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Delicioustop.png - 3.gif is a social bookmarking web service for idiots who don’t know how to work the bookmark button on their internet browser or even copy a link down and perhaps paste it into notepad (they still put notepad on Vista?). The site was conceived and shat out upon the internet in 2003 by ubergeek Joshua Schachter. Schachter eventually sold the whole mess for a cool 15 million bucks, proving that even fat, unibrow losers can make it sometimes without having to spend money stolen out of their mother’s pocketbooks on the lottery.


Schachter, chillin someplace with his millions.

You find a link you like and use the service to tag it. This seems simple enough and it is; any retard can click a button and make the thing work, the real fun comes when people try to get their shitty links on the hotlist. The hotlist collects the most popular of the recent pages linked and displays them in a “human readable” format…unlike the site’s stupid and cutesy URL.

Don’t Believe The Hype

Many internet memes and phenomena have been spread by, causing some morons to think that the site itself is popular for creating the phenomena on its own. Because of this, many internet users foolishly believe that itself is responsible for the trends it links to. This caused those self-same morons to believe that the site was worth much more than it was because of the over-inflated number of page views it got. One such moron is Yahoo! who purchased from Schachter for 15 million dollars in a deal that can only be labeled as an epic failure. now claims to have over five million users and over 150 million bookmarked pages and claims to be “The tastiest bookmarks on the web.” Sure they are tasty if you haven’t visited your email or your favorite forums in the last week as most of the links they show on their main page are stale in terms of internet time. This is because most users are 35 or older and like to foist internet memes and crap onto their unsuspecting families and friends via their mailing lists.


Aren't Yahoo! buzz and the exact same thing?

I look forward to continuing my vision of social and community memory, and taking it to the next level with the community and Yahoo!


—Schachter quit Yahoo! in June of 2008

In December of 2005, Yahoo! in one of its more classy blunders, bought the social bookmarking site and renamed it “Delicious” because most Yahoo! users are confused by silly little things like periods and other punctuation marks. With this acquisition, Yahoo! used words like community, sharing, and unity, but the very fact that the giant internet conglomerate gobbled up has made many question if that is their true set of intentions. A brief glance at Yahoo!’s history will show that they have purchased and ruined several internet sites (like Flickr) and the only reason why they haven’t ruined so far is because the site was shitty to begin with. Yahoo! redesigned the site in July, 2008 to more closely fit their idea of what crappy Web 2.0 sites should look like.

I’m sad that they changed theiri URL, but I like the service. Having my favorites in one place is sure convenient.


—Like that button at the top right of your browser?

We’re proud to announce that has joined the Yahoo! family. Together we’ll continue to improve how people discover, remember and share on the Internet, with a big emphasis on the power of community.


—Maybe they should switch their name to Y.ah.oo!

How to Use

The logo, strangely missing from the Gigya applet.
Without, nobody would have ever known about the Canadian Geoduck's huge penis!
Furries are big into
And so are pedophiles as well, it seems.
The caek is a lie.

Since nobody uses this website or its services, nobody really knows. Even the Gigya applet on the right side of this page doesn’t have a button to push, it only sports the purple Yahoo! button and they are the same thing, right? Hmmm, probably ought to go to Google News to find out how to use it…oh wait, it’s the exact same thing.

Notes From the Internet

What annoys me about this process is not that is trying to put one over on Google or Yahoo. (The latter would be especially odd, given that Yahoo owns, but that is trying to put one over on YOU. Certainly Google and Yahoo know what's going on. Millions of pages don't magically appear when valid noindex tags are in place. wants to be a popular destination, wants its search engine rankings, but it doesn't want all the riff-raff that popularity brings.


— insinuates itself in popular search engines. may be a cool Web 2.0 service but it didn't have a business model that would generate enough money to create a viable business. It turns out the "business model" was getting acquired, and it worked out pretty well after Yahoo! has snapped up yet another start-up.


—The business model was the business model.

I've always hated this business model thingy. Google's business model was what? Yahoo's? FlickR's? Web startups that saddle themselves with business models are forgeting the most important thing. It's the network that's important. Get 1 million users (Friendster) and the business model will take care of itself.


—Ask moot how this is working out.

I went to the delicious website, saw a ton of spam links, got lost really quickly, and I still have no idea why anyone uses it… What a waste of my 20 minutes.


—Somebody Twittered in this reply.

there’s no future for it…


—Then why did it make some schmuck 15 million?


It seems that there are a lot more retards out there than you might think; people not capable of using a bookmark button seems to be a common ailment amongst the slobs and sloths that lumber from their kitchen to their computer and back again, only pausing to shit out the fifty Twinkies and the gallons of ice cream they eat before they sit back down at their computer and stare at their social bookmarks. Because of this multitude of uninformed and uneducated morons, is not the only social bookmarking site that is currently trending on the internet, here are some of’ competitors that prove two things: people are retarded and business models are no longer needed to create millions in wealth…


Stupid videos like this would have never gotten 9 million hits without

If were actually popular, chicks would sing about it.

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