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Aspergerbenice.gif This person has Assburgers Syndrome,
so you can't say anything bad! :-(

Be aware of that, you insensitive fuck.

If found please contact PartyVan
Last sighting before she left Partyvan and went into hiding.
Possible cause for her blind eye.
As a child, she had to wear a mask to avoid frightening others.

darr (aka 'darrfur') is a newfag who arrived last Thursday to participate in the raid on Scientology. Through her use of webcam tricks, MySpace angles and all other forms of being a fat lazy whore, darr was able to convince all non-newfags out of the raid (oldfags such as daylight and quaxar).

Depending on what day of the week it is and who she is talking to, darr will either claim she is a stay-at-home-girlfriend, a woman without any legal form of identification or a young woman suffering from depression, chronic diseases, or irritable bowl syndrome, among other things. When confronted, darr uses her powers of leaderfagging to persuade people to join her causes. Most notably she traveled many miles to be at the epic-center of Scientology Clearwater, Florida. While there, she organized the raid into what can only be described as incredible moral faggotry and Dungeons & Dragons enthusiasm by separating people into 'street teams' of red, yellow and blue. These teams wore wrist-bands which darr stole from the many bukkake dungeon clubs she visits in her spare time.

darr has become increasingly popular amongst newfags and people without brains for her ability to smoke, shoop images and call Aunty Tory on the phone to brag about how awesome it is to be her. She is also notable for having stolen the idea of Operation Party Hard from Tory but would later claim it was the product of one of her various secret IRC channels she uses to manipulate Anonymous, the chans, SomethingAwful and the raid itself.

In her never-ending quest to obtain glory from Xenu, the Marcabians and the Internet in general, darr has setup a series of network IRC channels to manipulate, control and coerce the raid from within. These secrets are mostly kept from the rest of the raid because who wants to listen to some stupid cunt rant about how awesome and organizational she is?

Evolution of SECRET IRC channels where her handpicked team of faggots run Chanology:

 #leaders -> #coffeecake -> #marblecake -> #mashedtaters -> #marcabian -> #cafemarcabia

Personal Life

darr lives in Florence, South Carolina, where she spends her time yelling at her boyfriend Alex Songe (a PHP programmer), eating chikinz, wachin pathetic pr0nz, and shooping myspace pictures to avoid people noticing shes fat as fuck and pretending to be a 12-year-old while talking to pedophiles. She also seems incapable of breeding as at least one attempt has resulted in a miscarriage. This could be due to her not being a human being. She is also has a lazy eye, possibly due to taking too many shots of jizz to the face.

darr often worries about Private Investigators from the Church of Scientology being outside of her house. On the daily basis, she'll comment frequently about strange-looking cars driving by or parking.

  <darr> strange fucking car at neighbors brb cam


darr is famous for having alternate names. Usually she steals the names/identies of people she dislikes on IRC. Listed below are the names this hambeast has gone by in the past.

  • darrling
  • Susie (girl from S/A she does not like)
  • Karen Darr (her neighbor)
  • Suzie
  • Mrs.Otera

Leaving Party Van

(And nothing of value was lost. And nothing of value was lost.)

darr was exposed as the cunt she is around April by a number of oldfag channers and people who just don't like stupid attention whores. She is currently on the run from the Party Van[1] IRC staff who she believes are investigating her and spying on her. She has moved her collective to a private IRC network where she can idle in #marcabian with 10 other people and 'whoever else deserves to be here' in order to run shit.

Claims to Fame

  1. Getting weedbag zlined from partyvan forever (Except he lulzed his way out of it 10 minutes later)
  2. Getting anon1532 zlined from partyvan for "stealing protesters from clearwater" ie her own tactics in florida
  3. Scaring away daylight
  4. Killing all LULZ in favor of intense moral fagging
  5. Starting the current moralfag movement
  7. Having horrible fucking teeth. Seriously, it's fucking disgusting.
  9. Negotiating with JanusZeal the 're-entry' of project CHANOLOGY to the PartyVan IRC Network (complete and utter lie)
  10. Lying about the amount of financial backing she had for a CHANOLOGY raid in Florida (Clearwater) and then abandoning the raid when it was discovered <-- And the Clearwater anons would love some information from anyone, because she has our permit and our cash.

IRC Quotes

 <darr> I was the one who got janus to let us back on partyvan before that he was pissed about the ddosing and was worried
 it would bring too much attention to the network but I promised it would stop and he let us back in
 <darr> those clearwater guys are lucky I participate in their raid anymore. all they do is give me shit and they're 
 completely immature I told them next time they better shape up or I'm done with them
 <darr> we need to get WBM in on this and ask him to make a video about psych out that will prove our case to everyone 

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