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The deep web (also called the deepnet, the invisible web, the undernet, the dark web, the darknet, or the hidden web) is the top-secret part of the internet that is only accessible with special web browsers, and cannot be accessed with standard search engines. It's made up of a bunch of un-indexed web domains that cannot be crawled by standard web browsers; they are encrypted through the .onion router and have the .onion domain extension. A lot of the stuff you'll find on the deep web is drugs, sex encounters, firearms sales, bitcoin markets, user-directed snuff films, etc. The deep web contains 99% of the internet; most of the content is stuff that nobody in their right mind would ever want to visit.

Apart from the same innocent porn that you'd normally find on the surface web, you would also find CP, zoophilia, and beastiality on the deep web. You have been warned...

Types of Deep Websites

There are 2 types of deep web sites

  • Watched by the FBI.
  • Not watched by the FBI, therefore boooooring.



Buying and Selling Illegal Goods

  • Firearms.
  • War machines.
  • Drugs.
  • Tiger dick, Rhino horn, Bull sperm etc.
  • Arab chicks.
  • Filipino chicks.
  • Thai chicks

Blogs, Sites owned by Basement Dwellers and Random Shit


  • Hit-men for hire.
  • Anorexic Vietnamese bitches who will have kinky sex with you.
  • Travel agencies for illegal immigrants.
  • Politicians, judges for hire.

Famous Deep Websites

In this section ED would like to introduce you to some deep web sites and some dark surface web sites. Sounds fun doesn't it?

The Hidden Wiki

The Hidden Wiki is quite similar to Wikipedia, but not really. While Wikipedia is used mostly for educational and intellectual purposes (read by nolifes), the Hidden Wiki exists for far more exciting purposes. For example, there is an article on the hidden wiki which serve as a how-to guide on kidnapping an individual as well as external links. There are links to websites such as a forums where you can hire an actual hitman - whom you can also pay online via PayPal: Thank modern technology for making our lives easier. To access it you need to use TOR, not THOR from Avengers, but a web browsing software created by pedophiles for pedophiles. It changes and hides your IP address, which is quite useful since the FBI is monitoring the hidden wiki, and hunts down everyone who connects it (except their own horny agents).

The Silk Road

The Silk Road is like Ebay, except that it is not run by Jews and it has a better design. It is probably run by some Arab guys who are bored as fuck because they have so much money that they couldn't spend it all even if they burned $1000 every time a politician lies, so they created this page to have some excitement in their pointless lives. It seems like you can't buy tiger dicks or even rhino sperm here (so it's basically useless), resulting from the fact that Asians don't really use this site.

Hitman Network

The Hitman Network is the place to go if you need "cleaning" taken care of. Hate that schoolyard bully? Want him out of your life forever? If so, then this is the place for you. It has been widely debated that this site is a scam, and the people behind it won't actually kill your target, despite paying them a large sum of bitcoin.

A new tour of the Silk Road.

I am in need of a passport to either the USA or Canada of good quality, price doesn't matter, ASAP


Posts like this are common and often answered, therefore it is likely that there are many gypsies viewing it who would like to go to America, because they have a misconception that every uneducated person is welcome there and can earn good money.

Legal Sites

This is a list of some websites that a mentally stable human with normal sexual behaviors should never visit more than once in his or her total lifetime.


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