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David Thorne
Where it all started.
Dave's going to Kate's Party
The Bill Spider troll

David Thorne aka Tabitha Gnillort is an Ausfag 'writer'/'comedian'/attention whore/cross-dresser and spider enthusiast from Adelaide better known for his 1337 trollage of Facebook, twitter and other social networks. He is the author of The Internet Is A Playground, a collection of 'Tabitha's' trolling tales taken from his site. He is also semi-Internet famous for his Bill Spider troll.

However, any cred and props that are due Mr Thorne are completely shot to shit because he claims that he is a devotee of and is inspired by the faggot known as Maddox.

Regardless, Mr Thorne still has game and in late April 2010, he started a meme of epic proportions when he invited the entire world to Kate's Party on his twitter feed.

Kate's Party

See main article at: Kate's Party

On April 21st, Mr. Thorne found a Facebook event for a small local birthday celebration set up by a naive young Adelaide cumdumpster by the name of Kate. Unfortunately, young Kate fails at Internets and privacy settings and left the event open to all-comers. When Mr Thorne happened across the event, he decided to throw a little dick into the party by announcing it on his 30,000 followers of his twitter feed:

Yay. Kate's having a party in her small apartment. Hit attending & give the host an aneurysm: http://tinyurl.com/29hrgfa



The rest is history as this tweet became a shot heard round the Internets, going viral and finally landed on /b/. ebaums quickly set about RSVPing to Kate's party en masse and spamming up the comments with the usual litany of fucktardery and lulz. They also started sending poor unsuspecting Kate hundreds of messages with all manner of vile and debauched invitations to their own private parties and started the search for dox.

Trolls Trolling Trolls Trolling Trolls

Not satisfied to let this epic, subtle OTI to IRL troll and its attendant lollercaust become a natural born viral meme, Mr Thorne later decided to insert himself further into the budding Internets brouhaha to force it and stamp his name on it. Already famous for pretending to be loli on the Internets, he then set up a sock Kate Miller account and plant another open event for Kate's Party after the OG Kate had pulled the plug on the original event.

This event is set for May 8th rather than the original event which was set for May 1st and already has another 50,000 plus aspiring party animals. It remains to be seen how Mr Thorne will milk this for maximum drama and lulz but since this meme is already getting old, it's unlikely that anyone will care by then.

David Visits ED

To further his agenda, Mr Thorne paid a visit to ED on the night of April 25th to try trolling the trolls who are already trolling trolls that troll trolls. As is his usual bent Mr Thorne created an account posing as a girl to post a shoop of an alleged twitter post from 27bslash6 claiming that he was, in fact, the original Kate and that even the initial Kate's Party event was of his design and that he had trolled everyone -even ED. He/she then got on ED IRC claiming that the original tweet had been deleted so there was no actual proof that this wasn't a shoop.

However, as we all know, you can't troll a troll and ED's crack Lulz News Network team of investigative journalists called bullshit, having already contacted the 'real' Kate Miller and gotten her take on the hueg internet phenomena that her party had become. This after due diligence was done and having verified her as not being David Thorne.

And what would you like to say to David Thorne?



Grow up. Get a real job.



It is unknown how this pwnage affected Mr Thorne, but by the next day, his fake Kate Miller profile and the May 8th Kate's Party had vanished from the face of Facebook.

YouTube Faggotry

In this vidya, David cosplays being an emu.

TV Show

In June 2014 it has been reported that David is working on an HBO comedy series with Arrested Development's Jim Vallely. It's a comedy series named after his blog that takes place in an advertising office and will most likely suck. [1]

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