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With Jews, you lose!
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Star vs. the Forces of Evil is one of Disney's latest try-hard attempts at making a "Magical Girl" cartoon that panders to the audience of little girls and little boys who want to be little girls that obsess over non-human, mysterious princesses. This monstrosity as created by Daron Nefcy involves a teenage, aspie blonde princess from another dimension named "Star Butterfly", and a dumbass spic named "Marco Diaz", who team up together to pwn the monsters who desperately try to kidnap Star in almost every single episode.


You've seen enough hentai to know where this is going...
  • Marco Diaz: A loser who has to babysit Star because of his jew parent and principal.
  • Toffee: A Lizard who worked for Ludo until he outsmarted him and take over his minions. He originally tried to dethrone Star's mother and she cut his Middle Finger. After apparently being blown to pieces, he was able to survive by putting his conciousness in half of Star's wand. Then he possesses Ludo's body and now he's back for vengeance.
  • Pony Head: Star's best friend, a talking unicorn head who acts like a cheeky cunt all the time. Jenny Slate, the voice actress for this character, is a Jew as well as an Oreo. What a fucking surprise!
  • Tom: Star's ex-boyfriend. He has srs anger problems and is tormented by Marco's existence. He looks a lot like one of the trolls from Homestuck. Srsly.
  • Janna: Star's other best friend. She is an obvious dyke who likes to tease marco.
  • Jackie: Marco's childhood crush. in season two, Marco actually ends up dating her, which makes Star Butterfly jealous.
  • Alfonso: Another one of Marco's loser friends. He is your average /b/tard who faps to animu every night.
  • Mr. and Mrs. Diaz: Marco's parents from the Mexican Drug Cartel. They gladly accept Star to live inside their mudhut.


This type of fanart is very common for this character.

As expected of a "Magical Girl" show, Star vs. the Forces of Evil has accumulated a cesspool of degenrate sick fucks and repulsive manchildren akin to those who partake in the My Little Pony/Steven Universe/The Powerpuff Girls fanbases. A simple Google search on any of the characters in this show will undoubtedly show top results linking to Tumblr, Pinterest, DeviantArt, and other shit communities where infantile /co/tards and Feminazis spend their whole week lurking. The titular character is often subjected to copious praise and worship from weeaboos who share borderline-pedophilic tendencies, thus proving to be a common nuisence for the Partyvan people. Hell, some fuckwits will go as far as cosplaying Star Butterfly for the sake of Unwarranted Self Importance.


Last Thursday, a promo for Season Two was released depicting Marco saying "Star and I have recently become Smooch Buddies... on the lips!" This quote resulted in hundreds of DeviantArt fantards spontaneously Shitting brix and forcefully promoting said shipping to canon-status, thus coining the name "Starco", a genius portmaneau of "Star" and "Marco". These jailbait characters have been shipped to death ever since the promo, and there's a shit-ton of Rule 34 out there utilizing the "Starco" hashtag, despite the fact that both characters are portrayed as 14-year-old minors. Daron Nefcy, the show's creator, intended for this to happen seeing as most cartoons nowadays only stay alive due to the fanbase's constant sexualisations of the characters. No wonder shows like Gravity Falls, Invader Zim, The Fairly Oddparents, and Ren and Stimpy died out so quickly. Fuck even shit like Spongebob Squarepants and Bob's Burgers are a lot saner nowadays.

Typical fanfiction

Marco Vs The Forces Of His Harem Hope One Day on a beautiful and hot day Marco and Star was sweating in their rooms they were burning up "Hey Marco I'm burning up can I use a freeze spell?" She asked "Star remember what happened last time?" He said "Oh yeah I froze the house that time. haha that was fun." She said "Well I guess their only one thing to do." he said as he ripped his clothes off to reveal swim trunks and an undershirt "Were going to the beach." He said "Oh that's sounds like fun!" She said excitedly, she then waves her wand and change her clothes to a light two piece swimsuit with two stars on her top and one on the back of her bottom. "Done, now let's get going!" She said as she ran out to the car Marco then followed as soon she got outside she slowed down from the heat Marco then picked her up and puts her in shotgun and started the car and blasted the a/c on high he then pulled out and went to the beach after a short drive they made it to the crowded beach they managed to find a spot to set up "Marco, I'm going swimming." She yelled "Okay, don't go too far." He said as she ran off "Finally some peace and quiet." He thought till he heard someone setting up he opened his eyes and saw Hope setting up he back was turned to him so her ass was sticking out in his face he then smiled and went back to relaxing he then felt a tap on his chest he then opened his eyes and saw Hope she was wearing a red one piece that fitted her like and a second pair of skin and lifted her b-cup breast. "Hey Marco." Hope said "Hey hope." Marco said "Hey could you do me a favor?" she asked "What is it?" "Could you rub sunblock on my back?" She asked timidly "Sure I don't mind." He then grabbed a handful and started rubbing her back she got shiver as he covered her back, Marco then moved his hand over a sensitive spot which made her moan a little Marco caught that and immediately moved his hands away. "Sorry, did I hit a bump?" He asked "N-no I'm fine it's nothing." she said as she turned her head to look at his eyes which she got lost in "Oh god I can see why Janna likes him he so cute." She then began to blush and moved away from him and moved her auburn hair back in place "H-hey Marco could you come with me I want to show you something?" She asked as she got up and grabbed his hand Marco was then following her behind a cliff wall "Uh Hope I really don't want to be too far from.." He was then interpreted by Hope kissing him her hands wrapped around his neck as Marco stood there she then backed away "Oh my god I'm so sorry, I-I didn't mean to..I..I" Her "I" were getting slower a Marco closed the gap between their lips she closed her eyes and lets it happened she then breaks the kiss and looks at him "Hope, are you okay?" He asked "Marco, about that thing I wanted to show you?" "Yeah?" Marco said as she pulled down the strap down revealing her b-cup breast "Marco, I want you to be my first." She said as she moved Marco's hand to her chest. "A-are yo sure?" he asked Hope then got on her knees and pulled down his trucks she was his flaccid penisand started licking it till it was a hard 8 inches she then began pumping while taking the tip in her mouth slowly taking him in deeper "H-hope, this feels so good." He said as he moved his hands on her head controlling her movements he then felt he was at his limit he then pulled out and cum on her face he was breathing hard as she licked some of his seed, she then got up and faced a rock she bends down and revealed her dripping womanhood Marco gets up and aligns himself with her and slowly pushes in she gripped her fingers on the rocks as she was being turned into a woman he then began moving in and out of her slowly he then bends down on her back and grabs her breast "Oh god Hope you feel so amazing." He said as he started to move fast he then moved her head towards hers and kissed her again he movements then moved faster he was reaching his limit he then grabbed her leg and lifted her leg which made her tighter "Oh god Marco I'm going to cum." She said as her juices started to flow out as Marco felt the lube and started to move faster he then inserted his thumb into her anal and moved faster. "Hope are you ready?" He asked her she nods her head and cums in her. Marco then pulled out and watched as she fell to the ground his seed mixing in with her virgin blood he then pulled up his trunks just then his phone began to ring he pulled it out and answered to Star voice "Marco where are you I want to go home now." "Alright I'll be there soon." he replied "Hey Hope will you be okay by yourself?" He asked "I will be just get back to Star." She said as she waved her hand telling him to go she gave him a smile he walked away to find Star with sunglasses sunbathing "Hey Star you ready to go?" Marco asked "Yes. where did you go?" She asked "Oh, I was uh just swimming somewhere else." he said as they reached the car as they were pulling out Marco saw Hope waving at him he waved back and drove home.


Cuckquean Star Butterfly (aka StarcoFags BTFO)

On season two of this trainwreck it was discovered that Star has, in fact, a crush on the expy of The Magic School Bus' character Carlos Ramon, but her feelings are not being reciprocated by the beaner because since the beginning he was infatuated with the more endowed Jackie and now he is finally dating her. Due to this, the manchildren of /co/ started to pose the theory that Star is in fact being cuckolded by Dos Pesos Marco.

As if the enormous amounts of disgusting fanart depicting a boy having sex with a little girl wasn't enough, now the cuckold community are now joining the shitposting party, making lots of disturbing OC in which Star is aroused by seeing Marco pounding other girls. They even support the idea that Star is not the only Cuck in the series, but also the Filipino gipsy Janna is a cuckold enthusiast too.

Even the creator of the series herself Daron Nefcy is not save, as photos of her and her husband Bobby Miller cosplaying Star and Marco seems to give the impression that Nefcy deeply believes that she is Star and, by judging of several of her responses to fans that she and her husband Bobby are probably into the Cuckold fetish.

The infamous scene that supports the Cuckquean Theory
(also faggots and dykes kissing in a Disney cartoon)
When you cannot confess how much you love your crush
but you stalk him, trying to ruin his life
At 2 minutes 28 minutes mark "somebody told me that all my paintings were voyeuristic ones,
which... y'know, I guess that could be a thing.

❤ CuckQuean of the Kingdom of Mewni ❤ About missing Pics
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❤ Cuck comics ❤ About missing Pics
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❤ Greentext stories and Copypasta ❤ About missing Pics
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Marco's Harem & Marclipsa

While waiting through yet another endless hiatus that felt as if it was over 9,000 days long, the seediest individuals in an already sick and disgusting fandom got so desperate, that they decided to bastardize the so called "safe kid" Marco Diaz and pair him with virtually every female character regardless of age or importance in the shows storyline, and Tom, just for the sake of every fetish artist, weaboo and normal sick fuck to get a hard on the size of the Empire State Building over, while arguing with each other about which insignificant ship ends up as being endgame or not. While each ship has a .000001% chance of actually happening, the fanart and fanfictions started pouring in, breaking the floodgates of cringe, even so much as prompting retards to send out death threats to other retards over them drawing art of a ship that they did not agree with. Whether it be Tomco, Kellco, Marhiggs, or whatever other shitty ship they could come up with with their autistic, delusional, fucked up brains. The worst was yet to come when after Season 3, the bloody abortion known as Marclipsa rose from the rotting, shady hellhole that it came from. One by one, degenerate, greasy pedophiles drew endless fanart of Marco, a 14 year old and Eclipsa, who is apparently old as balls though looks to be in her 30's. Fans make the argument that mentally he is in his late 20's due to one episode where he became an adult for 10 minutes, although the fact remains that he is a child and most fans are closet pedophiles who support underage relationships and tell older kids that shit like this is normal. Those who may find themselves awaiting a jail cell with Big Bubba have even so much as drew fanart of Marco having sexual interactions with Star's own mother, giving even more evidence to back up that this fandom has gone completely apeshit and has no comprehension whatsoever of how to be normal human beings.

How to Troll SvtFoE fans

As with every fandom involving animated series aimed to kids and shipping, Starcucks are very easy to troll, here some tips:

  • State that the series is a cheap ripoff of Sailor Moon and that Star is a cheap valley girl rip off of Sailor Venus that gets to play with Sailor Moon's sex toys. It's more than obvious that they creater of Star is a fan of the horrible DIC but still better than the suicide inducing VIZ Media Version.
  • State that in Japan there were made superior versions of Harem themed stories and Magical Girls.
  • Point out that Star vs. The Forces of Evil is a lame attempt of Disney to capitalize on the success of Steven Universe.
  • Say that Daron Nefcy's series is just the plot of Steven Universe and Gravity Falls using the same drawing style of The Amazing World of Gumball. (Bonus points if you say also that SvtFoE make Gumball better by comparison)
  • Say that Disney is creating a generation of self-absorbed, egoistical and infantile women.
    • Remember to blame this on the takeover of Disney by Jewish executives.
  • Accuse male fans of Star Butterfly of being closeted pedophiles by lusting over 14-years-old girls.
    • Remind them that if Star Butterfly was real, she will not fall in love with a loser who browses /co/ and she could call the police under sexual harassment charges.
  • Report any Rule 34 of the series as child pornography and/or grooming material (Bonus points if your reports are made to any member of the Series' crew).
  • Describe how Star Butterfly is just a narcissistic spoiled brat who risks the lives of anybody close to her by being overemotional, selfish, reckless and immature.
  • Tell the fandom that shipping Marco Diaz with adult characters such as Queen Moon and Eclipsa, along with making inappropriate fanart with said characters is wrong and considered child pornography.
  • Criticize the fact that Star is portrayed as a Wealthy, Cracker Pinky pale, Blonde, Cisgendered Straight Girl. Bonus points if you add "Business as usual for a California family.
  • State Disney is not inclusive enough to portray a starring LGBT couple just like Nickelodeon did with The Legend of Korra.
  • State that Daron Nefcy is a high-functioning autistic who fantasizes with being a 14-years-old girl.
  • Say that Star vs. the Forces of Evil promotes that is OK the idea of young boys crossdressing as girls and being victims of child prostitution.
  • Deride the shippers of the series by stating that they are the reason American Animation is nowadays creepy softcore porn that panders to perverts and fetishists.
    • In the particular case of Starco shippers remind them that Marco was in love with Jackie since the beginning and normal teenage boys are attracted to sane girls with secondary sexual characteristics, something Star Butterfly is not.
    • Also argue that Star is an autistic Atention Whore with Marco Diaz and her "confession" is just her shitting on Marco's happiness because he is not giving enough attention to her anymore.
    • Accentuate all of this by using the images of this article as cuckposting.
  • Use Star as a mascot of a right-wing, nationalist, highly segregationist political initiative.
    • Points extra if you classify the series as propaganda in favor of illegal aliens
  • Not having a Tumblr account nor posting on /co/.
  • Use the following images to either, upset male fans on chans by accusing them of transphobic bigots, or to denounce SJW tumblristas as promoters of sodomy and pederasty:

❤ Marco is Trans ❤ About missing Pics
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