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David Rock, Canadian kid-fiddler
100 acres in Canada + a fifth of Jack = naked snowmobiling
Dave, Evelyn Van Beest, and Andrew, in happier times.

YouTube Favicon.png Davidsfarm, IRL name David Hugh Rock, is was the #18th most subscribed Canadian partner on YouTube. He is also a convicted pedophile and nudist. He has two very bitter ex's — Anna Thoms and Evelyn Van Beest — who are extremely pissed off that he's now making approximately $11-$16,000 a month just by uploading videos of shit he does on his farm.

Originally from London, Ontario, his pedo-antics there drew the attention of the Canadian Police back in 1991. He was arrested for multiple Child sex crimes,including "Making Obscene Photographs" and "Sexual Assault" for a total of seven convictions.

David now maintains a 100 acre farm full of junk cars and YouTube Favicon.png russian sluts. The allure of David's "Canadian Paradise" is irresistible to his target group, and Dave can regularly be seen in his videos getting drunk with a bunch of old men and young boys.

As of September 2015 David was found to be guilty of possession of child porn.


My crazy Canadian paradise,where fun and bizarre things happen.

i may be 47 on the outside, but i'm still a teenager on the inside. still living out all my boyhood fantasies.


—David Rock, admitting he's retarded

The Davids Farm Pedophile Gang

Living la vida loca!

His subscribers, when confronted with the facts about Dave's past kid fiddling ways, become very angry and proceed to irrationally defend him and his way of life. Most of the faggots that support Dave willfully refuse to even look at the evidence that their stunt driving idol is a huge pedofork. At this time, David is claiming that his "bout" with pedophilia was a result of undiagnosed manic depression disorder but for some unknown reason, David still likes to surround himself with the same age and gender of child for which he was convicted of sex crimes. He also seems to think that taking pictures of nude children(focusing on their genitals) is NOT sexual.

Enter The Ex

Bitter ex is bitter
Beware Dave. Valleyfever is some serious fucking business.

On October 17th, 2008, Dave had a nasty break-up with the now infamous YouTube Favicon.png Annathoms. Mean comments were exchanged, dox were dropped, and Dave, having the enormous fanbase that he does, handily won the comment war. Bi-curious whiteknight YouTube Favicon.png valleyfever, AKA Joey Wilson, AKA Joseph Seth Mintz, came to Anna's aid, and they slinked away into the shadows to plan their revenge. Anna got a restraining order against Dave, and when he sent her an email that just said "Merry Christmas", she had him thrown in jail. Prior to this David had signed an agreement in 1999 relinquishing all parental rights to Anna's son, but when the boy became the age David typically molests David became aroused and obsessed with finding the boy. David offered cash rewards online for information that would lead him to the whereabouts of the young boy along with emailing and calling Anna's home to leave messages trying to bribe her into bringing the boy to him source.

As Anna and Joey made their plans to return to YouTube with a vengeance, they began PMing people around the tubes, asking them to join Anna's personal army. Part of their schtick was telling people they were going after Dave because he's a pedo, and that Anna is "in danger every day".

Annathoms personal army PM.JPG

meateatereponymous claims victory over a glitch that caused Dave's Google ads to not show up on his videos for a few days.
The charges from 1991 against David Hugh Rock
The sentences from 1991
This is Anna's "I'm really worried about stalkers" look. (totally visible on her facebook at the time of this article)
meateatereponymous admitting that valleyfever made pro-pedo statements.

A lot of people fell for it, and Anna soon had her very own personal army to do her bidding. Nobody even stopped to think why somebody that was "in danger" would even need a bunch of people on YouTube to go after her supposed "stalker". They were all convinced that they were doing this to "fight pedos" and didn't think twice about it. People like YouTube Favicon.png resinator1, YouTube Favicon.png mrmellojello, YouTube Favicon.png tommmmmmmmx, YouTube Favicon.png mejustjeri, YouTube Favicon.png ratchet123100 and YouTube Favicon.png KidsHurt2. Even personal army chaser YouTube Favicon.png RebelChiId, and her trusty sidekick YouTube Favicon.png meateatereponymous joined up.

Then one day, the unthinkable happened. Somebody questioned Anna's motives. Her majesty was not pleased. Who were these plebeians to question the great Anna Thoms? Who did they think they were? Well she showed them. She uploaded this very lulzy video chocked full of unwarranted self-importance, and condescending admonishments. Nothing puts people in their place like an uppity bitch with delusions of grandeur.

Things calmed down a little after that. All the Queen's men favorited her video, and for the most part, everybody seemed to go back to "the mission". Things were going fairly well and they were all convinced that they were making some kind of progress, until somebody found a curious comment left on a video by valleyfever. The video was YouTube Favicon.png To Catch a Predator: The predator who wanted to become an engineer, Part 2 (Richer Daniel Breault). Richer Daniel Breault was convicted of several sexual acts on an unconscious 13 year old.

Richer Daniel Breault, 22, went before Superior Court Judge Michael B. Donner on Tuesday and pleaded guilty to attempted child molestation, attempted oral copulation with a person under 14 who is unconscious or asleep, attempted sodomy with a person under 14 and sending harmful matter with the intent of seducing a minor.


And this is what YouTube Favicon.png valleyfever had to say about it:
Wait wut? Poor guy? The leader of the anti-Davidsfarm movement thinks ass-raping unconscious 13 year olds is okay???

After finding out this info resinator1, mrmellojello, and kidshurt2 split off from the group, since it was now completely obvious that this wasn't about "saving kids" as much as it was about saving Anna's ego. Anna didn't like this, and since most of the group had spoken to her on the phone, she handed over their phone numbers to Valleyfever. Valleyfever used his elite doxing skillz to find their info. made some socks, and they all turned on the exact same fucking people that had helped them "fight the pedo" just the day before.


As per David Rock's April 30th 2014 video update,Anna Thoms - the hater queen - has since dropped dead from cervical cancer and lung cancer due to Thoms smoking since the age of 12. Goes to show to y'all kids that KARMA is a bitch and DON'T SMOKE.

Pot, Kettle, Black

Valleyfever and bteenboy14, side by side. What's wrong with this picture?
Valleyfever's abandoned Stickam raises more questions than it answers.
Hmm...That's an awful lot of friends still in High School for somebody that's supposedly "18".

After valleyfever's bizarre comment expressing sympathy for convicted pedophile Richer Daniel Breault, e-detectives began taking a little closer look at valleyfever himself. As it turns out, David Hugh Rock isn't the only one that's been chasing underage boy butt.

A quick Google search for "valleyfever" turned up an abandoned Stickam account. Curiously enough, this abandoned account only has one friend, who has since deleted their account. That friend was a user by the name of "krazyboy91". When you click on "krazyboy91" it actually leads to the deleted profile of "bteenboy14". Another Google search for "bteenboy14" would reveal several other accounts for him, on all of which he claims to be "18". However, a closer inspection of bteenboy14's myspace shows that he's not set to graduate High School until 2011, which would make him currently 16 now, and possibly 15 at the time of his and valleyfever's interactions. So this begs the question, what the fuck is an openly gay 35 year old man doing on a live interaction video website with an openly gay 15 year old deaf boy? Not trading pokiemans, that's for sure.

At this point it's not even clear if valleyfever was even representing himself as a 35 year old man because he has one real photo uploaded to his Stickam, and that's of his supposedly "18" year old boyfriend "Matt". The name of the photo is titled "me", so based on appearances it looks as though valleyfever was chasing underage boys with his own possibly underaged boyfriend's picture.

Valleyfever's "boyfriend" situation is another curiosity that required some investigating. Joey is hell bent on shoving his lifestyle in everybody else's face, and has uploaded numerous videos of him and Matt jumping and prancing around. Whenever the question of Matt's age comes up, Joey gets very defensive and will retort with something like this:

hes 18 and your just jealous because you cant get hot young men like me...


—valleyfever, hissssssss

Very strange for a 35 year old man to gauge his self worth on how young of a boyfriend he can nab. Matt's age varies depending upon how good Joey is feeling about himself. Sometimes he says he's "19", sometimes he says he's "18". He appears to be something less than "18" in the picture posted on valleyfever's Stickam, and in his facebook pic as well. As facebook veterans know all too well, even when a profile is hidden, a great deal of information can be learned by looking at someone's friends. Out of Matt's friends, approximately 75% appear to still be in High School, calling into question whether Matt is indeed "18" or "19" as valleyfever claims.

UPDATE Since this article came out valleyfever has now deleted and/or privated most of the videos on his channel featuring Matt, his "boyfriend".
UPDATE Valleyfever just uploaded a hastily made "i'm not hiding" video, featuring Matt and himself, while the other videos still remain privated or deleted.
UPDATE Valleyfever has now deleted or privated the hastily made "i'm not hiding" video mentioned above.
UPDATE After months of prosecuting a very public online witch-hunt, valleyfever is now threatening with restraining orders in response to this article.

Lol valleyfever threatens restraining order lol.JPG

  • For more about this self-righteous douchebag, see Valleyfever


Some fan art summarizing Anna's precarious position on things.
Queen Anna's royal chariot.
You don't care about kids unless you have a background like this, you insensitive fuck.

As the dust settles from all of the infighting, it's left a bitter taste in almost everyone's mouth. A lot of the people who were gung ho for "the cause" in the beginning have now scrubbed their channels of anything related to this fiasco. When it started, Davidsfarm had a little over 57,000 subscribers. With all the videos, news reports, clones, socks, forums, spam, emails, etc., he's now sitting at 60,614. That's right. The Anti-Davidsfarm movement since it started has generated Dave 3000+ subscribers, ironically making Annathoms and valleyfever the biggest supporters of pedophilia on YouTube to date.

Recent Drama

Even though she spent literally months dropping her former friends' dox, Queen Anna is now crying that hers have been dropped, completely oblivious of the fact that she's using her powerword as her channel name, and anybody with an internet connection can find her on Whitepages.ca.

you have my address and phone number and now my doc's have been dropped. Thanks so much for helping keep my kids safe. I will let the police know what a great job you and Cory are doing!


YouTube Favicon.png Annathoms, BAWWWWW

And now after months of calling random people "pedophiles" (everybody besides Joey, that is), Anna Thoms is now threatening lawlsuits. Here she is posting on her own page copypasta definitions for slander and libel. Serious fucking business indeed.

Anna lolsuit.JPG

UPDATE: On January 2, 2010, YouTube Favicon.png Valleyfever uploaded a "goodbye" video where he stated that this would not only be his last video, but soon afterward he would be closing his account. He blamed the "bad economy" and "creative comment mining" for his demise. He promised he would "pursue prosecution", and threatened to find the people responsible for besmudging his good reputation. He bawwwwwed about cyber-stalking, cyber-harassment, and said what was done to him was "criminal". At approximately 4:30pm on the same day he deleted his channel as promised.

UPDATE: On January 20, 2010, after promoting the website Davidsfarm.info for well over a year, Queen Anna and her sister YouTube Favicon.png cembuddy1 (AKA Christine) have now been banhammered from the site for excessive faggotry. Anna, Christine, Joey, and other admins all reportedly had approximately 10 sock accounts each that they would talk to themselves with. In addition to this they were attempting to hack other users accounts, and allowing porn spambots to run rampant. Queen Anna couldn't imagine that she was banned for being the drunken twat that she is, so she a hilarious vlog where she claimed that the forum has somehow been compromised.

at one point they held Anna in such high , lol regard, listening and hanging off every word she said. 4 months later they have had enough of her, and throw her and her idiot sister out on the street.



UPDATE: Now on January 24, 2010, the YouTube Favicon.png Annathoms "How do I did a WHOIS?" crisis has reached day 4, and shows no signs of Anna retracting her lulzy claims that davidsfarm.info has been compromised. Queen Anna has stated that she won't retract these statements until the owner of the forum contacts her in the manner that she has dictated. He has tried several times to let her know that it's him by posting the code word "handcuffs", but to no avail. Anna and her sister have continued to ignore, and in some cases even delete, his posts to them. In an effort to prove to them who he is, he has now posted the entire origins of the "handcuffs" code word.

If i am not me how would i know that anna sent me a photo of herself showing her butt and her hands in handcuffs? It was on cembuddys birthday and they were both drunk on a 3way chat on MSN with me...


YouTube Favicon.png francis8478, proving that he is who he says he is, and that Anna Thoms is indeed a drunken slut.

UPDATE On January 26, 2010, after an entire week of idiotic ramblings, Queen Anna came to the realization that she is indeed a complete and utter moron, and has now removed her drunken vlog claiming that the Davidsfarm.info forum is a "fake".

UPDATE: On March 19, 2010, Anna Thoms got her Youtube account hacked. She's now opened up a new account, YouTube Favicon.png annaethoms.

UPDATE: On March 20, 2010. the person who hacked YouTube Favicon.png annathoms re-opened her account, and is now tormenting her with it.


Even though the movement is pretty much dead, spectators and participants continue to comment on Anna's war with her ex. Even Queen Anna herself will occasionally retort back with one of her pearls of wisdom. In fact, she's become rather famous for her masterful command over the english language, and the YouTube community has taken notice. Powered by a third grade education and an ample supply of Grey Goose, she belts out a steady stream of timeless quotes like the ones seen here:

Maybe I shouls take all your spelling miss-half. and post them !!!


—Anna Thoms

Get eagucated first then talk to me.


—Anna Thoms

Cougars and Wolfs protract there cube with there LIFE


—Anna Thoms, protracting her cube

thank you sweaty.


—Anna Thoms

He is a fucking menus!


—Anna Thoms

Then you are a resist big-get. , what's nest do you want to burn him at the stack?


—Anna Thoms, sticking up for Valleyfever

You deal in BS for your own porous.


—Anna Thoms, wat

I do not jump on kids or hurt them or post the photo like you do! Great job at helping kids, when do you have the time, when you watch animal pore or get hookers.


—Anna Thoms, she doesn't jump on kids

Motley Crue plays the farm

The shoop that convinced David Rock he was talking to the real Motley Crue.

In May of 2010, David Hugh Rock began exchanging private messages with the YouTube Favicon.png MotleyCrueChannel. They talked about coming out to Dave's farm, playing some tunes, throwing some parties, making some videos, etc. Once Dave had verified that this was indeed the "official" Motley Crue channel, he made a couple of promotional videos for the band: one where he introduces the video for "Let Us Prey", and one where he let all his fans know that Motley Crue was coming to Davidsfarm this summer. He even told all his fans that they should go subscribe to the MotleyCrueChannel, and 2000+ of his fans did just that. Then Dave got the bad news.

It turned out that this wasn't the authentic Motley Crue channel at all, but one of David's trolls, YouTube Favicon.png TheePennyWise6699.

All I heard about...was that you were untouchable...Dave, no pun intended bro...but you just got touched



1 For The Road

YouTube Favicon.png TheePennyWise6699 relentless in his attack tipped off the Lucan bylaw enforcement department after noticing in one of YouTube Favicon.png RedneckRickem's videos what appeared to be a mobile dwelling on David Hugh Rock's property. The mobile dwelling was the travel trailer that RedneckRickem lives in on Davidsfarm. According to Lucan bylaws: No travel trailer can be occupied on your client's property for a period of sixty (60) days over the course of any ten (10) month period. RedneckRickem and his cat now have 30 days to relocate.

Soon as I find a bylaw against having a big nose and weighing under 40 pounds and walking the streets of Canada, I'll be dropping that dime.



Daves July 4th attack


On July 4, 2010 a discovered bug that allowed HTML injection on YouTube was released to the public. Its said the bugs originated from 4chan and Justin Bieber was the main target of its use. David also fell victim to the attack. For half the day big red marquee text scrolled beneath David's videos saying things like David is a pedophile and David likes naked little boys, also a number of truthful pops ups appeared for his viewers to see. When the marquee was used it would lock the comments along with all other functions on the video page it had been used on. Not only could no one else leave comments but David himself was unable to delete the big red scrolling marquee insults beneath his own videos LOL. Hours later YouTube fixed the problem.

Getting naked for the fans

On July 6, 2010 Dave was up to his creepy pedo ways. At the request of one of his subscribers he uploaded a video of himself and the farm slut Sarah riding the quad naked. After just 1 day David set the video to private and left a comment on his channel saying Sarah asked him to remove the video. Subsequent parody videos were flagged off YouTube and also removed off VEOH.


On July 22 2010 a Court of Law in Ontario Canada determined that David Hugh Rock cannot contact or post anything on YouTube about Anna Thoms or any of her family members after he plead guilty to trying to personal army against her on the internet.

16:9 News

As of October 10, 2010, David Rock has just became the focus of a 16:9 news report focusing on his pedophilia and YouTube activities. The report details eyewitness reports of him molesting kids at his farm, along with interviews.

Rumor has it that Google/YouTube has locked Dave out of his account and suspended his revenues until they can further review their policies regarding pedos on the payroll.

A dirty pedophile like Michael Jackson who's just trying to attract kids to the farm so I can rape and molest them.


—Dave Rock, on Dave Rock

I wasn't actually imagining doing it with kids, it was just that there was nobody else around at that point in time. I just filmed them masturbating.


—Dave Rock, oh, well why didn't you just say so.

The exact same day that the news report came out, Valleyfever re-opened his channel to take credit for everything. Even though he had left in shame because he had been caught red-handed chasing underage boys himself, he stated that he had left because "there just wasn't anything going on with Dave".

Jewtube has since ended their partner relationship with David Rock, and won't be sharing any more of their Jewgold with him.

On October 16, 2010, Jewtube dropped the suspension on Davidsfarm account but his partnership revenue is apparently toast! Dave quickly posted a video on his Davidsfarmvlog account telling the world that once again he's back on his own account.

Then on October 18, 2010 the banhammer fell and wiped out the YouTube Favicon.png Davidsfarmvlog partner channel. Typically, it's extremely hard to get a partner channel banned.


Seeing as how the YouTube Favicon.png Davidsfarm channel has lost it's partnership immortality as well, it stands to reason that it's only a matter of time before the banhammer will fall on it too.

The Man Behind The Torrent

Jason Nassr's legal threat cry fest.
sixthgearpinned's torrent.

Sometime late in 2010 pedophile supporter extraordinaire "Jason Nassr" began to sell a corny 2 hour documentary he had created about David Hugh Rock titled The Man Behind The Farm. Jason Nassr was charging anywhere from 20-200 dollars for his shitty film about the good in child jockeys. As most people would not pay for such garbage and others had been ripped off (davidsfarmdoc Where the hell is my dvd?) the documentary found is way onto the piratebay and when this was brought to the attention on the film's creator Jasson Nassr some serious fuckin lulz ensued. A google search of the username (sixthgearpinned) that was used by the uploader of the documentary at the pirate bay yielded a youtube account of the same name sixthgearpinned, turned out to be a Davidsfarm supporter. This information was quickly forwarded on purpose by way of pm to Jasson Nassr's youtube account davidsfarmdoc. Jason Nassr then paraded around dropping comments and the docs of the uploader from the pirate bay, claiming to have lived up to all his legal threats and really had the FBI RCMP and INTERPOL track down some guy who he was now gonna make pay. Jason Nassr boasted he was gonna subpoena the shit out of everybody and make them all pay. Turned out sixthgearpinned had his own docs right on his youtube channel and Jason Nassr's law dogs hadn't come through for him after all. Jason Nassr apparently scared and black mailed sixthgearpinned into taking the torrent down and dropping an apology video saying torrents are bad and he was in a lot of trouble. Unfortunately for Mr. Nassr, while has was celebrating his successful take down of the torrent, Members of the uber elite underground hacker group known as The ElectronikTribulationArmy had joined in the lulz worthy anti pedo trolling operation, they were mass seeding and had re uploaded the torrent back to the pirate bay. Jason Nassr soon discovered this and went full blown ass hurt.

Free again.
No you fucken scum it's not free. You fucken criminals. In the morning, Your channel will be reported to THE FBI, RCMP & INTERPOL.


—Jason Nassr

You're done!!!! I have all the evidence I need you stupid twat! Let me see... Someone ELSE logged into your acct and posted an illegal version link to a torrent on your channel?????!!!!!!!!!HA!!, you're SOOOOOOP STUPID!!!! YOU'ER A FUCKEN CRIMINAL!!!!!!! Worse THAN A PEDOPHILE!!!!!!!! And when I see you next, I'll slap your fucken face with a court hearing notice in Geulph, Ontario.


—Jason Nassr's comment to Annaethoms

I've recorded your voice from here.... So I can listen to it on the plane.... Over and over...


—Jason Nassr

Flagged and removed. Cant wait to subpoena your ip address from google. FBI has already been called.


—Jason Nassr

No, It's not free. You'll pay.


—Jason Nassr

Kyle of AZ is responsible for an illegally distributed version of the Davidsfarm Documentary. When we see Kyle in a few days, our lawyers are going to have a subpoena for his Internet records and anyone who has downloaded it, will be easily traced and found.


—Jason Nassr

Flagged. Goodbye channel. Interpol will see you.


—Jason Nassr

Where you're from.... That's where I'll be soon. I'll be with people. Lawyers and policemen and cameramen and such. Our film is only based on facts. We are journalists, and have EVERY GODDAMNED RIGHT TO EVERY FUCKEN PIECE OF SHIT SECOND OF FOOTAGE IN THERE. Thieves like you, crooked, piece of shit faceless cowards.... Your time is limited here. 6 days, we'll have our subpoena with your uploading IP addresses. You'll NEVER STOP LOOKING OVER YOUR SHOULDER!!!!!!!!!!lololololoololololololol


—Jason Nassr

You've already committed a crime by advertising your garbage. Doesn't mattering possess it or not. 3 weeks. That's all it takes. They work fast in San Fran. We'll see YOU soon. The FBI or Interpol will see you sooner.


—Jason Nassr

Jason Nassr and his son can be seen down on pedo farm HERE

Soon afterwards David Rock apparently stiffed Jason Nassr and refused to pay the agreed fees for the making of this film. Nassr then decided it would be a great idea to blackmail David Rock by threatening to leak emails where David Rock admits that his own father is a dirty Molester as well. Nassr gave up trying to peddle his shitty pro pedophile dvd and, left with no other alternative, decided that uploading it to youtube himself would somehow prove something. It has, it has proven that not a single fuck was given that day.

The Haters Won

Rickem looks like Squidward with a mullet

On December 11th 2010, the Davidsfarm channel was wiped out when haters gathered to mass flag a 3 year old video of Dave's titled "naked snowmobiler Dave". The account already had 2 strikes due to 16:9 reporter Mary Garofalo rallying a group of haters to encourage mass flagging on some of Dave's videos that contained dangerous acts. Two videos were removed from the site, one where Dave was burning bees with a flamethrower on Rick's truck, and one where a 7 year old from Holland was driving his car around on the farm. The removal of the "naked snowmobiler Dave" video was strike 3 ; all Youtube accounts with 3 strikes get the banhammer. David Rock is now permabanned from Youtube.

Possible plan B as presented by Rick aka Redneck Rectum.

On December 20, 2012, David Rock was arrested yet again for possession of CP. As of December 22, 2012, he has since been released from jail on bail.

On November 14, 2013, David Rock was charged yet AGAIN for possession of CP after a massive international investigation.

Davidsfarm Returns

A few days after the termination of the Davidsfarm account, Rock created an account on Blip TV. He uploaded a video explaining the termination of his Youtube account [1] then proceeded to reupload some videos that he previously posted on Youtube. But Rock soon tired of Blip TV since there weren't any young teens around, and months later he opened a new youtube channel HERE.

In the past few years the drama has continued; Rock told RedneckRectum to GTFO of the farm for being a freeloading, gasoline-propane-water stealing leech and towed Rectum's trailer away. Both Rectum and Rock then posted videos of BAWWW about each other.

Rock has not posted many videos since his heyday of 2010.

UPDATE: As of September 2015, David Rock was found guilty of possession of child porn. Link to story HERE.

Anna Thoms Expiration

It turns out as per David Rock's video update that Anna Thoms - the hater queen - has dropped dead from cervical cancer and lung cancer due to Thoms smoking since the age of 12. Goes to show to y'all kids that KARMA is a bitch and DON'T SMOKE.


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