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The illustration that started it all

Written by flata, turned into a comic by patty and with guest illustration by baka, it tells the story of the DNS protocol using a non-fictional protagonist, tmbg37, of EFnet's #tmbg, who had a habit of asking a lot of technical questions. flata got sick of this and did a write-up explaining DNS to him. patty and baka then took it too far. Initially available at patty's website, it has been mirrored around the world. Many people today, particularly in the San Francisco Bay Area have taken it and made it their own, including t-shirts with illustrations from the comic. It was even alluded to in jerkcity. There seems to be a growing fan movement loldongs with their own fan site.

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The original story behind it all was written and posted to the internets on May 22, 2003. Its contents were as follows:

DNS for fucking idiots.

1. TMBG37 tries to go to www.dildomall.com with his browsar.
        a. His local machine checks if he's been there recently
           and if it remembers the IP address.
        b. Let's assume (big assumption people), that TMBG37
           hasn't been buying any rubbery cocks of late (ha!),
           his computar connects to its local nameserver.
                --> HELO MISTAR NAMESERVAR
                <-- Oh fuck it's you :(
                --> WHERE DO I BUY DILDOES?
                <-- Shit kid I don't even want involved with that.
                --> GIVE ME ADDRESS FOR www.dildomall.com!!!!!
                <-- Fuck you.  But fine, its nameserver is
                    ns1.bunghole.org, which is
                --> THANK YOU SIR
        c. His computer goes on to pester ns1.bunghole.org, via
           its IP address, which it got from the local nameserver.
                --> OMG R U ns1.bunghole.org?
                <-- Oh christ, I've heard about you :(
                --> OMG PLZ WHAT IS www.dildomall.com !!!!?
                <-- Leave me alone.
                --> PLXX?????
                <-- It's
2. TMBG37 goes on to happily penetrate his anus with a dildo
   bought from www.dildomall.com, with the IP address
   There are HTTP/1.1 issues involved here if it is using virtual
   hosting, but that's NEITHER HERE NOR THERE.

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