helping out the "Secret-Tellers"

This person often "advises" Secret Tellers.
An overall advice for all the Secret Tellers.

Usually the comments on "secrets" are disabled. In the rare case that you can advise the STs your comment has to contain one of the following messages:

  • OMG!! STORY OF MY LIFE!!!!1!
  • I think I know who wrote this... :(
  • First!!111!
  • If you think Theresa`s story is inconceivable..., 2 weeks-ago my brother also actually earned $5,924 sitting there eleven hours a week from home and their co-worker's step-mother`s neighbor did this for 4 months and easily made more than $5924 in there spare time from a computer. apply the guide at this site, BIC5.COM
  • i know hwo ur feeling....
  • My life :(
  • I totally get you
  • Jesus Christ will cure u!

It is important to NOT give critiques on the quality of the piece, because it's ABOUT PPL GETTIGN THIER FELLINGS OUT!!!1!


A closer look at "secrets" in general showed the following:

Actual rules.


  • Whining about relationships/"being in love": 8.3%
  • "I'm so misunderstood!"/"Growing up is hard!": 25.0%
  • "I am/might be gay/bisexual": 10.4%
  • "Deep inside I'm a monster!": 10.4%
  • "I carry such horrible secrets with me": 22.9%
  • "I don't like my friends": 8.3%
  • Troll secrets: 4.2%
  • Could have been an actual secret: 10.4%


  • No background, boring font: 35.4%
  • No background, multiple fonts: 10.4%
  • Simple background, boring font: 20.8%
  • Simple background, multiple fonts: 12.5%
  • Stock Image, boring font: 12.5%
  • Stock Image, multiple fonts: 2.1%
  • Screenshot: 4.2%
  • "Artistic" details: 2.1%
  • Artwork: 0.0%

Reactions on DeviantArtSecret

"bawwwwwww im in luv wit my bff i dunno wat to du bawwwwww im cutting im a speshul snowflak"



This is awful. So many people on this web site pore there heart, soul, blood, sweat, tears, and very being into there art, and while it all varies in quality, it still shows that there trying. Now this club comes along soaks up attention, and take up space on the front page, and any search that involves the word "secret", and all its doing is pushing out a series of poorly made topographies, not to dazzle the eyes, or captivate the imagination, but to tell people that "I'm an unusual person who is ashamed of my self" for the soul purpose of gathering attention. There's nothing artistic about simply complaining, and if you want to be artistic than you should start by putting some effort into your posts. I suggest a painting, or a short story, or any other artistic outlet, the only rule is that you need to work for it. It should take at least 2 hours, and you should be pleased with the result, not because of the attention it will gather, or because you cant wait to see the reactions people will have. you should feel like you produced something worth while, that represents the peak of your abilities as a creator, because that is what makes a secret art.



Go post this on the pictures of animal porn, ok? This is art, animal porn isn't.


TheAwesomeHetalian in reaction to therandomperson111 (previous quote)

maybe im just an asshole but the majority of these just sound like emo 12 year olds experiencing hormonal changes that they believe is the sensation of being deathly depressed and uneeded. Pretty typical, and to an old person...slightly petty.

Dont worry, i do care about peoples feelings... I just think theres a more mature way to go about it. So far I haven't found much about serious situations, just small things that eat up a day to day person. Most people grow out of these said sorrows, half these sorrows are self diagnosed and probably false actually.

Everyone goes there, we all have that "woe is me for tiny reasons" stage at that age. Maybe Im just resentful and wished my problems were this easy :/



I am one of the many, I am sure, that is sick of seeing relationship secrets, etc. on here. There are darker secrets of a more critical nature and there is no other way to say this: it just sounds like the submitter is whining to the internet.

Sure, every 13-16 year old has had their relationship trouble - I did at that age too. But that is no secret, and I don't think it ever was.

Bigger issues in life



Tired of the love secrets. Spreading all their cooties on to an epic page. BAH!



I think most of the secrets are from love sick teenagers who listen to too much Taylor swift



really? this shit is so cliche and stupid. its hilarious.



I can't believe how a concept that's basically Post Secret online actually produces LESS creative results than the Post Secret project it's based off of, let alone a concept hosted off of one of the most universally recognized art sites in history.



It's so great that you flood DA frontpage with useless whining of various kids!


—[ Lutherine]

and since when exactly is this art

it would be ok if it was typography but god, half of these submissions don't even reach the tom preston level and they look like they're not even trying so i guess that's not the intent this is not the right place for this go back to tumblr



This page might be more interesting, if the secrets didn't sound like they were coming form a handful of 13-15 year olds..



*DeviantArtSecret asked themselves "can we make this the worst page on DA?"

It was a challenge, but I think the answer might very well be yes.



Now, almost anything can be art, but there's a difference between art and secrets.

Writing someone's secret down and making it a whole public thing isn't art.



and all the publicity this gets is shocking. it shows that a lot of people on this website approve of the non-meaningful and "oh look at me i'm such a special snowflake lolol" shit this account has multitudes of.



Angst. Angst everywhere.



This is deviantART not DeviantANGSTY13YEAROLDPROBLEMS.



Shots of tits, Sonic recolors, and now this shit?

Get the fuck off of DA! This belongs on Facebook!







Oh my GOD, this whole account is absolute garbage. It's nothing but attention whoring and petty little "deep"-sounding phrases from some teenagers with angst that they don't know what to do with. I could go into more detail but I'd end up writing a fucking essay.

... Felt good to get that off my chest.




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