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If you (correctly) tell a Juggalo that the Insane Clown Posse sold out, he will try to fuck you in the ass.
It's more likely than you think!
Famous kike Chaim Witz (Hebrew: חיים ויץ) AKA "Gene Simmons" of KISS, shown whoring his band's image with the KISS Kasket

In the world of artistic performance, some performers actually make money off of their performances, or change their craft to better suit a wider audience. When this occurs, the words "sell out!" will surely arise from the souls of many pwned indie fucktards. They are upset because their favorite band may become known by more than four people, therefore becoming uncool.

While this typically applies to musical groups, it can apply to any type of performer or profession.


  • Megadeth - Band leader Dave Mustaine once claimed that Megadeth was always a "rock" band. Plus he sells his own brand of coffee.
  • EA - Used to make shitty games in the 80s and early 90s. Hit it big with the Madden and is now an unstoppable force in the gaming industry. EA can, and will, buy any game developer and rape its IPs.
  • Underoath - Used to play death metal/black metal on their first 2 albums. Afterwards, they hopped on the emo/screamo bandwagon due to changing vocalists.
  • Green Day - After taking the punk rock sound and making it radio friendly in the mid-90s, they pissed off all of their old fans who liked their childish "booger and poop" themed old songs. Which in turn inspired the band to write their famously misinterpreted "Good Riddance (Time of Your Life)" song, which was supposed to be a fuck you to the fans who thought they were sell-outs but was misinterpreted as being a break-up song. After their next couple of albums tanked, they actually did sell out via writing poorly written (because satire is about calling everyone an "idiot", amirite?) politically motivated songs about how they hate America and think it is turning into a dictatorship. Yet they still live in their nice, comfortable, American homes in Beverly Hills.
  • Cryptopsy - Played technical death metal in their early days. Now, they play shitty deathcore that sounds like nu-metal put together.
  • Christian Death - Ever since Rozz Williams became an hero, some faggot named Valor Kand along with Maitri(whose vocals sound like a crackwhore being choked to death by her abusive husband) decided to sellout into being generic shitty alt-rock. The only decent thing about this band nowadays is Maitri because she's bangable.
  • Linkin Park - Sold out the moment they signed a record deal, and became the "punch an emokid" emo Limp Bizkit everyone wished would get AIDS and die.
  • Jack Nicklaus - Old, rich golfing legend who decided he didn't earn quite enough jew gold from his line of canned drinks[1], and has decided to begin his own brand of "premium" ice-cream [2].
  • Dir en grey - Pissed off their fanbase of 16-year-old girls when they quit being kawaii visual ghey trannies, made moar songs with indecipherable engrish blarg metal lyrics to appeal to gaijin, and sold albums in Hot Topic for $16 instead of the usual $40 that kept Jew from buying their shit.
  • The Rasmus - For claiming to be goth rockers, but actually being stupid preps who swim in pools of money.
  • Slipknot - Sold out when people realized that they stole their entire gimmick from Mushroomhead. Which makes them twice as bad of sell-outs, considering Mushroomhead stole their gimmick from KISS in the first place.
  • You - You would do anything for a little cash, wouldn't you? You fucking bastard.
  • Tay Zonday - Made a super-meme thanks to Anonymous and 4chan, but then everyone else started talking about him, and he soon became a corporate whore by allowing himself to be featured in commercials.
  • Dan Slott - For agreeing to write Spider-Man after they had Joe Quesada make a deal with Satan to get rid of Mary-Jane Watson, just so JQ could live out his mid-life crisis by making Peter a stupid manwhore who fucks strange women and get herpes...
  • 3 Doors Down - Sold out since day one when they hopped on the post-grunge bandwagon, but they managed to sell out rock and roll completely with the song and music video "Citizen Soldier". How? Well, think about it: what does rock and roll represent? Rebellion! What does the army represent? The Man! Way to ruin rock and roll forever, faggots.
  • AVGN - Made his fans pay for his movie which he will then charge them to see in theaters, and then charge them again to buy it on DVD. Also, the Cheetahmen scandal certainly didn't help.

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