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DRM or Digital Rape Mechanism is some shit invented by Gottfrid Svartholm to encourage piracy by rendering retail copies of media unusable.

Using L337$P34|< to convince bloated corporations that piracy could be prevented (LOL) the DRM manufacturers sold them this crap and joined in the mass public gangbang of the entertainment industry whose products should be legally free anyway. Smarter Jews within the media conglomerates realise that this is a pointless endevour, however they think that overzealously protecting their output will encourage the myth that it has some value. In actuality, all modern music/films/games are worthless shit and probably either plagiarized or a remake of something that was released less than five years ago.

History of DRM

DRM first came on the scene at least 100 years ago when people started recording songs on the radio to cassette tapes. This caused rich people, "artists", and lawyers to shit themselves in terror and run around screaming "ZOMG THEY R STEALING OUR PROPERTIES!!!" They then paid some Ethical Hackers over 9000 dollars to develop a way to keep music from being spread across the tubes for free.

Today DRM is loved by republicans and hated by Steve Jobs. Some argue that DRM will eventually lead to the downfall of civilization, but everyone else considers it to be shit nobody cares about.

DVDs (or Bluray disks) you buy are encrypted and all of the video and audio on these disks are coded using a key that the hardware attempts to keep secret. Hollywood requires that all DVD manufacturers participate in this restrictive practice, and they can use the DMCA to make any device that doesn't participate in their scheme illegal.

This type of faggotry was but the foreshadow of greater ones to come. Standing behind the technology companies, Big Media loom large. To increase their control, they demand technology companies impose DRM. Of course many of the technology companies now see themselves as part of Big Media, in example: Sony is a film and music company, Microsoft is an owner of MSNBC, and Steve Jobs, the CEO of Apple, sits on the board of Disney is burning in hell while Satan shoves broken iPads up his ass. These technology companies cannot be expected to serve the interests of the technology consumer.

Big Media hope that DRM will deliver them what copyright law never has: they aim to turn our every interaction with a published work into a transaction, abolishing fair use and the commons, and making copyright effectively last forever. They will say that you accepted DRM and willingly surrendered your rights to such an extent that you will only be able to regain control by removing the software, But if you do remove the software you will also remove all your movies along with it.

You are restricted even geographically, and you lose your movies if you ever move out of the USA. You of course have to agree that they can change these terms at any time. (Microsoft's newly upgraded Windows Media Player 11 user agreement has a similar set of terms.)

The AIDS that plagues the Industry

Each time the man forces you to upgrade your software, at they same time downgrade your rights. Every new DRM system will further rape you in the ass. Apple has also added more restrictions to their services, restricting the use of music and video. But this is not just happening with music and video alone, DRM is being applied to knowledge and information, such as libraries, schools and universities, which are adding DRM, sometimes under pressure, often without understanding the consequences.

How does this affect us in the future?

  • No fair use.
  • No purchase and resell.
  • No private copies.
  • No sharing.
  • No backup.
  • No swapping.
  • No mix tapes.
  • No privacy.
  • No commons.
  • No control over our computers.
  • No control over our electronic devices.

Note how this type of invasion of privacy would not be tolerated, if it came from some other source. HAHAHA DISREGARD THAT, NSA.

Users of free software are also victims of DRM. They can be locked out, and their computers won't play the movies or music under the lock. Products can "tivoize" their code (remove their freedom through DRM), delivering it back with malicious features and blocking removal.

The RIAA and the MPAA are actively lobbying Congress to pass new laws to mandate DRM and outlaw products and computers that don't enforce DRM, thus DRM has become a major AIDS that plagues the freedom of computer users.

If consumers even know there's a DRM, what it is, and how it works, we've already failed


—Disney executive Peter Lee In September 2005


DRM is related to AIDS in the following ways:

  1. DRM is a virus
  2. DRM is spread via anal sex by homosexuals
  3. Magic Johnson loves DRM
  4. DRM was released onto the internets as a final solution (like the CIA did with AIDS, amirite)

DRM as flame bait

There are many ways to turn DRM into lulz. In any thread, comments section, or LJ community even remotely related to music or the Internet, one can achieve maximum lulz by recounting the many benefits offered by "protected" media. These include:

  • Letting the record companies put DRM in music files keeps prices low as they no longer have to account for piracy
  • The MPAA and RIAA are only looking out for the best interest of the content creators
  • The sound quality is better (or something)
  • Hitler was also against DRM (omg Godwin!!)

Also, keep in mind that everyone on the Internet has an opinion, so try and be as contrary as possible. If someone makes a comment like "I hate DRM because I should be able to do what I want with what I own," respond with something along the lines of "Well, I got in trouble last Thursday for beating my slaves, so you win some you lose some."

DRM? In my Music?

DRM is everywhere. It's on your iPod, your DVDs and CDs, and even in your base, killing your dudes. It can be removed if you have access to Google and fifteen minutes to kill. In the meantime, you can write Congress and record execs to tell them that you'll never buy music again unless they get the DRM out of your music.

The Digital Rights Manager

Any form of management has a manager. To use the Digital Rights Manager, create a new folder named "Digital Rights Manager.{645FF040-5081-101B-9F08-00AA002F954E}" (without the quotes) and move all your restricted files there. Moving the files back is easy - the Manager remembers where a file was so you can just click "Restore" to move it back.

The Digital Rights Manager uses the Recycle Bin as a temporary storage. You must empty the Recycle Bin before using it to manage your rights.

Now you can manage the digital rights. Right click a file and click "Manage" to remove all restrictions.

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