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LiveJournal allows users to delete their journals. The user can officially "undelete" the journal for up to 30 days, but in practice they can be undeleted at any time because the LiveJournal staff are too lazy to purge deleted accounts. Thus, a great way to get attention from your friends and enemies if you are an attention whore is to delete your journal.


If you're a paranoid that you went too far, here's a useful guide to properly deleting your livejournal.

  1. First and foremost we need to block any traces that stalkers could use to trace back to you, you will need to and find the link on the leftern side of the screen titled "Router List".
  2. Now find your router and look on the bottom, noting the manufacturer, model number, AND version. Now please search the list and select your router. If no manual can be found for your router then scroll to the bottom of the page and find the link for your manufacturers default guide.
  3. Find the IP adress for your router, and simply type it into the browser of this window. Press enter and a window will pop up requesting a user name and password. Don't worry though, if your reading this article the username should be left blank, and the password is admin. Now simply search the page for "Block Websites" or "Block Services" and find the keyword box. Now please enter the key word "english". And hit the apply button below.
  4. Go back and baleet any "iffy" posts and export your journal in XML format, just in case you want to look back on the times you harassed others into sheer subordination or all of the kill Bush posts you made.
  5. Remove friends, switch over any communities you have to other people and delete your account. This prevents you from dying and the evil icicle bots from having sex with you... unwillingly.
  6. Delete System32. This will ensure that your computer has no hidden information from your old livejournal saved.
  7. Take your ball and go home.
  8. ???
  9. PROFIT!

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