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Info non-talk.png The Death List ended with 9 hits in 2010, which is totally disappointing.
The Grim Reaper watches you masturbate.

Death List is a website where sick fucks discuss who is going to die during any given year. It is the most famous deadpool on the internets. These people often receive complaints from those who are butthurt about the fact that Death List users start fapping every time someone famous dies on Wikipedia's recent deaths page, and consider it disrespectful to the memory of the deceased.

The site itself mainly deals with people who are notable enough for a Wikipedia article, and only considers the person valid if they were likely to get a UK obituary. In accordance with that the humour on the website is particularly British and thus superior to Americunt humour, although compared to the lulz of the multicultural internets society of the 21st Century, it can't compare. Wikipedia admin, Canadian Paul, is a member of Death List. It should also be noted that his username can be made into the acronym CP.

History and Deaths

Fapping material for Death List members.
What Death List members are really like at their core.

Death List was started in 1987 as a result of actor Cary Grant's death. Some bored students decided to draw up a list of which notable people they thought would die in that year (and failed epically at it, lol), the only successful hit being Andrés Segovia. The list also included Dad's Army actor Clive Dunn. Because Dunn took 25 years to die, Death List members worshiped him and believed he was immortal, and he was titled as a "Death List Favorite".

Since 1994, the Death List had been restricted to 50 names. Most of these names are people that everyone with a life has long since forgotten about, the majority of the names being old or cancer sufferers. Some of the popular past Death List names include Mother Teresa, the Queen Mother, Bob Hope, Ronald Reagan, and Pope John Paul II, while popular names today include secondary mascot Ronnie Biggs and Dunn.

Most of the people who are on the list itself are male, and most of them are white, although black men feature more than women, due to bros b4 hoes. Amazingly, a black woman named Ruby Muhammad was included on the 2007 list. She claimed to be born in 1897, and has the title of "Mother of the Nation of Islam." Despite being so old, she still survived the year, and the Death List members complained about Muhammad's inclusion.

People on Death List are unusually fascinated by supercentenarians, leading some to believe that they may have a fetish for them. Ironically, many famous people die in any given year who are not on the death list, therefore making their endeavors epic fail. There is also a forum where people suggest who's likely to die soon, and at present there have been many mentions of Amy Winehouse.

Relationship between Death List and Wikipedia

Despite the lack of a Death List article on Wikipedia, DL and TOW are on good terms. For starters, DL supports links to TOW by having links to it on its main page for finding more information for the Death List candidates, but everyone does that nowadays because every stupid fuck turns to TOW for information these days.

However, there is a more interesting relationship, particularly surrounding the people only notable for being very old, known as supercentenarians. There is a WikiProject on Wikipedia about teh World's Oldest People, and although its members are not Death List users, there has been a war between trusted admin Canadian Paul and the likes of Bart Versieck, a confused man from Belgium who appears to be interested in little other than women who are 110+ years old, and styles himself as "extremely sexy". Bart's friend, the longevity researcher Robert Young, was indef-blocked from Wikipedia for fucking with the Wikipedia admins and their Nazi regime. Bart Versieck had been on the verge of a permanent ban for repeatedly editing others' talk page messages even after many, many warnings. However, Versieck has not edited recently.

Lol, someone is actually OFFENDED by Death List!


Last Thursday, someone, presumably a woman due to the name Sophia, got butthurt over Death List, can you believe it?

this is a sick site for sick people, hopefully others will feel the same about you lot when your dead and gone, the people you all heckle over on this site are people who have made a huge historical imapact on our lives wether you like them or not, there would be a very boring existence without the entertainment, and helping to make this world a more tolerable place to be, with exception of course of those names who tried in the past to make it less tolerable like warmongers etc.

Vera lynn was there to give some hope and support to those who fought for this country , you could BARELY imagine how it must have been for those soldiers, those that fell and those families who perished would wonder what they sacrificed thier lives for if could have read comments on a pathetic site like this from those who cowardly write such demeaning rubbish. I stumbled across this to find a site to pay tribute to someone, god knows how I came across this place, the site that crawled out of the gutter and am only leaving this comment as obviously as a minority here I stand up for those who cannot speak out because they are not with us and those who would not find this site worthy of a comment or need to justify themselves. shame on you all, no doubt expect the usual cowardly comments to follow this, but those who do are naturally uncomfortable with themselves, so you should be.





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