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DesuRadio poster used on /b/.

DesuRadio and DesuTV are unofficial media outlets operated by DOZO, Inc., for the userbase of Desuchan desu. Both take their name from the greatest meme ever, Desu.

In June 2008, after getting frustrated with months of their website's intermittent downtime, a group of antsy faggots from Desuchan decided to create an internets radio station, calling it DesuRadio (no relation with the now-defunct Desu-radio) desu. DesuRadio is based out of Desuchan's IRC channel desu. Later on in the year, after experimenting with different methods of streaming video, the same antsy faggots hooked up an account on Mogulus (now Livestream) to create DesuTV, which performed amazingly well compared to the radio desu.


Shit be bumpin' tunes yo. Vidiya games, Tech. Random chit 2.

Listen fagots!

Pigdick Radio

Pigdick Radio

During a period in 2007 and 2008, an unknown dollfag who happens to be an admin hosted a stream called pigdick radio. The stream itself largley hosted just classic rock and anime music, however the real lulz were in it's banner, which caused much butthurt among some of the desuchaners, who hate to admit they love the cawk by banning anything lulz from their site.

Desuchan TV

An average day on DesuTV

Desuchan's unofficial Livestream video channels, administered by a junta of random desufags desu. There are currently three Desuchan TV channels, and a twitter feed announcing shows and schedule changes desu.

DesuTV (channel 1)

The first (original) channel, known as DesuTV for short, usually autoplays random Youtube crap ranging from MADs/AMVs of anime like Rozen Maiden or Higurashi no Naku Koro Ni, through Youtube Poops and Touhou MADs to 2ch/Nicovideo meme vids when no admins are around desu. In the evenings Eastern time, though, people usually get online for live streaming sessions, with anime like Rozen Maiden (of course), Hokuto no Ken (Fist of the North Star), Detroit Metal City, Dokuro-Chan, Ranma 1/2, Maria+Holic, Full Metal Panic, and the like desu.

DesuGames (channel 2)

Because Livestream is run by fascist horsefuckers who cap video library storage at a shitty 10GB, DesuTV's second channel, DesuGames, was created desu. This channel focuses exclusively on /v/ material, autoplaying hours of content including TF2/L4D/HL2/whatever machinima, Megu's Desu Game Reviews, AVGN, AliBat playthroughs, myg0t rages, and so on. Like the first channel, people usually get online in the evenings to stream live games such as Scarlet Weather Rhapsody, PC-98 Touhou games, Zelda: OoT, and so on desu.

DesuPoop (channel 3)

A new channel, DesuPoop, was just recently added to appease the vampiric lust of certain DesuTVfags for Youtube Poop, and to make room on the main channel for more desu. This channel focuses exclusively on Youtube Poop, whether Desu-related, anime-related, vidya-related, or altogether not desu. Extremely trolly desu.


Basically, anyone who wants to stream shit can be a ZOMG VJ; the way to do it is to ask the channel owner for streaman rights, download the appropriate software, and then fail to suck desu. However, there isn't a single 'VJ' who is worth thinking about or caring about, just go and an hero you fag.

Original Content

DesuRadio in History

Nuvola apps xmag.png Moar info: Radio#Desu-radio.

Originally created by a /b/tard named Spork in 2006 and run by a weeaboo called Neoific, Desu-radio (note the dash) was one of the first "anon radios" (along with Midnight Snacks), having a reputation of playing "random" music half the time, and being down the other half desu. During its brief heyday, Desu-Radio could get about 50 listeners online at any given time—upwards of 150 listeners if there was a thread going in /b/—a maximum of about 300 listeners connected at different times during its Labor Day weekend special in 2006 desu. Several events happening in the space of a few months at the end of 2006, however, led to its sharp decline, after which many of the DJs migrated to /a/radio desu. The old and dead Desu-Radio website still remains at desu.


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