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Fucking bigots!
Nobody who speaks German could be an evil man woman.

Dear Cis People is a Tumblr focusing on the plight of your everyday tranny and the constant struggle for social justice they experience every day. Mostly though, it's just a vehicle for shrieking ladymen to rage about whatever happens to chap their newly constructed testicles at any given moment.

In true psychotic retard fashion, DearCisPeople is half comprised of lambasting the everhated "normies" while simultaneously explaining that there's a very solid and not at all unreasonably justification for finding a cisgendered conspiracy out to crush their budding movement in every thing at any time. Every time, actually.

Your Average "Letter to Cissy"

"For the unjustifiable crime of misgendering me, i am forced to retaliate with the substantially less severe response of physical violence!"

Most submissions to DearCisPeople follow very simple formulas;

  • "I, as a transgendered individual, have suffered more oppression than any other group ever."
  • "I, as a transgendered individual, am at no point even slightly responsible for peoples reaction towards me, and they, as cisgendered devils, are born with an instinctive urge to persecute me."
  • "I, as a transgendered individual, may demand reality and society bend to my everchanging whims. Failure to do so is cispiracy."
  • "I, as a transgendered individual, have been diagnosed with a variety of mental illnesses... but that has nothing to do with anything..."

The lion's share of submissions are of the "How dare you deny me of what I feel I deserve, and therefore am entitled to" variety, so the occasional "Thanks for using the wrong pronouns again, SCUM!" and "All I have to do is declare myself the opposite gender and that makes it so, what's not to get?" do pop in from time to time. Since the trannies are a fractious and entirely self-interested group all of whom labor under the delusion that the world revolves around them, it is not uncommon to find submissions that directly contradict each other all of which are nevertheless written as if they are undeniable, inarguable facts that represent all of trannydom.

More rarely, a tranny will rage at even their staunchest of sympathizers, though that is totally justified and in no way should be construed as a sign that DearCisPeople and people like them are inherently angry, unpleasable people with a genetic urge to go completely psychotic when a single thing doesn't cater to their whims on demand. No, those damn cissies are just "bad allies" and totally trying to score tranny brownie points.

Dear Trans People (The Fake One)


Prior to getting much notoriety, DCP ran something of a sister blog: "Dear Trans People". This version would feature supportive and uplifting messages of outreach from the community's cis allies around the world. What actually was featured was sniveling, spinless declarations of "Yes, translords. Whatever you say, translords. I humbly apologize for everything I've done or will do to offend you, transgod. I have no idea what it is, but rest assured, I'm incredibly sorry I did it".

Indeed, it looked like less the work of genuinely supportive cisgender individuals, and more like what an ideal world would look like in the minds of the transfolk.

Dear Trans People II: Shit Gets Real

Randomly, and without warning, DearTransPeople stopped updating. Stranger still, it later returned, albeit with a less supportive, more realistic variety of submission. The new DTP featured things cis people would actually say to trannies; "You'll make no friends being a screaming psychotic manbaby", "You're shockingly hypocritical", "That tattoo looks like complete shit", etc. Unsurprisingly, as soon as these newer, harsher submissions started getting tossed in, DearCisPeople decided the entire idea was inherently hate filled and venomous. Whereas daily, multiple cisbashing is empowering and uniting, this new site was a verbal fagdrag, and couldn't stand.

In truth, DearTransPeople was not the first of its kind. Far from it, in fact, since DearCisPeople had gained more and more notoriety, there were a slew of imitators and would-be trolls trying to present the fair and balanced opposing view. As fate would have it, "cis privilege" actually amounts to jack shit, and every one of these parody blogs were deemed "harassing" and subsequently pulled. The once-sponsored blog, however, seemed to stand in spite of repeated and false reports about its content. And since said blog directly called out DearCisPeople in a high profile manner, that meant it was of vital importance to rip it down under any means necessary.

That trannies and tranny sympathizers usually grossly exaggerate the extent of their persecution and take dubious means to be rid of said criticism and that they were now doing exactly what the stereotypes they have been shackled with said they would didn't slow them down in the slightest.

Dear Cis People: A Retrospective

Below is just a sample of the delightful theatrics and rage inducing indignation that DearCisPeople have to offer!

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