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The death of a meme is the inevitable end of both forced and unforced memes and WILL happen in many ways, depending on the type of meme and what site it showed its ugly face at first. A dead meme is unique as it is usually the only one instant of lulz ever sparked by the former meme. So, remember that the next time you see a meme get popular, ruin the web, or cause all-around chaos, you should stand the fuck away or you're going to go down with it.

How Does Meme Die?

After a meme is confirmed to be true lulz, it will spread to thousands of sites, until the lulz that started it becomes its worst nightmare by converting to an unchangeable type of matter on the interwebs called anti-lulz. This is not always the case, although it is the most common way for a meme to die.

Another way a meme can die is if the meme in question is completely erased by the administration of the site that spawned said meme or from one part of the site until there is nothing resembling the original meme left. Most would consider this to be a good thing, but this actually makes the situation worse, as there is always a copy of the soon-to-die meme on some troll's computer, waiting to be unleashed again.

One of the easiest way to kill a meme is to post it on the fabled internet fag site 9GAG. This will surely morph it into a generic queer response to any post ever, thus instafagging and killing it.

All dead memes report to YTMND. Family Guy also likes to dredge the river for dead memes, as only they have the Anti-Lulz necessary to sustain their breed of humor. In the rare, rare event they manage to catch a live one in their net, that meme is dead for good the instant it appears on the screen. Since only the unlulziest memes ever manage to get caught, nothing of value was lost.

Dead Memes

Photographic documentation of the precise moment in time "This is Sparta" stopped being funny.

In the most accurate sense, a meme dies the very second it becomes a meme. But some memes are deader than dead. Prime examples of dead(er) memes are listed below.

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