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I think you don't have any sisters. Enjoy your diaper.

If you're an ED veteran, you might be saying to yourself, "Oh, big deal, it's the Internet, diaper fetishes are nothing new". The thing to realize is that Deeker is not just another diaper lover. He's a diaper lover with pedophilic and quasi-incestuous interests combined with the beliefs and ideas of a cult leader. Deeker doesn't just want to write about an eight year-old boy being changed by his sisters while having an erection; he wants the entire world to follow his vision of a diaper-wearing utopia. You think we're exaggerating? Not this time.

Also he really hates pants.

About Deeker

Deeker is an adult man who pretends to be eight years old and supposedly gets his jollies from his mom and sisters changing him. He's into hard rock, movies, bowling, skiing, and computers. He has two cats and works at a call center. Oh, and he's earned a reputation for being a freak among adult babies. Yes, grown men who pretend to be babies are embarrassed by this guy.

I am an eight-year-old boy who was never adequately potty trained and would rather wear diapers. My Mommy knows this and she makes sure to fulfill this wish. I show no shame for wearing them and feel quite privileged to be kept in diapers.


—Deeker, [1]

Deeker, a 38-year-old "adult kid," runs a terrifyingly thorough site that contains all the information any sane person could want (plus much, much more) about "boys of all ages (up to 17) who wear diapers for any reason." Because of the angry-mob-attack risks inherent in such a pursuit, he prefaces his home page with an elaborate disclaimer explaining the pure intentions behind his infantalism, though his guileless advocacy for having children visit the site

("Kids, especially boys, love anything that has to do with stinky, poopy butts, so who is to say they should be forbidden from taking it to the next level and adding diapers to the mix?") probably only enhances his status as a firebomb target. Technically, I guess, this isn't gay pedo scat porn, but if the diaper fits, pin it on.


—Something Awful, [2]

I remember from as far back as age three that I loved my diapers. I distinctly remember having erections every time I looked down at my thick white diapers bulging out from between my bare legs and I indulgently felt the poop in the back of my diapers and savored the naughty smell.


—This is despite the fact that toddlers can't recall that far back. Or get erections.

Because of my messing accidents, sometimes I would wear eight or more pairs of underpants at a time to serve somewhat as a "diaper", in case I didn't make it to the toilet, though I was still expected to use the toilet. I was often embarrassed about this situation, especially with two older sisters who liked to tease me about my accidents and my "diapers", especially since that was all I would be wearing at bedtime. While it was embarrassing for my sisters and their friends to acknowledge my "diapered" condition, I secretly enjoyed the attention and I liked how I looked, imagining that I was in real diapers.


Naturally, these early childhood experiences were very instrumental in further developing my interests in diapers. The accidents decreased at about age ten, though I continued to put my underpants on in multiples at bedtime. At about age twelve I hit puberty and I had my first ejaculation in my "diapers." I was often tempted to try pooping in them, but I didn't want to risk getting caught.


When I was about thirteen I tried to tell a friend about my interests in diapers. I let him see me wear my underwear the way I did and even put them on in front of him. My hope was that he would understand and perhaps participate. The least I wanted out of him was some kind of support. All he said was that I was weird, and the issue was dropped. I feared that he may sever the friendship and tell everyone at school, which would have been the ultimate betrayal to me since he was the only friend I had that I trusted enough for him to know. We are still friends today. Whether or not he remembers what happened, I don't know. I'm just glad he didn't hold this "weirdness" of mine against me.


— Fortunately one day someone would invent the internet

My biggest concern was having friends or my mom see any of this. I know my Mom saw it, so she probably knows about my interest in diapers, but she never said anything. She's always respected my privacy.


— Parenting of the top form

Site History

The year was '96. While most normal people were saving up for a Tickle-Me-Elmo and listening to The Spice Girls, one man was creating an empire. Not happy with simply playing on his Tamagotchi and watching the twentieth century draw to a close, Dan Cosby grabbed himself a Push-Pop, kicked off his Doc Martens and founded a web 1.0 site to share his glorious hobby with the world. (Wayback Machine link) was an inexplicably-long vanity page in which grown men can come together and share their thoughts and experiences of boys in diapers. Not girls though, because that would be weird. Over the fourteen years it ran, it received acclaim and outrage in equal measure, though please note that this is almost exclusively from others within the sick fuck community so outrage is exponentially magnified, seeing as the source is outrageous.


An example from the art gallery

Deeker has been running his website since 1996. That's nearly 15 years of horror.

"For Diaper Boys and Diaper Boys at Heart"

(and the girls who diaper them)
Proudly serving the Diaper Lovers community since 1996




Welcome to Deeker's Diaper Page. The theme of this web site is based on boys who wear diapers. It is geared more towards diaper lovers than adult babies, though the latter group is certainly welcome and is likely to find material that suits their particular interests.



this web site does not exploit children nor condone the involvement of children in carrying out diaper fantasies


[5] O RLY?

New Boy Diaper Sightings This Week [ages 4 through 17]


[6] NO, NOT RLY.

For boys who experience wearing diapers or at least have desires to wear diapers, such feelings are normal


—No. [7]

Many of us did not choose these desires nor the circumstances in which these desires manifest themselves, much in that most homosexuals did not choose their sexual orientation.


—Look what you homos have caused, [8]

Unfortunately for our researchers, the site makes geocities look good. features unnecessary tables, frames, changing background colors, orphaned pages that haven't been updated for 8 years and every other possible mistake that could be cured by two weeks at the local community college.

Deekerites, as they're called apparently, visit for all their diaper needs. There's advice, including "how to increase your output." There's a message and quote of the week for all your diaper motivation, and then there's the bigger sections as covered below.


Diaperfags are bad enough, but at least most of them have the decency to just stay in their own fucked-up communities and have it be just one fucked-up aspect of their possibly normal lives. Deeker, however, writes stories that dwarf the bible. His longest work, Forever in Diapers, is 4822kilobytes. By comparison, Our TL;DR page is 205kb. Yeah, that page we made impossibly long? He fucking multiplied it by 50.


Claimed to be the reason people visit Deeker's website, the articles page is perhaps the most insane part of an already batshit place. Now, if we were paid, we'd read and summarize every article here. However, if the famous Girl's Guide to Deekerianism (seen later in this article) is any guide, these articles have the potential to ruin either your well-being or faith in humankind. Avoid at all costs.


Over the years, Deeker has made 10 different surveys. Once again, for the sakes of time and sanity, we'll just look at one in depth. In this case, the sister survey form, although the survey just for girls who wear thongs around their diapered brothers might be just as good.

The targeted age range is 6-21+, showing Deeker is totally not a pedo. On top of that, 75% of responders are minors, including two seven year olds. But just surveying minors isn't a big deal, is it? Not on its own, but when you throw in completely unrelated questions asking height, body type, and especially "How would you describe your butt size?" things get a little weirder. But these ten questions are enough about you, let's get on to the questions about that brother of yours. Deeker asks an hour's worth of questions about everything insane you can think of. "What do you like the most about changing your brothers' diapers?" notably features the possible answers of Getting to see them naked (14%), Seeing their erect penises (19%), and Arousing them sexually (13%). A later question asks what the girl finds most rewarding, featuring 25% of respondents choosing "it affords me sexual gratification". 28% of respondents said that sexual activities make their diaper changes last longer. May we remind you this is a survey for sisters and 75% of those filling it out are underage? Does this ED article even have a purpose anymore? Is there a point to making fun of someone who has no dignity?


There is no caption I could add to this image that would make it funnier.
The shitty part is, he is dead serious .

While the information contained in this document is a serious work and all of the ideas expressed in it are a genuine reflection my true feelings about the roles Girls should play in the lives of diaper-wearing boys, it is not expected for anyone who reads this information to actually put all or any of these ideas contained herein into practice. Many of these ideas would require considerable expense and parental approval, and would likely represent significant changes to a family’s lifestyle. The ideas presented here would be best implemented by families with an existing infrastructure that allows for the use of diapers by the boys in such families.


——Deeker, Girl's Guide to Deekerianism

If you do burn, shred or otherwise destroy his pants, make a formal ceremony of it. Have everyone in the family present. Invite friends as well. Gather up all of your brother’s pants, and be sure to also get his shorts, swimming trunks, underwear (white briefs excepted, the reasons why will be explained later on) and pajama bottoms, and carry them in a bag to the intended location for their destruction. Do not let your brother carry his own pants; you and/or one of your Sisters should have this honor instead.


——Invite his friends. Why not some reporters as well?

If you are a young female visitor (under age 12) I would especially like to welcome you to this web site. You are at a highly formative and impressionable age in which you are more apt to formulate strong opinions and perceptions towards diapered boys.


——Deeker, Information for girls

there is likely to be nothing of interest to anyone looking for stories exclusively involving girls who wear diapers.


——bros before hoes

As this site only accepts stories and other submissions about boys, it likewise excludes any and all materials where boys are described as being treated in a girl-like fashion. This primarily includes the use of dresses, pink clothing or anything that is patently feminine, but worn by boys and accompanied by the use of diapers. Just as I recognize that there are natural-born girls who wear diapers for the same reasons as boys do, I also recognize that there are natural-born boys whose experiences and/or feelings about diapers cross over the boundaries of what is appropriate to their own gender. While such materials not only fail to interest me, I am personally disturbed that there are boys who have had such experiences and are treated in such a manner because they exhibit an inability to contain their bodily wastes. This flagrantly violates many of my deeply-rooted philosophies about diapers as they relate to gender differences. Moreover, the notion that boys who have difficulties with retaining their wastes are to be treated in an effeminate manner, is factually inaccurate, as it is boys who are in the majority of such difficulties such as bedwetting, late toilet training and especially encopresis.


——I'm into being humiliated by my "sister" as she cleans my waste, but no gay shit please.

[...] or if you just like diapers and feel that boys are the most appropriate subject for wearing them, I welcome to you sit back, relax and stay awhile as you navigate the various sections and offerings of the site.


The reason I say that the Deekerverse only applies to “select boys” is because I recognize that if all boys went around in diapers all the time then they would not be recognized as being different or special from the ordinary boys.


——Deeker on "The Deekerverse"

Deeker and other creepy diaper fucks

This is completely innocent

It takes a special kind of crazy to be hated even by the people normal society shuns. Prominent diaper fetish website ADISC has publicly condemned Deeker, going so far as to include a page on their wiki informing people to stay the fuck away. Their reasoning is that Deeker's site crosses the line between "healthy" fantasising about diapers and pedophilia. To further emphasise how serious they are about this issue, a dramatic story was written about Deeker and posted on the ADISC forums.

The Enemy.
It was left to one to stop them for good.
And he was a Babyfur. A fox, to be exact. Diapers for justice, and ready to deliver a furry knuckle sandwich to the leader of Deeker, MFH, and bring revenge to the *B/DL/Fur community.
His name was Zack. And he was ready to kick some perverted ass.

Zack entered the building where the Deeker community held their nasty meetings, discussing “sightings” of little boys in diapers, and fapping over the pictures members gathered. Zack, being strong in his Babyfur cuteness, stepped into the room, and acted as cute as possible.

All members in the room turned around, some in the middle of their disgusting fapping, some covered in their own cum, and others filling out reports of their “Sightings”, where they most likely raped a boy in his diapers. Some of them even drooled just looking at the fox.

Zack opened his arms, as if asking for a hug. The members looked at eachother, as if a miracle had just happened. A fur-covered, diaper wearing, miracle. They summoned their leader, who came upon them through a puff of white smoke. He was disgusting. A large man; fat and with a stubbly beard. He looked at the fur, and walked tword him, arms reaching out and hands grabbing, just ready to take the whole fur in. Zack let him come close, then he smirked and pulled out an M84 from behind him. None of the members saw it; as they were too distracted by his Babyfur-ness

MFH was shocked; Zack let fire. “Die, you pervert!” he shouted, as he fired multiple shots. MFH ran like hell away, but he was shot multiple times.

The members ran after Zack, trying to stop him; but Zack turned around and shot all of them, and killed them all.

MFH took this opportunity to run and call for /b/lackup ((That’s 4chan talk; it means calling in all from the /b/ board from 4chan—Katie)).

Zack turned around and threw his M84 down; for he was out of bullets. He reached into his diaper, and pulled out…a few grenades! He took the ring out of the first one, and threw it at MFH, knowing his fatness would slow him down enough to give time to set the grenade to explode.

It exploded, and blew up in MFH’s face, but it was still not enough. For he had the fapping power of his /b/rothers ((/b/rothers are the members of /b/--Katie)), powering him to a level of over 9000. Suddenly, the far left wall crashed down, and multiple 4channers flooded the room.

Zack was tackled down by Pedobear, and Mudkip used its watergun on Zack, making him soaked, and causing him to wet himself. MFH stood above Zack, and looked down at him. “So what are you going to do next, little boy?”

Zack thought for a moment, and looked back up at MFH. “I’m going to get my revenge.” He said, and squeezed his eyes shut.

“What the hell?” MFH backed away from him.

Zack used his Incontinence Bomb, which caused a huge atomic explosion to blow up the place, killing everyone, including MFH.

The building was on fire, and in ruins. Zack emerged from the rubble, heavily wounded, and he looked up at the light shining down on him.

“I need a change, Daddy.” He said, and walked on.

He was a Hero never to be forgotten.

I'm a tad disgusted with the amount of hate this forum shows toward Deeker, nevertheless a good story, however.



I personally didn't like the story at all. No offense to the author at all just spouting my opinion is all. I'm not saying it's at all bad just that lines like these.

"perverted ass."
"nasty meetings"
"disgusting fapping"
"where they most likely raped a boy in his diapers."

Are extremely biased.

and of course the mention of murder against one of our former forum members.

"MFH ran like hell away, but he was shot multiple times."

It creeped me out personally.
Perhaps I took it too seriously, but I do believe that the hate that will spread from this story is unnecessary negative energy that may cause some other negative effects. MFH Did not force anything on that boy, he is in jail and serving some time that was definitely earned. But what he did was not so bad as you are treating him. He may have never intended the treatment of the child because he was a child. It may have been because this child was a friend that he trusted. I realize I am taking this matter a bit more serious than it is, but this kind of negative energy is unwarranted. He's already in jail. Leave him alone.



—Shen, Note: MFH was a pedophile who forced a boy he was babysitting to wear diapers then fill out a survey about it.

Okay, that's it.

I want this thread locked. NOW.
I feel like shit, I hope you are all happy.



—Mitsukuni, the author

The general consensus is that he is a pedophile - which is an explanation for why he features stories involving children. But, I personally believe that he is just very naive. Like, he got so lost in fantasy, it permanently warped his personality. He allowed this fetish to consume him, and skew reality of things. Older children wearing diapers in public are rare. Most often, for special needs, and treated very privately. His stories are pure fiction; cheap fap material. I think the largest area of concern, however, is that instead of stories of self-placement into situations of an infantile nature, he involves children, seemingly for a sense of sexual gratification.


—Armchair psychologist gets it right for once?

49 adults who pretend to be children think that Deeker is a pedophile.

Why does everyone hate Deeker's diaper page?

Yeah... The thing I find really distressing about Deeker's site is that he thinks it would be a good thing to never let young children (particularly boys) be toilet trained. That is just warped and twisted beyond belief. I think the alleged "sightings" are outright fabrications (at least I *hope* they are). I also find it disturbing that he implies it would be cool if young brothers and older sisters had quasi-incestuous relationships.

Like I say, I truly hope that the majority of the website's content is fiction.


—Butterfly Mage

Deekers is a paedophilia utopia under a infantilism guise. Avoid.



Pedophilia is bad, k?



"Don't you think your being a little hard on them?" said Craig.

"Only Malcolm’s gonna get a spanking. I have another punishment in mind for all three of them.

Those boys are growing up too fast." What do you have in mind for those little trouble makers?” asked Craig.

"I'm going to treat them just like babies.”

"What do you mean treat them like babies?"

“I’m gonna bottle feed them formula, make them suck on pacifiers and use diapers, for both peeing and pooping."

I randomly chose a story. If you need further proof let me know!


—Point Blanch

I think the main issue, besides the general consensus here that he likely has some pedo tendencies, is the way that d-word's page (I will not say the actual name, it does not need repeating) portray's us in a negative light. This is quite unfortunate because for many people who may not understand what *B/DL is and choose to research it on the internet, they will likely stumble across d-word's page, likely before they find higher quality sites such as adisc.

Unfortunately for us and also for those who yearn to understand us better, first impressions are of the utmost importance as a first impression of anything has great influence on shaping peoples opinion on something. For example, someone driving from New York into New Jersey on the Jersey Turnpike for the first time will most likely have the impression that New Jersey is just a foul smelling, ugly, industrialized wasteland with way too much traffic. All that these people have seen is a very small part of the state, yet their impressions of the state as a whole is shaped by this. They fail to realize the natural beauty of the mountains, the shore and the pine barrens. (I mean absolutely no disrespect to New Jersey, I lived there, it's great, I'm just using it as an example.)

Our community is exactly the same way. The majority of us are warm, caring, compassionate, law abiding people. The majority of us are regular people, we come from all walks of life and you would not be able to pick us out from a crowd.

However, like just about any community, their are un-savory types. Those who cast a bad shadow over the rest of the community. Considering the nature of many of the posts and stories, many of them congregate at d-word's site and unfortunately, many outsider's opinions of our community as a whole are based on what they see there.

That, at least in my opinion, is why there is a bit of animosity about d-word's site, especially among the members of this site.



I guess that entire site just gives off a really bad vibe to what seems like the vast majority of people on this forum, as well as another diaper forum i belong to.



This is why we don't tend to see posts of, "I'm wet and messy... MMMMMMMM! Yummy!" here; that's in bad taste and not what (I think) the site is for.



Conversely, when a site (Deeker's) mixes infantilism (or anything) with references to childrens' sexuality ("did the boy have an erection?" and so on), it is complicit in at least poor taste and occasionally criminal behavior (molestation, kidnapping, abuses of power/status, abuse).



Why do we hate deeker?

Answer: Because he's a pedo who trades kiddie porn.

Any more questions?



I can elaborate here, but to keep things short, if you read a lot of the other messages or whatever else he says about himself, he definitely has some issues; I guess I'll go out on a limb and say it: Deeker could use a girlfriend...seriously! Before I rain on anyone's parade, read how he loves Valentine's Day (as much as he loves girls in diapers, or clothing over diapers).



My problem with the site is that he's a total fascist in trying to impress his absurd vision on people.



He's got to get old and die at some point, right?



1. It contains stuff that pedophiles masturbate to while snorting viagra.

2. Most of the content is fake. (bloody good thing, too)
3. 100% fucked, guaranteed.




The Deekerian Guide To Diapering

Further to his shenanigans on, it seems that Mr. Crosby has created his own pseudo religion to go along with his harmless little hobby. The Girls' Guide to Deekerianism is a comprehensive set of guidelines in destroying a boys psyche and is on the Encyclopedia Dramatica recommended reading list.

Warning: The original Deekerianism Girl's Guide, located [9] ArchiveToday-favicon.pnghere states that it is intended for girls aged 8 upwards, so please do not allow your younger children to read it unsupervised.

A "Brief" Introduction

As we're sure you know, Deekerianism only applies to a select few boys and girls who wish to fully immerse themselves in the diaper lifestyle, but if you want to be part of his cult, then you have to follow some pretty specific guidelines in regards to your diapertime.

Please also feel free to share this information with your parents as you will need their help to supply you with the necessary resources for providing your brother with the Deekerian Diaper Boy Experience.


—Encouraging children to tell their parents about this is a bold move, let's see how it works out

Getting Started

Things to bear in mind:

  • If you choose cloth diapers over disposables, there is no limit to how many you can use on your boy-thing. Bear in mind that disposable diapers are frowned upon in Deekerianism. Little Swimmers and Goodnites are also discouraged, as they do not project the right image and are unsuitable for bowel movements, as found in the site's Diaper Ratings section.
  • Plastic pants are a sexy and hygienic accessory for cloth diapers.
  • White is the best colour, as Deeker himself says: "When you see your brother bending over to take a big dump in his diapers, there is no mistaking all that thick white fabric on his butt". Colours and patterns detract from the basic appeal of a diaper, and are another thing to be avoided.
  • If you do choose disposable diapers, you should poke holes in them to maximize the experience.
  • Use lots of clear tape to wrap him up whilst in his diapers, just for fun.

Big, Thick, High-Rising and Multiple!

The most important thing about a good set of diapers is that they be big, thick, high-rising, and multiple. This maximises noticability and awareness, and also makes changing the diaper a more involved experience that you can savour for longer. Pants are also impossible to wear when multiple diapers are in play, need we say more except that you can then sit in the excited wonder of not knowing whether his diaper is clean or not because the thickness minimizes unsightly leakages? Deeker also encourages, if you have more than one boy in diapers, making contests to see who can go the longest without having one changed. First one to call child abuse loses. According to the guide, the wearing of trousers and shorts should be completely prohibited too, and the boything's old pants worn by girls or destroyed. This is to ensure that he is constantly reminded of his diapering and that the smells he creates are allowed to float freely around, rather than being trapped underneath clothes.


Other than the obvious accusations of sick fuckery from close minded people who do not understand the beauty of a young, half naked boy sitting in his own shit, there are a few disadvantages to using big thick cloth diapers over disposables, but the main one is that they will hide even the most pronounced erection, which is a big shame because that is all part of the joys of the hobby. Storage and cost is also a possible issue, but if you are poor and live in a small house then fuck you, you don't deserve to be in the gang.

The Place of Pants and Other Non-Diaper Attire

In a perfect Deekerian world, a diaper boy would never wear pants. In fact, he would never even own a pair of pants. Everywhere he went— school, church, the mall, the airport, doctor appointments, the supermarket, even formal events such as weddings and funerals— he would be in his diapers only. Weather would not be a factor, and if it was too cold he’d have to remain indoors. Such is the life of a diaper boy.


—Such is the life

Dan Crosby hates pants. According to him you should:

  • Lock your boything's pants away and keep the key on you at all times. You should wear tight jeans and seductively place the key in your pocket though, so he is further reminded of his diapers.
  • Give him worn, dirty second-hand pants. This will ensure he realises they are not to be revered, unlike Deeker and Deekerianism. Pants are for society, and should not be enjoyed.
  • Diapers should always be visible when wearing pants, the delightful bulges must always be on show.
  • Whenever there is not need for him to be in pants, he should be in diapers only. Deeker cannot stress enough how important the no-pants rule is, he really can't.
  • Pyjamas are not allowed, either. Socks are encouraged as long as they come to just under the knee and are stripy. We suspect this is for personal rather than practical reasons.

There are many other rules regarding other clothes but they are unfunny and not worth mentioning.

They Don't Make 'Em Like They Used To

Fortunately, regular tighty whiteys can be used as diapers! As long as they are plain white and high rising, the trick is to layer them. Up to forty pairs can be worn at any one time, for maximum soaking. Alas, it is not all good news, ED, for they do not make them like they used to. The seat is not double lined nowadays, nor does the waistband ride quite as high up your boything's back. They are available in colours other than white now, some even with patterns. They are just not the same, and this is sad because their evolution has brought them further and further away from being diaperlike. So incredibly sad.


Deviating even further away from the diaper-esque appearance of the original boys’ white briefs are the ones which do not even have a fly front and are cut very low. These usually come in exotic colors and designs, too, which, combined with the other missing features of the original style of boys’ underwear, makes them too much like Girls’ panties. In no way are these types of boys’ underpants suitable to serve as diapers. The greatest blasphemy of all against the original design of boys’ underwear is the current trend with boxer shorts!


—There are too many beautiful quotes on this site

Adding Fuel to The Fire

You may want to add diuretics and laxatives to your boything's diet as a healthy supplement to further enjoy the diaper experience, and a "Girls Only" sign on the bathroom door will further enforce the idea that shitting yourself is a good thing. Repeat it with us now, shitting yourself is a good thing. Further additions you can make to the diaper lifestyle include, but are not limited to; Diaper related nicknames, allowing your friends to change your boything's diapers, flaunting your diaperlessness with low slung jeans and skimpy undies, making him go outside in his diapers (you should probably make him wear those cute socks too), and the creation of diaper art.

Sexy Diapers

Of course diapers, particularly ones that have been shat in, are very sexy. The thought of partying down in a squelchy mix of your own excrement is no doubt a mysterious and seductive prospect to you. It gets better though: according to Deekerianism, masturbation is to be encouraged in boys who are as yet, too young to ejaculate. It will not only allow you to experience the joy of being an actual pedophile, but it will also ensure that all of their sexual energy for the rest of their lives is focused on diapers, rather than real life people. A totally healthy and not at all psychologically damaging result, I'm sure you'll agree. Masturbation should, of course, only be done while wearing diapers in order to maximize diaper related sick fuckery. Tell the world, diaper lovers!


Kids at a public school would tease him mercilessly and his social development would suffer. By home-schooling him, he won’t be exposed to other kids, and most of all, he won’t have to ever get dressed to go to school. His diapers will be the required dress code.


—Yes, you read correctly, his social retardation will be prevented by diapers and home schooling.

The Sick Fuck's Guide to Diaper Related Sick Fuckery is a whirlwind tour of the art of diapering. Every sentence is filled with quotes waiting to be recorded, perversions waiting to be laughed at and a pedophile who wants to live in a world where he can keep little boys locked up, away from the real world without access to toilet facilities, stewing in their own fecal matter waiting to be v&.

Dan Crosby states that Deekerianism is not a cult, while making it extremely clear that it is absolutely a cult. His words should be followed as gospel, and the kicker is that he thinks preteen girls should be reading them. In short, the man is a fucking genius, and his guide will change the world.


[Collapse GalleryExpand Gallery]

He fucking rewrote some songs with diaper lyrics


We're no strangers to toilets
You know the rules and so do I
A full diaper, I take one and soil it
Toilet training's what I defy

I just wanna tell you that I'm peeing
Gotta wet my underpants

Never gonna give them up
Never gonna take them off
Never gonna run around all naked
I'm gonna wear them high
Gonna wear 'em wet or dry
To me my diapers are sacred

I've been in diapers for so long
And my butt's been stinking

I've been your brother for so long
My farts've been stinking
You're too inured to smell it
Inside my diapers you know what's going on
P-O-O-P-Y, you can spell it.

And if you ask me if I'm peeing
Dont tell me youre too blind to see


Give them up. Give them up
Give them up, Give them up
Never gonna give
Never gonna give, give them up
Never gonna give
Never gonna give, give them up

I just wanna tell you that I'm pooping
Gotta soil my underpants



Never Gonna Give Them Up


Come and listen to a story about a boy named John
A seventh grade kid with lots of undies on
Then one day I saw him in the nude
All the poop on his butt was a sight rather crude

Crap that is, brown turds, smelly shit.

Well, the next you know he's wearing underwear
Put on a bunch of pairs while everyone else stared
Said, "These are my diapers, wouldn't you like to see?"
So he loaded up his butt and then pooped so casually.

Stools that is, excrement, Lincoln logs.



Ballad of John Jungles (Beverly Hillbillies Theme)


Diaper me tender,
diaper me sweet,
never let me wear pants.
Diapers have made my life complete,
and I love them so.

Diaper me tender,
diaper me true,
all my diapers get filled.
Oh my Diapers I love them,
and I always will.

Diaper me tender,
diaper me thick,
in them I don't just fart.
Extra padding does the trick,
and they warm my heart.

Diaper me tender,
diaper my rear,
please powder my behind.
I don't want diaper rash for years,
not even till bed time.

(When at last my dreams come true
Wearing diapers this I know
People will point and laugh at me
Everywhere I go).



Diaper Me Tender

Rising up-- high up my back

In my diapers, took a big dump
Screwed toilet training and I took off my pants
Just a boy and his will to defy

So many times, it happens to boys,
You trade your pants in for diapers,
Don't lose your right to keep diapers on your ass
Keep them pinned tight to keep them up high

It's the height of my diapers
It's how they're pinned up so tight
Rising up high to cover up my navel
And my thong-clad big sister
Sneaks behind me each night and she's staring and laughing
At the height of my diapers

Butt to back, white as a sheet
Pinned up tight, staying up high
She stacks the layers and she pads up my seat
My sister has the skills to diaper


Rising up-- high up my back
On my butt, that's my story
Screwed toilet training and I'm not going back
Just a boy and his will to defy



Height of the Diapers


Let the diapers hit the floor? srsly?



Right here in my room

Like thick Fruit of the Looms
I get my butt back into my diapers
You don't need good sight
To see they're white
I'm not a good butt wiper

Don't lie
Don't act so shy
It's only teenage diapers

Sally takes my hand
To change my diapers and
Pull them up higher
She's a good diaper folder
As she pads up my rear
I see myself in the mirror
Diapers pinned together
No pants on I feel colder

Teenage diapers
They're only teenage diapers
Teenage diapers
Oh, oh,
Teenage diapers
They're all diapers!



Teenage Diapers

Sung to "My Sharona" by The Knack (to be sung by boys only)

Phew, I'm a stinky one, a stinky one
Come and get a good whiff of my aroma
Ooh, please come and smell my bum, come smell my bum
Got it comin' from my butt,it's my aroma

Never gonna stop, stink it up, such a dirty hind
I always stink it up to make a stench of the stronger kind
My, my, my, aye-aye, phew!
M-m-m-my aroma

Come a little closer, huh, a-will ya, huh?
Close enough to get a whiff of my aroma
You know it's no mystery, it comes from me
Coming out my backside, it's my aroma

Never gonna stop, stink it up, such a dirty hind
I always stink it up to make a stench of the stronger kind
My, my, my, aye-aye, phew!
M-m-m-my aroma
M-m-m-my aroma

When you gonna change me, please change me
How much can you stand of my aroma?
Is it farts from beans, farts from beans
Or is it just the stench of my aroma?

Never gonna stop, stink it up, such a dirty hind
I always stink it up to make a stench of the stronger kind
My, my, my, aye-aye, phew!
M-m-m-m-m-m-m-my, my, my, aye-aye, phew!
M-m-m-my aroma
M-m-m-my aroma
M-m-m-my aroma
M-m-m-my aroma

lead guitar ------

Ooooooo-ohhh, my aroma
Ooooooo-ohhh, my aroma
Ooooooo-ohhh, my aroma



My Aroma

Is it a troll?

That is an emphatic No. While we often start to think that something this fucked up must just be for the lulz, one must realize that, as SA says, for every page you view there's 50 ZIP files you didn't. He currently has 137 galleries of 20 images each as well as 15 War and Peaces worth of stories. If it was a troll, he'd be trolling himself. This man is mentally demolished, he will not recover.

Final words

It really makes me feel like I have made a worthy contribution to the world by making this web site.



ಥ_ಥ...He's a saint.

The Death, Rebirth and Redeath of

Since this article was front paged in late April, has been 404'd. Readers should note this was not the intended effect but merely a byproduct of win. At least twice however has risen from the grave in one last desperate attempt to cling on to life while his diaper-wearing shit-squelching fans all breathed a collecive sigh of relief and simulteneously wet themselves. But alas, the respite was short-lived. And people say that ED doesn't make the Internet a better place...

Deeker: The (Temporaroy) Rebirth

On July 9th, Deeker posted a notice on his page to let people know that he has a new site run by his cat.

There came a time in May where Dan got really mean and ugly. People were saying some bad things about him, and I knew them to be lies. He would never do anything bad. But, he was slamming doors and kicking car tires and finally he couldn't sleep and I heard a LOT of bad words about a web page. I had no idea what a web page was, but I knew that he was really pissed off about it. At the end of one screaming scream he said that he was going to close it down and he did.

Something that I have learned from living with Deeker is how to read and write. I learned how to use Dan's computer and I've gotten Dan's web page turned on. He didn't want me to use any more because of all of the bad words that were said about it. So, it was decided that I would use my name - Hobbes.


Deeker Is For Sale


After being in business for nearly 20 years, Deeker has had enough!

'DEEKER.COM' is for sale, lock, stock and barrel.

If you are interested in seriously bidding on this domain and web site, mail your bid in writing to:

Deeker.Com P.O. Box 6114 Alexandria, VA 22306 Include your name, address, zip code and a phone number that we can reach you at.

Include the amount of your bid in US dollars.

Include any pertinent details about your bid and why Deeker should accept your bid over anyone elses. Until this is settled there won't be any updates to this page. However, you are welcome to submit new stories, new guestbook entries, and other questionnaire entries for the next owner to consider and possibly to use on the new web page.

What you see here now is just the way that Deeker left it when he pulled the plug and walked out the door. We don't expect him to be returning. He is spending his time nursing his wounds and trying to understand the people that he thought were his friends that he now feels have turned on him.

He has turned everything to us to sell it off and to get the best deal for him. We don't feel qualified to bring his level of expertise to maintaining We feel that we are nothing more than caretakers who are simply dedicated to keeping the lights on and the modems working.

Deeker greatly appreciates all of the friendships that he has formed over his many years of building up and deeply regrets being forced into this action.

This is NOT a place to send hate mail. Any hate mail that we get will be followed up on and turned over to the appropriate authorities.

If you wish to help keep the lights on and the modems working feel free to send donations to the above address. The safest way is to get a money order from your local Post Office, or Safeway, 7-11, etc.


—Send your bids people, We recommend no more than a dollar

So there it is, after this article was published Deeker disappeared from the internets, then reappeared trying to cash in on the pile of shit he has devoted the last 15 years to. Remember, hate mail will be forwarded but genuine scraps of paper with a bid written on them are against no laws.

Free Diapers

Deeker is now offering a free diaper to every customer. Get in fast for this once-in-a-lifetime offer: mention ED to have your diaper signed for free!

A frequently asked question is: 'Where can I get free diapers?'

Answer: Send a post card or a piece of paper in an envelope to:


P.O. Box 4213

Alexandria, VA 22303

Include your name, your address, your height, your weight, and how many inches your waist is. A free diaper will be mailed out to you in a plain envelope.


Jim Balcon

The real reason went tits up

The Salt Lake Tribune

Updated: 05/16/2009 09:46:36 PM MDT

A sex offender known as "diaper boy" has been arrested in White City after he again showed a diaper he was wearing to children, police said.

Despite a long history of showing the diaper to children, recent attempts to charge him criminally have been frustrated because he does not expose his genitals.

More..The 31-year-old man was arrested Thursday after he showed his diaper and passed out pictures of adults and children wearing diapers from a Web site, said Salt Lake County sheriff's spokesman Don Hutson. Though the site is not pornographic, some of the shots are provocative, Hutson said.

The man has been arrested and booked about five times in locations around the Salt Lake City area, Hutson said. Court records show he was charged in 2008 with 11 counts of misdemeanor lewdness involving a child in Holladay, but those charges were later dismissed. He did register as a sex offender after pleading guilty to similar charges in 1999 and 2000, however.

He is now being held at the Salt Lake County jail, and possible new charges will be screened by the Salt Lake County Attorney's Office, Hutson said.


Info non-talk.png All of these are far, far too long to read. They serve only as a testament to the diseased and deranged mind of Deeker himself.

Despite the ultimate demise of, thanks to a few very dedicated and very, very sick EDiots a selection number of Deeker's work can be found here. Searched for more cached pages here. Or not

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