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Dental Plan is a old forced meme spammed at least 100 times last Thursday starring Lenny from The Simpsons.

Meme Background

Apparently completely pointless meme from the good ol' boys of meme, 4Chan. Originating from the Simpsons episode "Last Exit To Springfield". It works in a call-and-response format, whereby Anonymous posts the following image:

The meek shall inherit the Earth....

And another, equally sexually-desperate Anonymous replies with this:

...while everybody else gets Diabeetus.

The alleged lulz comes from the fact that during this particular Simpsons episode, Mr Burns attempts to revoke the aforementioned Dental Plan from the power plant worker's union contract, and, after all, "Lisa needs braces" like every good 16-year-old girl does. Jagged teeth have been known to damage teh cock. The sheer amount that this verbal exchange enjoys during the show is what the 4Chan faithful are emulating.

Remember, these people are our future, and will be running Congress and doling out large wads of cash to the military with gay abandon, very, VERY, soon. They'd probably run rings around Tom De Lay.


For complete and utter fail, post Milhouse instead. Angels will be swooning up on high, offering you Golden Showers forever more (i.e. it's not a meme).


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