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Dennis Kucinich is a failed wannabe Future President from Ohio. He could beat up Ron Paul if he weren't such a pussy. He recently ended his Presidential Election Campaign when he realized that he was wasting his time because he wasn't a black person, and doesn't have a vagina.

Mayor of Cleveland

Kucinich and his nigger back in the day.

Dennis won the race for Mayor of Cleveland in 1977 by promising not to sell a public utility to the Mob. This won him both the election and an IRL ban to be issued by one of the Mobs top Admins. Luckily Dennis got sick the day he was supposed to take a large caliber bullet to the face. The City of Cleveland then went into default, the largest American city to do so since the Great Depression. Cleveland, pissed about the epic fail tried to recall him as Mayor, but failed to do so. He lost re-election in 1979 because his opponent's 9 year old daughter got run over by the party van and bawwwwed his way straight into office.

Presidential Campaign, 2008

30 years old, 31 years younger than him

Completely irrelevant, for reasons stated above. His platform included:

This campaign ended 17 days after Vagoo Mortensen (who realized that one does not simply get elected President) endorsed it.

Kucinich as a representative

As a representative after, his epic fail attempt for President, he tried to impeach Bush over 9000 times with Nancy Pelosi politely telling him to GTFO. Although he has failed many of times. he is probably the only non corrupt representative and the only one actually fighting for the constitution and its people he doesn't care because he's really an elf spy, who will go back into the forest when he's done with politics and continue to cross-breed with human women (particularly redheads).

Kucinich Supporters

Whiny leftards, without exception. You see, it's completely impossible to hate America as much as Kucinich without also being an atheist, communist, faggot loving, pot smoking hippy, who does nothing all day but watch Michael Moore films with their Jew and black person friends, soaking up welfare.


Dennis Kucinich
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