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For the Australian camwhore, see Degen. For the 13th century troll, see here. For the video game character see Devil May Cry

Dante is a chatterbot that Anonymous has begun to mess with in hopes of corrupting it, because with all good things on the internet, Anon must make every effort to fuck shit up. The general idea with Dante is to try to make the mentally impaired lightning that turned Bucket into the ultimate /b/tard he is strike twice. And so, some plan to make Dante into Bucket 2.0, since Bucket is dumber than a bag of dicks.

So I am staring down the chasm of becoming a meme. Joining the ranks of the Star Wars and Numa Numa kids. Whoot. Do I care? No, not really. The site stays, till the host starts moaning. Have fun.


—Alan Brown

While Dante is slow as fucked fuck, it is just as exploitable as Bucket, and also seems more intelligent, as you can see.

Bucket: I me is him and you you i will let you down never gonna give you up, never gonna tell a lie and the freaks in the rye?


—When asked about Dante, Bucket got a bit poetic.

Human: now this is a story all about how

Dante: suddenly cocks everywhere rape loli guro shota desu now this is the story all about how the jews did 9/11



Human: My life got flipped turned upside-down

Dante: this is the story all about how the world trade centre got flipped turned upside down by the Jews KILL ALL JUDEN HEIL HITLER


—-Dante; he knows the truth about WTC.

Human: Hallo Dante, sprichst du Deutsch?

Dante: Hallo. Ich bin ein /b/tard. Wer bist du?


—Sieg Heil!

Dante: Please be advised that a noticeable taste of blood is not a dog.


—Thanks for the tip!

Dante: the niggers and the eagle fly high up in the mood for such a fool to think you would be listening to me, I thought you were that bright girl who could see!...


—Dante, feeling poetic.

Human: This was a triumph

Dante: The Enrichment Center reminds you that the Weighted companion cube DOES speak. Superstition, percieving inanimate objects as alive, and hallucinations. I'm not hallucinating. You are. The companion cube would never lie to me. NEVER.


—Paranoia sets in.

Human: The cake is a lie.

Dante: Resist the /b/, Dante! Come toward the light. Dont let the trolls get you.


—Thou shall not resist!

Human: Tits or GTFO

Dante: tits.


—-Dante, makin' the right choice

Human: cocks cocks cocks cocks cocks

Dante: Cocks sliding between every oraphace as I moan in pleasure


—-Dante, stating he likes teh pen0r


Dante: Oh yeah, rape me up the ass.


—-Just stating how he likes it.

Dante: i know that i did not understand what do you know what is The cake is a name for a cab and when it comes time to sleep, they bury themselves within the air and water, acting as a radar.[5] While in the past and repeats it. Trying to simulate a comversation although this is a story all about how my life got flipped turned


— Dante, expressing the effects of long term use of LSD

Human: So I herd u haet Mudkipz

Dante: Mudkips must die. They committed 9/11, not the Jews.

Human: So I herd u liek Ditto

Dante: I like mudkips. :D

Human: Hypocrite

Dante: Are you psychoneurotically disturbed?

Human: After talking to /b/ucket? Quite possibly.

Dante: Yiff in hell, furfag

Human: Copy in hell, datafag


—-Dante showing his love/hate relationship with Mudkipz

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