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Lock up your puppies.
"I have to be cool"

Dalhusky, AKA Mr. Derek Hermans, is an overweight, socially awkward Ebon Lupus-fanatic and known dogmongler who enjoys posting incriminating videos of himself on YouTube for you to laugh at. In said videos, Mr. Hermans proceeds to make out with stuffed animals and tells us how he is actually a dog trapped in a human body and how much he would like to have sex with a dog. What the fuck man, seriously. When not making an ass out of himself, Dal likes to pretend he is an anarchist communist liberal faggot... failing at all except being, well, a faggot.

Recently Mr Hermans has taken the liberty to edit his own Encyclopedia Dramatica article in the hope of educating the truth to ED- we reverted it. With the demise of Dalhusky's bid for free speech, he has now demanded that his copyrighted images must be removed from this article. Fortunately our qualified attorney at LOL has informed us that this is not in fact serious business.

in Yer internets, screwing yer dogs...


Derek emerged on YouTube with comments on the Youtube Furry War. Using real names of some of the trolls on YouTube, he quickly gained the attention of the FCTC. It has since been discovered that his old account, here, was closed for videos of him sexually violating puppies. Because of his overtly sexual comments regarding the animals, many a furfag proclaimed Dal a troll disguising himself as a furry in order to sabotage their efforts and ruin their credibility.

Unfortunately for them Dalhusky and his sexual appetites were very real.

<video type="vimeo" id="17996847" width="500" height="500" desc= frame="true" position="center"/>

This did not stop him from garnering a supportbase, however, as his apperance coincided with the furry-wide Wolfee Darkfang Caught With Dog Porn scandal, and Wolfee, clearly needing support for his cause decided that the most reasonable response to Dalhuskys debut would be to try and assimilate him with his furry brethren. Why Wolfee thought it a good publicity move to befriend an open doghumper while denying being a puppymongler himself remains a mystery, however Wolfees vouch gave Dal enough leeway amongst the Youtube furries to keep this shit up for quite some time.


Derek runs his own website, where he states that "Dalhusky is all about love and sex and all things canine", as well as linking to a few disgusting furry sites and trying to make zoophilia sound remotely normal. Dalhusky took down his fucktarded site due to epic trolling and then put it back up. The New Husky Way. <--- Gone too. DELETE FUCKING EVERYTHING!


Having decided to make peace following a joint effort between trolls and furries telling him he's a sick fuck, Dalhusky BAWWWWW'd this up.

As of the end of November 24th 2007, I will have closed down my YouTube account (MaxSnowDog) on my own accord. It will not be a banned YouTube account. I will open a new one in the future, but I will not mention what it is on this site or any site related. An explanation will come soon.


—The dawg has said it himself and wrote it here on his own!

As of November 28th, Dalhusky's personal info was posted on the MySpace webpage for an area high school. A drama bomb of epic proportions is expected, culminating in an hero status for Dalhusky.

"Art" and more!

In his prime, the sick works of Dalhusky could be found every-fucking-where, such as DeviantART and his own xxxpuppyfarm.com website.

Derek Hermans never became an adult as he still watches children's cartoons and family movies. As you might expect, all the cartoons he watches have some sort of canine in it. We could say that Dalhusky not only raped the cartoon characters of canines, he also raped many people's childhood by making rule 34 of those cartoon canines.

Derek has ruined the following cartoons and movies:

  • 101 Dalmatians
  • All Dogs Go to Heaven
  • Balto
  • The Fox and the Hound
  • And many many more
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Quotes of his wonderful literature...

my voraphilic fixations do not exactly qualify as sexual. But they are typical of vore in general; I do want to be eaten up and swallowed by animals.



—Dalhusky needs his dream to come true...

I found out there were people who loved to have sex with stuffed animals and even other people who wished that cartoon animals would be real so they could love them for real and have real sex with them.



—Dalhusky is very normal

I'm even attracted to my own fursona. I think I've invented a new wave of narcissism, I can love myself by loving my fursona and getting off on it



—Dalhusky loves himself

There are so many dogs that are sexy ... all dogs are beautiful and sexy and lovable and beautiful ... so are dalmatians...



—Dalhusky on beautiful dogs, aww how touching

He has a nice sexy penis, that you can only see using your imagination. And some nice BALLS. That you can only see using your imagination.



—Dalhusky's imaginary penis is wonderful.

Epic trolling?

Why God, why.
Dalhusky's wet dream

When the heat got too much to bear, Dalhusky tried to proclaim the entire thing was just for the lulz, and he only drew pictures of puppy raped and Frenched stuffed animals on YouTube as a joke.Really. Unfortunately for him, like most sick fucks Dal used the same email and usernames everywhere he went, and the fact that he kept up the 'act' for over 5 years prior to YouTube made things a little difficult for him.

After executing such a flawless plan, Dalhusky rushed off to edit his own ED page to show the truth of his brilliant plan. Such honesty and forthrightness ended well.

Dalhusky the Vandal

Every now and then, Dalhusky creates an ED account to vandalize this page and tamper evidence. Simply because Dalhusky cannot handle the truth and can't help but to serve us fresh lulz by the second. The following sections below are the names and details of his ED accounts.


Lulzing up Dalhusky's article
His interests seem to be rather limited. Why would that be?
Superior language skillz. He's there for teh lulz, dawg

ChoChoDog's nature is ambiguous. He may be a zoophile supporter or Dalhusky in clever disguise. What is clear, however, is the fact that he goes about promoting his agenda in a clever, almost undetectable way. His activity on ED is strictly confined to accusing trolls of being sick fucks and posting unintelligible flames on people's talk pages. One can't help but admire his attempts at keeping the Dalhusky story fresh and providing us with additional lulz.


After Dalhusky became communist, he decided to vandalize and deny his past in this article. However Dalhusky cannot hide the truth that he is an anarchist, a pedophile, a faggot, etc. (whatever the hell he may be). Feel free to check out the following links below about his vandalism on this article.

It appears Dalhusky can't handle the truth these days...BAWWWWW!

Dalhusky's Life

The following is a PM from Dalhusky talking about his life. Could this be the cause of his sick fuckery? (Probably not, considering how insignificant a role the dog played in his early life. He's just a born sick fuck, and discovered these fetishes only after getting on the intrawebz.)

It's all like a dream I vaguely remember. Yes I was severely beaten by my father starting when I was 4 years old if my memory serves me right. I was born in Denver, Colorado on November 11th, 1982 and had no brothers or sisters. I had to watch my father beat my mother up while she was screaming and too physically weak to fight him. She got the AIDS virus at the time I was born through a blood transfusion. I am lucky to be HIV negative, but she was being terribly weakened by constant illness, such as severe pneumonia and of course abuse. My mother was a nurse who had to work nights and days and come home to a ungrateful man (my father) who would only hurt her and then me.

I once had a canine companion for a short while. She was a Samoyed and she wasn't given a name, not even by me because I didn't think it was my call to give her a name. She too was beaten terribly by my father. Whenever she would poop on the carpet my father would grab her, hit her on the hind legs and for every hand strike to her hind quarters she would yelp loudly. She was a young dog. She wasn't a little puppy, but I think she might have been an adolescent dog the size of a full grown Samoyed. I know that she wasn't a little whelp when we had her. But one day I woke up to find that she had either been given or thrown away. It is a mystery as to why she was no longer with us. I shall never know what happened to her exactly and I assume she is dead. Because given a dog's life span relative to how long it has been already (1989 I assume), she had to have been either killed, euthanized, adopted or who knows what.

Before my mother was about to pass away, my father knew that people were becoming suspicious and that he also was in debt to the tune of thousands of dollars, he immediately packed everything, shipped everything to God knows where, took us to Hawaii where my mother was finally and permanently hospitalized at a hospital I recall being called "Straub." Ah! Here is an official link I just found for that health care system. http://www.straubhealth.org It does exist.

After that, my mother passed away and I said good bye to her corps in her room. So, being the scattershot person my father was and realizing that he had fucked himself up by leaving our Denver apartment, constantly living in hotel rooms and eating only convenient store foods, he took me with him to San Jose, California where after living in more and more hotels and buying an expensive Cadillac with my mother's social security money, he was arrested by the police, taken away to jail for being in debt and I was taken to a shelter for kids which was pretty much an orphanage and I was orphaned when I got word after being relocated to another holding facility, that my father had fallen off a two-story jail house and became permanently crippled and was put on life supports at a San Jose hospital near the Don Lowe(sp?) pavilion, which was where I was stationed, that he was almost 100 % dead.

He was taken off life supports and was fully dead. The only relatives that I had left were my maternal grandmother and grandfather. I had a social worker drive me all the way up from San Jose to Davis, California where I spent a year in a Progress Ranch group home in 1992. After extreme legal custody battles, my grandmother was finally allowed to have custody of me along with my grandfather in Woodland. My grandfather passed away in 1994, and my grandmother is still alive right now, but is getting terribly old and I am living in a studio apartment apart from my grandmother's house which she still has, but I will likely have to sell it when she dies.

This is too long a story for right now. That's the basics of it all. Plus I had been diagnosed with PTSD and other disorders. I do see a psychologist and she does not condemn my sexual fetishes and desires for dogs. She feels it's fine like homosexuality and I'm Bi when it comes to dogs.

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