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For those special moments when "NIGGER" just WON'T suffice, DOUBLE NIGGER is THE BEST meme on the planet. Originating in /v/, it somehow managed to get stolen by /b/. It originated as a scan of a children's Sonic the Hedgehog joke book (from the good old days before he turned into an animé faggot) and, after subtle editing in MS Paint, demonstrated endless possibilities in replacing Robotnik's speech with creative orgies of profanity. Off-shoots of the meme were taken from other pages in the comic book, thus feeding the Internets with more lulz. Even more lulz were had when /b/ began posting full threads of IRL multiple niggers.

In the original, a fish robot with the inexplicable ability to fly around, apparently wanting cake, pesters Dr. Robotnik (the fat fuck with the mustache, for all you non-Sonicfags). Although the cake is allegedly in front of them, the fish robot persists to annoy Robotnik, resulting in him calling the robot a "DOUBLE NIGGER". This, of course, is exactly twice as offensive four times as offensive as being called a regular nigger, since offensiveness is proportional to the square of the number of niggers, much like kinetic energy and an object's velocity. In this example, twice the Nigger Multiple raises the severity of the insult fourfold.

Unfortunately, no one actually knows what a double nigger is. Is it two niggers standing really close together? One nigger that's twice as likely to mug you? Or maybe one that's twice as quick running away after it's mugged you? One already discredited theory is that it is a nigger that likes KFC twice as much, as this would be impossible. Others believe that a double nigger is a more relative form of measurement, representing the extreme end (or doubling) of niggardlyness, as measured from the local base niggardry in any given region of space. Some theorists have posited that a Double Nigger describes perfectly the highest possible level of niggerdom that a single individual could contain. This state would represent the maximum possible density for niggerdom that a region of space could contain, much like conditions in the universe just after the big bang. The Cosmic Nigger Inflationary hypothesis in fact is able to explain many aspects of the universe, such as why the cosmic microwave background is at the particular temperature that it is: all light in the proto-universe was stolen by the cosmic Double Nigger. Once the universe expanded enough that the Nigger Density was less than the critical density needed for Double Nigger status, light could propagate. What we observe today as cosmic microwave background radiation (or CMB) is the first light to have escaped the Double Nigger's thieving paws, red-shifted into the microwave spectrum.

Our crack research team recently released a report suggesting that Flava Flav is in fact the closest thing to an IRL double nigger yet observed.



Apparently, Google, being the politically-friendly, censoring fascist website that is, has unsuccessfully tried to censor out the magnificent N-word. Just type in N***er on Google`s Search Bar and in the Suggest Search Results, you will get a very pleasant result!

PROTIP: Don`t tell the politically-correct liberalmaniacs at Google this super-niggardly secret to ruin this pleasant sprinkle of lulz! They will surely take it away from everyone!

Additionally, it is strongly recommended that YOU should post some nice, constructive compliments on the following video because without this video's awesome title, NIGGER (TIMES THREE) wouldn't even be a Google Search Result!!! :-) Just make sure this video stays up, m'kay?


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Double Nigger Compilation with Audio Part 1-5

PROTIP: Play all five at once.


DOUBLENIGGER Part 2: Electric Boogaloo



DOUBLENIGGER PArt 5. Another fucking episode.

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