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Info non-talk.png Dan is an immediate threat to society and will likely get LOLOL HE GOT v&; please archive his shit before he inevitably goes ER.
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This faggot waits for the child to make the first move in a sexual situation.
You can help by contacting Federal Authorities and alerting Chris Hansen.
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Be aware of that, you insensitive fuck.
Dan's reaction to this article

Dan Cilley is a Millennial guy born sometime in the middle of the 1980s, born and raised in California. He gained notoriety through producing several Vlogs of him accosting random bitches in the streets of Los Angeles, often stalking and harassing them in a disturbing, awkward manner. In his videos, he would often scream at them, shouting "I love you!!", chanting "WEEEEIII!!1", and even asking girls if he could quote "Get an image of your butt?". Throughout the years, he has amassed a small cult following and has even been called out on the news! Many locals are familiar with him now and even handed out predator alert flyers to be posted on a nearby pole. Eventually, his trolling caught up to him and he presumably got visited by the Pigs and promptly v&. This would explain why he unlisted all of his videos and disabled channel comments. A few months later, in August 2016, he re-listed all of his content and made a few more videos. He made another account in May 2016, while deleting most of the videos from his original one. On Facebook, he has accumulated a small fan-base and two thousand "Friends" who often troll him by ironically calling him a cunt destroyer / AMOG.

Arrest and Court Appearance

News Segment

His autism has grown and gone on for so long that he managed to get featured in the news. He is now locally infamous, feared by women all over downtown Los Angeles. The news media pointed out some lulzy quotes, such as:

“Can I get an image of your butt? Are you 18 years old? Sorry if I creeped you out or anything. I don’t want to touch you or do you want to touch me?”


“I'm the Downtown L.A. predator – that’s what people call me.”


“I wouldn’t be surprised if you were a serial killer”


— disturbed viewer


1:14 "Child porn is illegal, but what exactly is child porn? I think all it means is that a kid under the age of consent...that if the penis has any contact with the vulva or the penis has any contact with the mouth of the kid or the kid's mouth has any contact with the dick, okay, or the anus, right, or the kid's mouth has contact with my anus, we just have to be careful about it." "If I'm having sex with a woman and there's a baby right there, that's pretty close to my dick touching the kid's mouth or my balls touching the kid's head [maniacal laugh]. I do not want to make fun of anything. I don't want to ridicule the sanctity of a baby."

1:18 "I wouldn't want to take away tard cum from the baby, though I would suck on a breast to stimulate the production of tard cum. I don't know, I'm very naïve about this....when she's breast-feeding a baby, it's a perfect opportunity to have sex. so that's verrrrrrrrrry a good thing to make a picture of."

1:22 "If you think that kids shouldn't have sex because it's dangerous to know about...but the truth is that if kids are exposed to sex it will be healthier or better. If you don't, it could mess up the kid so he's too scared to talk to girls." (It's so clear that Dan thinks this is what happened to him, not autism and/or social anxiety or whatever disorder he was long ago diagnosed with---he's afraid to talk to girls because he wasn't raised correctly).

1:28 [Discussing why the legal age of consent is 16 in California] "Let's say you had sex at 8 years old but regretted it. I don't know, it doesn't make sense to me. Yeah, you had sex at 6 years old, or 3 years old, or 6 years old, you let a guy finger you or something. But you look happy and you're curious, you're curious that a guy wants to finger you. You want him to finger you but later you regret it...and have a bad memory. Maybe if your parents taught you that was illegal you wouldn't have done it and wouldn't have that negative association with sex. Every single time a guy fingers you you'll have this negative association...cause it ended up being a bad experience...you wanted the guy to finger you but you didn't like it. He fucked you and you're like 6 years old, right, but he fucked you very violently, not violently but very hard and that was very violent and that was negative emotion because you got scammed....you didn't realize guys might want to fuck you really hard...you felt like you got raped but you actually didn't get raped, because you wanted to have sex. (says the same thing a few more times). You might have gotten envious because the guy was having the time of his life but you weren't, so you're envious. If you're a girl, you would want to have the same amount of pleasure. I don't know, it's so stupid, it doesn't make sense. It seems like it's not a big deal and shouldn't be a big deal to have sex with girls who are 15, or 14, or 13, or 12....but they might be overwhelmed by it. It's so stupid....when you reach puberty you want to have sex, you want to masturbate, you have a drive, kids need to be taught how to have a healthy sexual experience. It's not about consent. They need to be taught HOW to consent. 'Cause that SUCKS to have guilt, to feel guilty that it's illegal to do something. Yet you should be having sex because you're probably ready."


Dan and his fans have typed some lulzy and bizarre things out, such as these;

I'm going to report you to your local police department. Not just because of the threat you are to women but also because I'm geuinely afraid that you will hurt yourself. You are truly absolutely insane. And I don't say this to make fun of you or to take a shot at you. You are actually mentally ill and I worry about you.



—irish November, being a pussy.

My cock is going to feel so fucking hard and thick...the sight of their shaved pussies...wet...hot...yes...I'm going to celebrate while I am dominating them...and the sound of their pleasure will fill me with life. Yes. I am now going to only talk to them if they stop walking when I stop. I am then going to talk more quietly and calmly. I am going to try to get in their space. Then, if they are still comfortable, I am going to whisper to them sweet, sensual, sexual imagery and feeling.



—Dan, detailing his sexual fantasies.

14 year olds can be attractive. They are reaching puberty at younger ages due to excess animal protein. IGF-1. The purpose of life is to reproduce. If she is mentally mature enough, then it would be to her advantage to have sex with a man who would take care of her, if her body has physically matured enough to carry a baby successfully. In other words, it's not immoral to be attracted to 14 year olds. When I was 14, girls flirted with me, and I was attracted to girls. I was just too shy to talk to them. Also, the first time I came was when I was 14...that's when I was able to reproduce. I probably should have then, because I used to at least go to school and I had a job.



—Dan admitting he's a pedophile, who needs to take a seat right over there.

You will see my balls in their mouth, them licking my asshole, their fluids erupting fom their hot pussy, me handling them roughly, squeezing them hard, them saying they want to swallow because they like the taste, and moaning and orgasming loudly and passionately. I am worried about what they think. There apparently was the mom driving. I am worried about why the girl was so unimpressed. I want to please them...give them incredible pleasure...the girl and her mom, and the other sister in the car.



—Dan being a creepy ERPing fuck even more.

All I'm trying to do is get them to desire to be dominated by me. I believe this will work by telling them to stop walking, then telling them to come closer, then telling tem that I want to whisper something in their ear. I am going to say very dirty things, depending on how innocent/inexperienced the girl looks.



—Dan projecting.

It's called "being alive" actually. You're supposed to get extremely aroused when you see a girl like her. Her voice was not that attractive even. Watch my "Epic Accost at 19:00" video. You're supposed to be rewarded for behaviors that prolong your survival and reproduction. Now, in our environment are foods and media that make us feel good, and they satiate our desire to mate somewhat, so that we don't feel as motivated to be around people and try to have sex with them. Sublimate...we sublimate our sexual desire. But when you're like me, who purposely avoids all stimulating foods, you experience a blast of pleasure when you approach women, and healthy foods taste incredible.



—Dan going off the fucking deep end with his ideology. He's like Cyrus from Pokemon, mixed with Elliot Rodger

You had better accept the fact that you must have a hard dick, high energy, high strength, and fuck young, hot, wet, responsive vaginas, and force your cum into them, and prevent the woman to move in any way when you explode inside her, and you must allow the beast within to come out, letting the roar roar, and hold nithing back, and tell the women you love them and will be their protector and provider forever, in order to be happiest.



—Dan in response to a commenter

Dan Cilley Vlogs

This channel is the funniest shit of all time. This is better than drugs hahahaha




Kim is Dan's 51 year-old, Cambodian-born schizophrenic female friend. As of August 2017, Kim has not allowed Dan to have sexual intercourse with her for about two years. Kim had previously told Dan that building rules limited his staying at her apartment to a three-nights on, three nights off basis, but he presently seems to be living there permanently. Kim is also a pigeon fancier.

Back to Rohnert Park

As of August 2017, Dan is living with his father in Rohnert Park, where he is having fun getting to know his new neighbors:

Rohnert Park Police warn neighbors about sex offender moving in

So-Called 'Downtown LA Predator' Moves to Rohnert Park

Andrew Fitzpatrick

Andrew Fitzpatrick gained Dan's trust (and access to his social media accounts) over several weeks by producing hand-drawn pictures and other content based on Dan's videos, before hiding or deleting the videos on Dan's main YouTube channel, and uploading parody content to spoof channels. Ostensibly, this was because Dan owed him royalty fees for producing the pictures, although knowledgeable pundits have raised doubts whether Mr Fitzpatrick actually believed that Dan would ever generate sufficient income to pay royalties (see here).

Mr Fitzpatrick responds to criticism


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