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Or better yet, post it on this page.

A deadname is the name of a tranny before his lingering insanity finally takes hold and gets his penis chopped off, sometimes even by a doctor. Referring to a transformer by his deadname is very triggering and reliably causes chimp outs. That's why you must always do it.

Deadnames and the Internet

People who are a huge pain in the ass and decide to bend their gender whilst known on the internet, usually result in having all of their pronouns manually changed wherever mentioned to keep them from throwing a fucking tantrum. This usually means that everyone who knew the tranny prior to "Coming out" has to adopt a new mindset about said tranny regardless of how confusingly pointless that is. Mentioning their deadname is guaranteed to get you banned from their contacts, but who cares? Seeing as trans people would be better off without friends.

After Bradley Manning announced to the world, or rather the few freaks who could give a damn, that he was "no longer a man," the Social Justice Wankers at Wikipedia immediately moved his page to Chelsea Manning. A brave few dared to point out that maybe the article should still be called Bradley Manning, as that was still his actual, legal name. Thenceforth, any who questioned the dubious logic of this renaming was instantly topic banned from the article. The hivemind tolerates no dissent.

Here on ED, no one gives a shit about your transition, and trannies will always be referred to by the gender they were born as. Deal with it you fucking autist.

Deadnames of famous Trannies

The drama you can expect

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