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This article is not to be confused with the unfunny meme "The cake is a lie", although it's repeated over 9000 times in the article, because apparently it's funny.
For the game the meme was shat from, see Portal.
The original.
This picture isn't cake. It's an illusion. Or, rather, a lie.

Cake (or Cæk) is apparently NOT a lie. Cake is delicious and thus... you must eat it. The meme originated from Super Mario 64, where the final reward for weeks of your wasted life was the Princess deciding to "make a Delicious Cake. For Mario!" moar like a delicious sammich amirite? -- No.

Since time immemorial, people have wanted their cake and they have wanted to eat it too. Oh, but if only life was that simple. Unfortunately, there always seems to be something or someone trying to prevent you from getting your hands on delicious cake and eating it. It is at times like these that one must go to extraordinary measures to get at that delicious cake you so crave.

Fortunately, the scientists, mathematicians, engineers, physicists and metaphysicists at 4chan are working around-the-cock posing every conceivable hypothetical situation one might find oneself in, vis-à-vis delicious cake, and the ultimate prize– enjoying said deliciousness.

A Delicious Cake thread starts when the OP posts a potentially problematic situation involving delicious cake and you, with regards to your getting at and ultimately eating the delicious cake. The brain trust at /b/ then lets loose a barrage of posts with potential solutions to this horrible dilemma. It is a little known fact, but all cake problems can be solved by making the problem divide by (the problem - you & cake), which results in just you and cake. this is just like (5x7)/5 = 7. problem/(problem - you and cake) = you and cake. Simple.

The following is a neatly demonstrated example...

The Hypothetical Predicament:

Suggested Solutions About missing Pics
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From The Peanut Gallery:

Solutions in 3 Dimensions

The Hypothetical Predicament:

With such a number of overwhelming obstacles, how will you succeed?

The 3D Solution:

Solve it with the third dimension! Of course!

A Second Hypothetical Predicament:

Remember: You MUST eat it!

The 3D Solution:

Encyclopedia Dramatica Version

Special Encyclopedia Dramatica theme, with only a gun, hockey stick and big purple dildo. Add your solution if you end up completing it.
Teh solution to above problem

Women and Cake

Look at this woman, practically begging for you to judge and eat her delicious cake. But you had to go fuck this up by giving them the vote, instead of putting locks on your kitchen

Believe it or not, about 100 years ago, women by law, were expected to bake delicious cake for their men. And if said cake was anything short of fucking delicious... and I mean motherfucking delicious, it was common practice that she be told to return to the kitchen to bake at least a dozen more 'till the man was satisfied. If said woman was insulting enough to bake no less then said dozen cakes, buttsecks was required... no lube.

Did you know that...


Fatty is doin' it wrong.


First you will be baked, and then there will be cake.



But there's no sense crying over every mistake. You just keep on trying till you run out of cake.



It's so delicious and moist...



The cake is a lie.


Doug Rattmann scribbling from Portal.

Let them eat cake.


Marie Antoinette Actually not true, as wikipedia proves [1].

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