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Renee's fapping material.

Just like any fandom on deviantART, there will always be that one person who milks the fandom just enough so they accumulate a huge following with their shit drawings. Renee, or DeterminedToDrawUT, is one of these people who have drawn people over to her shittacular Undertale artwork. She claims that she is "saving Undertale" by making a group where people don't have to be criticized for their equally as shit art. Not to mention, she seems to like bonezoning Sans with Frisk a lot, and makes the excuse that she "ups the age of the character, so therefore it's not pedophilia".

Despite being 24 years old, Renee acts like she's 12 and not only pulls a Keemstar and plays the victim when she is called out on, but turns around and stalks profiles and bullies deviants just the same. Renee is also a retard, beliving that Allahu Akbar is a racist term (despite it actually meaning "God is Greatest" or "God is Great"), and she honestly believes that Encyclopedia Dramatica is a place for bullying and about tumblr. Renee loves drama, and while she claims to avoid it, she likes sticking her nose in every little thing she can and makes a journal about it. Usually, when someone does her wrong (in her terms, whatever that might be), she'll make a journal about that person, directly calling them out, resulting in her fanbase harassing said person till they've kissed Renee's ass enough for her to leave them alone. Renee has the belief that anyone outside her watcher-base are idiots, and clearly don't know as much as she does.

Renee is a fucking idiot especially when it comes to learning about what satire and parody, as she believes it's all bullying. It doesn't matter who it is, whether it be faggot LeafyIsHere or comedian Jeff Dunham, she thinks they're all bullies and it's not okay to laugh at other people. Renee is a hypocrite about this too, proven by the multiple chats on Skype of people calling her shit out. She's this retarded.

How to be Renee 101

Now everyone knows that when you start to climb the popularity levels of Rebornica, that you start to grow an e-go, which means that you think you're hot shit and clearly more better than anyone else. While Renee doesn't have 70k watchers, she certainly has 5k at her disposal, meaning that she'll send them out on someone who calls her bullshit, endlessly harassing them till the said "cyberbully" kisses her negro feet and begs for forgiveness. Renee also has a habit of constantly stalking people's pages, as she looks for anyone shit talking her stupid ass, or any drama that she thinks she can profit off of. If you follow the steps below, you too can be just as successful and oh so great like Renee!

1. If someone critiques you, a BAWWW-Fest must be had

When you're just as popular as Renee, criticism is something that you'll barely get because you absolutely hate criticism. For example, as being a professional A-logger, she knows very well that anyone who insults her is a MEEN AND TERRIBBLE CYBERBULLY. She believes her art is absolutely perfect, and she needs zero criticism whatsoever. Despite what people will say to her about her art, whether it be good or bad critique, Renee throws a hissy fit at them.

An example of Renee not accepting criticism.

2. Kiddies are making fun of me, therefore I should make a journal about them or complain about them "bullying me"

Unlike most people at her age, people most likely grew a ball sack and stop whining about how people are calling you "retarded". So being the "adult" she is, she makes journals to get people to hate on the tikes who have opinions on her. Sometimes, if she really hates the opinion or whatever the kiddie did to wrong her, she'll scream that she'll "sue" them, or that something is against the law.

I'm being TOTALLY harassed by an asspie, you guys! ); About missing Pics
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3. I don't like this person, so I will throw a fit and try to manipulate other people into destroying their lives, or I'll do it myself

Besides complaining about kiddies on a daily basis and being a real hypocrite, Renee knows how to manipulate as well. Her favorite crowd of people she likes to manipulate are usually the dumb, Minecraft-playing twelve year-olds who worship her like a god. Or, she'll try to manipulate retards who are only a few years younger than her to try and destroy the career of someone else just by "adding old drama" to an article of some irrelevant 14-year old fuckwit who nobody cares about. She's also got the talent to attempt to break relationships as well, oh joy!

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4. Oh no, don't bully me! I have depression!


"You can't make fun of me cause I have depression."

Renee has a wonderful habit of not only telling the internet shit nobody cares about, but when she is called out on for something she did, or someone is trying to knock common sense to her, she pulls the "I HAS DEPRESSION NO BULLY PLS" card to attempt to justify her actions. Bonus points if she makes a journal about it and receives many asspats and sugar-coated comments from her fanbase.

I have depression please! I am completely 100% innocent! I am a victim of abuse even though I'm twenty four and I can report it!

Below is a comment chain between Renee and some other user. The user was only trying to explain to the womanchild that "Hey bro maybe you should go get some help and stop relying on the internet m8". But, instead, Renee being Renee, threw a big fit like the probable landwhale she is, and proceeded to make up some shit excuses as to why she cannot get help and that she always relies on the internet as her "safe-place".

Well that's just sad.

However, what makes it really lulzy, is if other people bring up their issues, Renee will be there to say "YOU CAN'T DO THAT, DON'T MAKE EXCUSES". As an example, below is a screenshot of her only telling half the story of what happened in a Skype call between her, one of her fuckbudies, Majora, and someone else. The whole journal is lulz in itself, and proves Renee's hypocrisy on a higher scale:

Yes, because clearly you can't do anything if you have anxiety, and if you're in drama, that clearly MEANS that you do not have anxiety. Can you tell how fucked her logic is here or what.

Of course, the fag who was also in that chat, Deviantart-favicon.png CreepIsNotGone grew some balls of steel and confronting Renee about it, just ultimately blocking her as she once again showed her hypocrisy for the millionth time.

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5. Encyclopedia Dramatica is not a satire site, it is a place for bullying and I know it is so

As Renee is uneducated about the term Allahu Akbar, she is also very uneducated about the mission ED provides for it's users. She not only thinks that ED is a place for cyber-bullying, but she believes that there is an age restriction, and that porn shouldn't be on the site and that little kids might see it. Renee doesn't realize that ED isn't a kid friendly site in the first place.

ED is a Bully Comp About missing Pics
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6. If someone pisses me off a lot, I am therefore obligated to wish death upon them

Below is an example of what happens when Renee cannot handle someone being smarter than her. After getting logic smashed into her fucking skull into a Skype call (causing Renee to leave in a flurry of butthurt), she said the following to another user about one of the people in the call, ultimately just wishing death to come upon them because she doesn't like what they said.


7. Her having a mental breakdown via skype

*REUPLOAD* The lulz fest

It's Bullying


Renee - because she couldn't take being called out'

8. Never admit I was wrong

Even after everything that has happened with Renee she still thinks she right about stuff and everyone else is wrong. The image shows her telling someone she is alway and I mean ALWAYS right about something but this image goes on to show that Renee thinks she the only one who knows is right about stuff. After she was wrong about this and many other things later on in life.


"Saving" Undertale

"I totally need to save the Undertale franchise even though I made it worse."

Renee decided one day that Undertale needed "saving", so after making NINE shitty Undertale AUs (Alternative Universes), she made a group with the hashtag "#SavingUndertale" or "#SaveUndertale". Of course, Renee wasn't saving anything at all. She was just merely contributing to the shit trashpile that makes up the Undertale fandom. Renee is very prideful about her heroic deeds of "saving" something that's the new Five Nights at Freddy's, and anyone telling her differently is in the wrong and should be crucified for thinking such terrible things.

Basically just saying "Don't like, don't look". One of the worst arguments to use on the internet, ever.

UPDATE! Renee has actually started to sell her nine shitty AUs. Yes, that's right, after an incident of some San x Frisk retard's friend getting a cookie full of needles as a gift at a convention Renee has dropped out of the Undertale Fandom. Even worst is the fact that she whole heartily believes that AUs for a game that she does not own can be sold. As of right now eight of those cancerous tumors have been sold to more than likely ass licking TARTlets.

File:Spicy tumor.PNG
Now you can get your own cancerous design/AU starting at 7.00!

Renee Had a Mental Breakdown after She was trolled with ALLAHU AKBAR


Some 12 year-old girl decided to spam Renee's stream one day with one of the internet's overused memes known to man. Renee being Renee, having her obsession with some 14 year-old boy who nobody gives two fucks about, pointed her sweaty finger at TDF-Genocide, saying he did it. What's funny however, is that the faggot was away from his computer and drawing shit at the time. However, this was not enough for Renee, as she kept harassing him and the 12 year old until they gave in and apologized to her, and all was apparently well again.

"That's racist!"

Hypocrisy against Drama

deviantART is a mudpile for drama nowdays, and since almost every TartLET gets involved with some sort of drama, Renee is no exception. She has a unique pattern to her basement-dwelling behavior: Get involved with drama -> Make lots of journals about it -> Play the victim if you are called out on and want asspats -> Make a journal saying that it's "over" after you've gotten your way -> Repeat cycle.


It's not too long before she makes a journal about some girl who was "supposedly" faking her suicide. Renee sticking her nose in things as usual.


Just shitty shading and bad Undertale AUs. She also has a habit of reuploading art people make for her into her gallery as well.


Some hours after this article was posted, someone alerted Renee about it's existence, and boy, she RAGED. Renee immediately pointed her finger at TDF-Genocide, even though the fag wasn't awake at the time. Lulz ensured, her fans even suggesting that a she should sue a 14 year old boy for having an opinion and making an article about her. Of course, it was quickly realized that the idiot DID make the article, and that his retarded friend and fellow EDiot was merely taking the bullet for him.

Yeah, because his bait comment was TOTALLY proof he made this article, amirite?

If he can write articles in his sleep, then that's a real talent, even though that was a lie he pulled from his ass.

Also, she keeps on spamming the exact same shit she's said multiple times like the broken record she is.


The womanchild blames the autistic EDiot for shit she cannot control on a single article, and tells her that revealing something that was ALREADY PUBLIC is considered doxxing and therefore she's is in HEAPS of trouble.

But wait! Renee did give it out publicly, lookie there:

Renee seen being a hypocrite, and this makes the Aspie innocent of the oh-so called "doxxing".


A whiteknight threatening two retards to back down or else Renee and her fans will "hound them". Pretty much saying they're going to harass them, which is against deviantART's TOS.

Ah, of course. With a big following like hers, there's bound to be a lot of whiteknights. Renee's brainless sheep follow her every move, and will defend their childish goddess to no avail. Below are a few examples, along with a gallery to show just how "mature" her fanbase is.

White Knights and Death Threats About missing Pics
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An Old Whiteknight's Ode to Renee

I won't say exactly who I am to keep my privacy. But I am a watcher of Renee, I didn't know what this person has been doing until now. I am ashamed of this. I am dumbfounded about what this person has done and wish that I had known sooner. Sorry Renee, but I have seen these and now have a different perspective of who you really are.

If those bad things really did happen, then keep in my mind "Don't be the victim, be the victor." Don't use your past as the reasons for your bad actions. You are just making yourself look like an idiot and a crybaby.

Sending out someone to do your dirty work makes you off as more of a dick and a coward. That was not gonna make anything better at all.

Honestly, I hope you read this, because you lost someone. Bye Renee.

Examples of People Owning Renee

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Tales of Renee

Now Renee has done so much shit, there are so many tales about her and people who have dealt with her. I have gotten in touch with a few people who is willing to share their stories about Renee, Their names will be anonymous and replaced with fake code names. So the user under the name of "Matt miler" shared there story with me "Clueless", here below are the chat logs.

"Matt Miler - 26/03/2017 at 9:44 PM The fact she attacks disabled people, attacks anyone who doesn't kiss her ass My story But for me Use the name Matt

Clueless - 26/03/2017 at 9:45 PM Sure

Matt Miler - 26/03/2017 at 9:45 PM Thanks mate

Clueless - 26/03/2017 at 9:45 PM Wheelchair Matt Now tell me your story and if you have screenshots that would be helpful too So people will read it

Matt Miler - Today at 9:47 PM She kept pushing stress on my friend and me. My friend stepped out for her health, she then kept going on with her AU of bad boy sans. And such some one made a vent drawing of bad boy sans She went on judging that persons artistic veiws (I prefer the name Matt... just matt My friend almost died from the stress Renee gave her That's when I told Renee that I'm pressing charges She threw a fit in the middle of her stream"

The next one I will now share is from the anonymous user known as "Johnny Cat" and he/she shared a lot.

Johnny Cat - 26/03/2017 at 9:55 PM you've seen Blurry, BlurryFace in the servwer right? he called out renee once about her being rude, she threw a shitfit and left of her own free will so Blurry. got suspicious and did digging. he found out about some shit from Ilarvesta.... like them being stalked and why they were after renee renee, got pissed. because he was 'snooping' I'd had to tell her several times "he's out of my control he is an adult. I cannot do anything about it" fastfoward.. like... a couple days.. week? i'm repressing slowly as i get it out again so.. timellines are a bitch... We were sitting talking with Blurry and he was being mor eopen to the rant squad ya know not bullshitting and making ti clear. he opened up about a ladybug he has MauriceKlora or such... he had this in place due to a crazy pedoguy stalking a friend of ours who actively threatened her and tried to get at her little sister and family... so I knew aobut the account not the details angela. happened to be PEEKING into the chat where this happened... we didn't see her next thing I know renee is UP MY ASS pissed off RAGING about Blurry using the other accoutn to 'stalk her' and he's 'going against block' and all this shit and that i MUST remove him from the server as a MEMBER OF RANTSQAUD.... mind you I'm a mod members are ADMIN. and this is known if you even check the DA page. I was confused as fuck and asked her "one, what the hell where did you leanr this?" she responds "Oh angela told me."

Johnny cat - 26/03/2017 at 10:00 PM Angela chimed in "PLEASE dont' start anything I don't need any drama" basically... to paraphrase... during this whole ordeal it got so bad of renee going at me, while angela WATCHED... and said nothing. that shelby and emmy had to step in I have heart issues. and an endorphin allergy if I have an endorphin rush due to a scare or high emotional destres.s. my bloodpressure drops. and I have a limited time to TELL someone or I go down... they KNEW this and renee also I'd told about the blood pressure endorphin issue.. and she decided that 1. I was to be jumped at for what Blurry was doing out of MY hands. and 2. I had to be told what a 'bad friend' he was and how he's a horrible person and all this berating shit... .... 8l I found good reason to leave that server under the guise of therapy that i am actually actively seeking... and ater that she kept hounding me and hounding me like 'oh this guys getting arrested can ya come back?' nooooo.. .... forgive me if this is all over the place just... 8l I am not good explining all over again when this shit 'triggers' me...

Moar News

Renee has changed her name to "ReneesInnerIrken" and has started terrorizing the Invader Zim fandom. She claims to have quit being part of the Undertale fandom, but we all know she'll crawl back to it sooner or later. Recently, a member of ED used his DeviantArt account to straight up tell Renee that her art is shit and pretty much pwned her by saying how how much of hipocritical, retarded fag she was. Her response? basically blocked him only exposing how much she can't take criticism. Unfortunately, we were unable to get a picture of it.

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It's hard to understand why anyone would find Sans hot, much less ship him with a child.

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