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Retrotastic photo from about a decade ago in 1999, presumed to have gained 200lbs since. He sure is hawt, ain't he?

DBoyWheeler is probably the most sad, embarrassing and talentless account that has ever joined deviantART due to his many acts of asshattery, reactions to critique and his many failures that can only be imagined. Basically imagine an ugly bald, fundie, pedophile, furry 30-something with the mind of a thirteen-year-old and makes drawings so bad that kindergartners look like the greatest artists in the world in comparison.

Who Is He?

DBoyWheeler is sick of lulz-whores.

Daniel Eugene Wheeler of Beavercreek, Ohio (troll IRL for great justice!) so called 'artist' on deviantART with multiple levels of talentless fail due to his gross obsession with Sonic the Hedgehog, as well as a very unhealthy misunderstanding of Christianity and the Bible, not to mention claiming to have Assburgers. Despite being a furry, this devianTARTlet despises gays and anything related to them. Like many, he fails to grasp the "love and compassion" part of Christianity, and chooses to distort and use his religion to be a jackass to other people. His IRL job is an at-home job checking mystery shopper reports, so this is a 27-year old bald man who still lives at home, doesn't have a real job, and makes tons of shitty art. Can you say PHAYL???

As with most artists with a juvenile mindset like his (despite the fact he's 27 years old), he also can't draw for squat. Most of his "artwork" consists of badly done recreations of Sonic characters, done in Crayola crayons or anime characters engaging in "some kissy time". It is currently unknown if he is an apprentice of the infamous Chasethehedgehog, who has serious skillz (which, you don't, but you wish you did), though affiliations with Sonicrocksmysocks are strongly suggested, as they share membership of the same "anti-gay" club on deviantART. Genitalia disgusts him immensely, so he coined the term "UTN", or "Undetailed Tasteful Nudity", but he decides to give his UTN works mature-ratings anyway, "just to be safe."

Dboy is the kind of Mormon who turns up at your door, 9 AM Sunday, Bible in hand, then asks if he can use your toilet and leaves shit marks on the bowl (if you're lucky; otherwise, he leaves an upper decker). The lowest form of an individual, it should be noted that, like most people who don't follow evolution, he himself is somewhat behind on the evolutionary scale.

It has also been said that he is a PROPHET, sent by GOD herself to cleanse deviantART of Trolls and "Cyber-Bullies". He is sometimes known as St. Danny Wheeler, because of his so-called deep belief in the Bible, how he rants on about how GREAT God is, draws Angels and says humans are copyrighted to God. One of the many miracles DBoy is capable of is talking to the characters he draws on paper, who also speak like Bible Humping Faggots. Dboy is known for the creation of what can be called "The GayFuel Fairy", which hints that he may not be as homophobic as he says. To back this up, he says "You go, girl!" in one of his holy conversations with his pictures.

Proof that St. Danny Wheeler could possibly be GAY.


The Pope doesn't like it when people try to sound smart using a collection of fictional stories.
The entire DBoy clan! Yayz! (back left to right: a friend of DBoy's sister, DBoy's dad, and St. Danny himself; front left to right: DBoy's sister/digital art teacher, DBoy's mom, and Jenny the cow)
Dboy: a Sally fetishist.

In regards to the long note above...

Little does DBoyWheeler know, quoting the Bible to make yourself sound smart does not work. If anything, it should be known that not everyone believes in God, as well as the fact that the Bible does not connect to the present world culture. Thus, wasting probably a half hour or so of his life. On the other hand, it's funny that he's willing to resort to a fictional story to get his point across, only to see it fail.

As a result, deviantART admin realitysquared has granted DBoyWheeler a smack of the banhammer for spamming with a Bible.

However DboyWheeler thinks he's the perfect Christian and God's A student. He hates homosexuality but is into bestiality, which is also against the Bible. He has committed six of the Seven Deadly Sins:

  • Lust: He lusted for Kylee when he already has a girlfriend and his bestiality fetish.
  • Wrath: He's an Internet tough guy and wants to put a virus in the computers of people who have opposing opinions, critique his art, troll him and report him to the admins.
  • Pride: He thinks his lousy art is great.
  • Greed: He thinks that he needs sympathy because he simply doesn't like his feelings getting hurt, he plays the victim in hope for people to comfort his fat ass.
  • Sloth: for not even bothering to improve his lazy ass, and for being a fatass.
  • Gluttony: For being a worthless bucket of lard.

So much for being St. Danny Wheeler, when you have for sure committed 6 out of 7 deadly sins. Let's see if he can also get Envy! Ironically, his sin of Pride is what stops him from having Envy: If he had a realistic view on his "art", he'd be jealous of about 99% of Tartlets.

He also can't say the "Our Father" since he constantly holds a grudge against other people for the previous reasons. Not only that, more than ONCE, DBoyWheeler wished death upon the trolls, even though IRL they are still human. He hates the sinner but wants people to not hate him, but his sins. His favorite food is seafood, which would most likely include shellfish: forbidden food according to the Bible. DBoyWheeler is a selfish bigot, since he thinks that Public schools should be based on Christianity, and thinks that homosexuals and non-christian people should be deprived of their rights even though America is a free country.

Do I smell a hypocrite?

Internet Tough Guy?

DBoyWheeler with his fellow bible-humping niggers.
DBoy's reaction to the fact that his art sucks.

Thanks to a snarker from Lj-favicon.png deviantartsnark, we have come to the conclusion that DBoyWheeler is your typical internet tough guy. The conversation was between Marie and DBoyWheeler after he was reported to an admin for "fighting for his own opinion" on his "art" and was then banned for a short while. At first, Wheeler was having a nice conversation, later on, he then stated that he was going to PUT A VIRUS on the computer of the person who reported him, since he deserved the banned for his acts of asshattery. Wheeler should know that this is modern times, and there are laws other than the rules listed in the Bible. The law states that corrupting or putting a virus on somebody's computer is illegal action and pure vandalism. Marie also said to Wheeler that he takes opinion too seriously and that he thinks that anything that is opposing to his thoughts is OMG TROLLING when he is actually quite the troll, himself.

LJ entry itself.

Further proof that Dboy is an internet tough guy and about to UNLEASH THE FUCKING FURY!!!

Not only does he believe that he should put viruses in people's computers, he stated over 9,000 times that he wished death upon them. Not to mention, that if he were in the Animu-verse he would (for some reason) use his Death Note to kill the trolls. While in the complaints forum, he also wanted to kill a couple of DA users with it, even though they were merely stating their opinion on his thoughts. With a huge ego, Wheeler has forgotten that it is FORBIDDEN to kill people according to THE TEN FUCKING COMMANDMENTS. Like most Internet Tough Guys, he hates criticism and insults, and wants to turn the internet into his perfect little world.

However, being the "Internet Tough Guy" he is, he can't fight his own battles. Even when someone is being polite and asking for a solid reason from Wheeler, he will just hide it and block you without even thinking. Why? Because he will just sit in the corner of his dirty room crying because he can't stand the fact that there are people hating him and not liking his crap he calls "art". Even when someone wants to have a fair debate with him, he will either hide it or never respond. At all. He can never have a valid comeback or rebuttal. If he does, the opposing person or side will have an even better comeback, and by Wheeler's standards, he can't possibly think of anything better.

Even when going through his page, you can see hidden comments on both his profile page and deviations. Ever wondered what was hidden? Critique and opinion. Ever since DA gave users the option to hide comments, its main purpose was to hide flames. DBoy, on the other hand, thinks differently. He abuses that option by hiding opposing views and honest critique. Notice how ALL of his deviations with enabled comments are set to "no critique desired". He thinks that he can force censorship to the comments he receives. He is too much of a pussy to admit he can't draw, and suddenly thinks that he can control the minds of others.

He sure is filled with wisdom, huh?

On July 28, 2007, DBoyWheeler demonstrated once again how much of an Internet Tough Guy he is, posting the following in the deviantART Complaints Forum:

Man, it seems the trolls have come out to play.

I've had to remove some names from my block list because I believe they've given up (and due to the fact that they can only hold up to 20). But one person I've blocked, I've decided to do a little "investigating" (I won't give out names, but you know who you are). I found out that I'm not the only one he's been trash-talking... he's attacking others too. He even had the audacity to insult a person's tribute to the 9/11 tragedy, all because the artist's style. Big whoop if it looks like a kid drew it... the person was giving his/her condolences to the victims of the terror attacks! But NO... the jerk had to go and insult it.

Folks, we need to stamp out cyber-bullying. And admins, we love the abilities of hiding comments (I do it a lot--after two suspensions...I've finally decided to use them more often) and the block list (despite the limitations). But these two can only go so far. We need to get people to realize that trolls and cyber-bullies will NOT be tolerated.



Of course, his sole posting was the source of many lulzy comments, to which DBoyWheeler answered in an amazingly mature way.

St. Danny Wheeler has spoken!

His full thread with all the lulz can be found here:

St. Danny Wheeler, failed to bring justice and rid the Trolls of deviantART. But as the Prophet he is, he taught many of God's creation, especially Trolls that;

  • Homosexuality is "FORBIDDEN BEHAVIOR".
  • He DOES NOT want to be questioned if he dresses up like a Furfag, or else he'll report you to the GODS!
  • Being a Prophet after Jesus Christ, he thinks he has the power to summon the Admins of deviantART at will, to lock his Sacred Thread.
  • He's a Weeaboo, who wishes to use the Death Note to smite all Trolls.
  • Using The Weakest Link references MAY shatter the spirits of those who oppose you.
  • It is WISE to use the Blocking list to rid your problems and is not an act of COWARDICE.


Even Google says that his ILoveEgg version of Kylee was creepy!
This is a stamp you can find in DBoy's journal. However, he has a right to hate the gays and kill trolls with a fictional notebook, BUT wants people to hate the sins he made and not him. Ironic, huh?
Kylee as a catgirl? NOT PEDOPHILIA!!11

As mentioned before with DboyWheeler at the top of this page, he had been affiliated with the 19 year old Sonicrocksmysocks, despite the fact that he himself is 27 years old, making her around 8 years his junior. This wouldn't have been such a bad thing if it weren't for the fact that he was obsessively in love with her. This sordid affair had been going on for over 3 years, until it finally stopped in 2008.

Evidence of these claims can be found easily both on DBoyWheeler's deviantART page as well as Sonicrocksmysocks as he constantly made shitty gift-art for her, some of which contains her OC in sailor scout uniform and even a support stamp. He also seems to have confessed his love for the young girl on her userpage, as one of his comments is suspiciously hidden with another coming right after it apologizing for something and saying he "needed to get some things off his chest." Opting to not be a dumbass, Sonicrocksmysocks had so far opted to not respond to the comments directly, favorite any of the "gifts", or even list DBoy on her list of friends, probably having been in a quietly futile effort to try and stay the hell away from him.

Anonymous cautioned Sonicrocksmysocks to tell this creep to GTFO, because people like this tend to not catch a hint, especially when it takes over three fucking years.

Also, DBoy had a creepy commission made by known furry foot fetishist Sketch Dalmatian of Kylee strapped down to a table, in a bikini, getting tickled by Sonic the Hedgehog characters. This was made when Sonicrocksmysocks was about 15 or 16, which just ups the creepiness factor. The picture can also be seen below in case of deletion.

As of August 2008, a brave troll made a journal that told the truth about DBoy. At first the journal was complaining about how DBoyWheeler had hidden critique and blocked the user, however the user began to start a war against DBoyWheeler and convinced other tartlets that DboyWheeler is just a creepy fag. The user also linked DBoyWheeler to a screenshot of Kylee admitting that she was tired of his shit. Heartbroken, knowing that his shit was not good enough even for Kylee, it has been confirmed that DBoyWheeler is no longer watching Kylee, as he has now FINALLY realized that Sonicrocksmysocks wants nothing to do with him or his constant faggotry. (see images below to see his reaction to the situation)

Kylee's thoughts on DBoy's faggotry (Aug 2008)...

Back when I first commented on it (See it here), I was trying to be polite. I shouldn't have been.

I was 15 YEARS OLD when this drawing was made. And yet there I am, strapped to a table in a bikini in a picture commissioned by Dboy. Scary? Pedophilic? Bet your ass it is.

In fact, it makes me wish I had had the foresight not to disclose information such as my last name to the public when I first joined deviantArt. I'd rather have the folks from ED shower my front page with their loathing than deal with another Bible lesson from Mr. Wheeler. Apparently I'm going to hell for not talking to him. :[

Which begs the question: would God punish someone for avoiding a stalker? (See this.)




A month later, in September 2008, DBoy wrote this on his account:

A random Deviant was going through D-Boy's things. D-Boy had gone on a long journey, trying to rebuild the reputation he had inadvertently damaged. Most of his stuff was placed in storage. A letter soon caught his/her eye. He/she picked it up. It read:

"If anyone other than Kylee (SonicRocksMySocks) picks this up, please take this to her.

"Dear Kylee,

"I am writing this as both a confession, and as a defense.

"The artwork you mentioned...well, I never intended it to be offensive, but as innocent clean fun. But given your age at the time, and the circumstances - hindsight is 20/20 after all - I can see how anyone would confuse it as pedophilia. It's an easy mistake to make. I was too proud to admit I had made a foolish blunder in asking it. But now I have come to the epiphany that I had acted foolishly. I regret that I had unintentionally frightened you in such away. It is said in acting, art, and so forth to 'know your audience.' Apparently, I did not know my audience, hence why you thought I was a threat to you. The internet is indeed a double-edged sword, so it is difficult to know who really is a friend or foe. And I admit I may have worn out my welcome many times. Again, I confess I have acted very foolishly toward you.

"As for that one letter that asked for your address, if I did write it, I do not remember it, but it is very unlikely that I did ask - I know better. If I did ask, it may have been back before I had PayPal, and wanted to send payment for a commission. But as stated earlier, I know better than that.

"As for my lashing out and threatening those who tormented me, I confess that I had sinned in my anger. Anger had always been my major weakness.

"But, to make a long story short, Kylee, I repent that I had caused you fear. Perhaps my epiphany and repentance came too late for reconciliation, but I know God is a merciful God and will forgive those who repent.

"And I forgive you, Kylee. And I pray for you.

"In His Love and Tender Mercy, Danny "D-Boy" Wheeler."



DBoy thinks that this makes him "a tragic hero" now due to his bravery, thinking that his creepy Kylee obsession was his only flaw. While finally realizing the obvious is a marginal improvement, he still draws horribly and continues to block people who criticize him.

DBoyWheeler with his IRL girlfriend...apparently she's so fat and hard-up and pathetic that she went to Prom with DBoy himself, thereby generating much lulz. Let's hope they never make babies, because OOWEE, they is gonna be UGLY.

Apparently, DBoy has an IRL girlfriend named "Jen". This raises the question of why he was so intent on stalking Kylee. According to sources, he has been with this broad longer than he had been stalking Kylee (4 years and counting). Does he think himself such a Casanova that he can get it on with two girls at once? LOL.

Obviously, it is DBoy's own hypocrisy that enables him to sleep at night. But then, we all know that DBoy is a fucking hypocrite, so this kind of asshattery should not surprise us. It seems as though Jen was never aware of DBoy's stalking of Kylee, even though any dumbfuck could see how much he loves (loved?) Kylee by looking at his DA page.

As of Aug 2008, DBoy is no longer stalking Kylee (at least publicly) so we can only assume that the IRL fat cow known as Jen is now the sole recipient of DBoy's twisted affections. One can ALMOST feel sorry for Jen...until they look at the picture of her with him at Prom. >:D Let us pray that nothing comes out of their unholy union, and that they remain virgins for the rest of their lives.

Since he takes quotes from the Bible, people tend to think that he knows every single thing in the Bible. This is false. He doesn't know that the Bible FORBIDS bestiality, thus making his naked furry art and his affection for fat cows like Jen WRONG.

Leviticus 18:23, NIV. "Do not have sexual relations with an animal and defile yourself with it. A woman must not present herself to an animal to have sexual relations with it; that is a perversion."

Looks like your God hates you and yiff.

He's a Real Artist!!!1

It took him five years to learn how to water mark.

Like most crap artists on the internet, DBoyWheeler thinks that there are some art thieves in the crowd of people who trolls him. Fortunately, all people that don't care for Wheeler are intelligent beings, and being so, they won't even bother stealing his art. In fact, nobody wants to have the shame and embarrassment of claiming DBoy's art as their own. When the Orphan Works stormed across DA, Dboy suddenly thought that other people would take his work, but nobody would ever be dumb enough to do so.

As of October 2008, DBoy has started watermarking his work, his first real effort in five years of preventing any possible sort of theft. Unfortunately, the water mark is just as ugly as he is and made his ugly pictures more fuglier than EVAR. Basically, the watermark is some demented sword with the words "Danny Wheeler" on it. Like his artistic ability, his hand writing looks as if a kindergartner with Down Syndrome wrote it with their eyes closed. He thinks that his work is so great, that there are millions of art thieves just dying to steal his art and make a profit out of it. Another thing shameful about this is that his SISTER actually taught him how to do so.

Of course, this leads to the question: who would be fucking stupid to actually want to steal any of his fugly art? The watermark in question is poorly made and designed, and only serves to decrease the quality of his work - IF EVEN SUCH A THING WAS POSSIBLE!!!

This only proves how deluded DBoy is about his own work and the fact that someone might actually think his work was actually good enough to steal.

As if his shit were able to sell as prints, he actually has a cafepress account! However, nobody even wants to be seen with such abominations against every God known to man that has ever spewed out of his vagina. But being the butthurt Biblefag, he only sells shit with quotes on them. The only quotes that are there are ones about the Lion, Fox and serpent and cyberbullying. After about a month, he submitted shirts that had his crappy drawings on it. As if people would actually pay good money for quotes that actually won't help them in real life nor on the computer, they could just find the exact same thing without the lame quotes on them at eBay for half the price. Since quotes aren't fabulous enough, he just had to make them into a disgustingly small size like his penis, making people squint like azns to read the text.

Good luck selling your fail designs, DBoy.

Now he has a book out!


In September 2008, DBoy announced that he would be getting a book published. Yes, after an endless sea of shitty art, horrid prints and even a CAFEPRESS, DBoy continues to fail epically. The book, now published, is named The Farm Boy and the Fairy Princess. He confirmed this beforehand via journal:

Dad is getting back from a trip, and he and I will soon prepare the publishing contract for the publishers... soon, my book will be for all to read!"



It obviously surprised no one the book was published by PublishAmerica, a scammy POD vanity press with zero editorial control that does absolutely nothing on the writer's behalf (except for completely screwing up the contents and selling it to the writer's relatives at inflated cost), and whose books won't be carried by book stores. Many budding authors have gone insane trying to market their books. Yes, very very many. Going to here and searching "Danny Wheeler" will give you the book. Judging by the description, nothing new is spawned. At all. It seems that he only combined the bad parts of Narnia and some video games and made something absolutely poor.

Young Curtis Terrence had lived on the farm with his uncle and aunt since he was a baby. His life takes a wild turn when he enters an enchanted burrow and finds himself in the magical Jewel-Fruit Forest and meets Princess Minerva Vernalis. Curtis soon finds a new home—and his long-lost mother—in the fantasy land turned real, and makes friends with people and creatures he had until now thought only existed in his imagination. But when the evil Warlock Blightonyx makes a pact with the three Axis powers and World War II arrives, Curtis and Minerva need all the help and prayer they need to save the human world and the Jewel-Fruit Forest’s world. This book mixes fantasy and faith in the same vein as the Chronicles of Narnia.



Only someone this pathetic would be DBoy's girlfriend for so long.

Yes, it already has references to JEBUS STUFFZ in it. Also, this is the FIRST book meaning that he might have another attempt to publish more abominations that make Jesus, himself, cry. And if that isn't bad enough, it costs 20 DOLLARS for a shitty 135 page book. Normal books would cost about seven to ten dollars (and you would get far more pages and higher quality writing for less than ten dollars!). As if anyone would waste their money on anything to be made by DBoy. If it had cost less, the sane person would most likely only buy it for lulz and firewood. Instead of how DBoy is rambling on and on about how America will fall just like Rome because Obama was elected, his book has a greater chance to make America fall apart due to the many failures being unleashed in each and every single page.

Updated 6/3/2009 - This piece-of-shit book is now available at Amazon.com, so spam it with troll and flame reviews. Do it to be a winrar. [1]

Also, he has a "sequel" out entitled Secret of the Khmer, which is set in Vietnam. Would be interesting change, if Khmer was the language and major ethnic group of IRL Vietnam and not Cambodia (read: He fails at anthropology and geography). [2]

A deserved lambasting of the first book resulted in a rebuttal from DBoy's girlfriend, Jenny, that further secures her title of cow. In her defensive post, it is revealed that her last name is Gross and she makes the claim that DBoy is an atheist, which is a result of her own stupidity and confusion about other terms, considering everyone knows how DBoy is a true Christian.

Noted DBoy Trolls

A 27-year-old lulzcow that draws like a five-year-old, acts like a thirteen-year-old and looks like a forty-year-old.


K-and-N on DBoyWheeler.


One fine morning on deviantART, a young man by the name of ChadamWhat was drunk. So drunk, that he went to GAIA ONLINE, and a girl (possibly a fellow /b/tard or EDiot) asked him to draw a picture depicting a homosexual act between DBoyWheeler and PilgrimJohn. So, being the drunk hero he was, he did it, and had no idea what the hell he was doing, apparently.

After creating an account and uploading the picture, ChadamWhat decided to post a link to the picture on each of the Bible Humpers pages, causing much lulz. DBoyWheeler was the first to find and bitch about it, saying he was tormented in high school because a lot of people thought he was actually GAY IN HIGH SCHOOL (GEE I WONDER WHY), and considered this harassment. ChadamWhat claimed he didn't even know the guy and had nothing against him, and just put it up for the girl on Gaia (he was still intoxicated at the time of the argument).

The fag reported ChadamWhat anyway, but nothing has been done to the CW yet (probably because the admins don't give a shit) besides the drawing being removed. The picture he drew and the "argument" between him and Wheeler can be seen below.


Later on, ChadamWhat drew ANOTHER gay picture of DBoyWheeler and PilgrimJohn as "just tha cutest luvers evarrr". Though, not as completely lulzy as his last drawing, it's still pretty damn funny.

ChadamWhat got pissed that his other drawing was deleted by the man, so he made a counter-attack. Neither DBoyWheeler or PilgrimJohn have been notified of the new parody art but link it to them on their front pages for great lulz or just to plain out piss them the fuck off.

Unfortunately, this would be the LAST time ChadamWhat would do such beautiful art filled with respect because he has now been permabanned for doing it for the lulz. Our deepest regrets to his family.

On August 31, 2008, BUTgODSAYS joined devianTART for the sole purpose of submitting troll art. His sole purpose is to make troll art of DBoy, which, until almost a month later, had yet to be seen by DBoy. One picture by BUTgODSAYS, which accurately displays DBoy's stalking of Kylee, was favorited by Kylee. Three of his works have over twenty favorites, much more than DBoy will ever get, even with his fetish furry porn. Even when drawing in DBoy's style, BUTgODSAYS is about over 9,000 times more talented than Wheeler.

Lilyraccoon is such a loser, she hangs out with the likes of DBoy and Pikachu.

Shortly after K-and-N, another enemy of DBoy, got banned, BUTgODSAYS also got banned. His gallery got deleted soon afterward. DBoy has shown to be very happy about this:


So it turns out that Deviantart-favicon.png Lilyraccoon is the person who had reported BUTgODSAYS to the admins. Although her art is better than DBoy's, she still does not have artistic talent and draws nothing but furry characters. If she wasn't female, she would be an internet tough guy. Somehow, she is married, and has a son named Bruce Wayne.

More of his bitchings

His reaction.
It took him 24 hours to actually read the "BANNED" status.

One day, the contributors of this very article wanted to do something for the lulz. They then went to the discussion page to think of something. Something that would attract more trolls to rape him. Finally, his rival thought of something so lulzy it can't possibly be ignored. They decided to hit the big one; ConceptArt. A place with talented elitists, and the cell of any ConceptArtist contains over 9,000 times more talent than all of DBoy. A troll agreed to pose as him and posted DBoy's buttbabies (or...art) on their forums to lure the insults. On October 27, he started the thread. A person began to start the thread to grab some win. Unfortunately, it didn't last so long due to someone crying troll, however it did catch DBoyRetard's eye.

With such pride in his crap and a huge ego, he called it an art thief and still manage to avoid the critique. With a journal entry saying that they should find THIS ART THEEV because stealing DBoy's shit is a very srs sin. Interestingly, DBoy doesn't seem to notice how people pointed out how bad his work was, yet is boiling mad over ART THEEVURY.

Conservatoons provides an anti-depressant for the likes of DBoy.

Eh, like I said, I think America's about to split pretty soon.

My girlfriend Jenny shares my fears, and says that one day "America will end up like Rome".



When Barack Obama won the presidency, DBoy went ballistic. Just like Xiao-Feng-Fury, RejectedDreams, and endless other conservatives, DBoy thinks that America is doooomed: In fact, he thinks that America will soon come to an end like Greece and Rome!

Soon afterwords, DBoy's butt buddy Deviantart-favicon.png Conservatoons, noted for being the king of unfunny and has many ass kissers including DBoy, made a new cartoon BAWWing about Obama's socialism. Xiao has left DA now and Reject has snapped, thus they never commented, but butthurt conservatives flocked over to the cartoon to complain about Obama. The opinion of DBoy himself? AMERIKA WILL GET IN ANOTHER CIVIL WAR!!!

How to Troll DBoyWheeler

An example of DBoyWheeler getting butthurt about someone not capitalizing God.
One of DBoyWheeler's IDs. It mentions "when people forget to capitalize the "G" when addressing the one true God" as something he dislikes.

Among the many things that piss off DBoyWheeler badly is not capitalizing "God". It is perhaps one of the few things that offends him as much as gays and detailed nudity. This makes for a good way of trolling DBoyWheeler, by posting "god" on his userpage. Here's some other ways to piss him off:

  • Critique his art.
  • Express your own opinion in a polite way.
  • Talk about Mighty Mouse, which, according to him, must die.
  • Tell him the truth.
  • Tell him that "Critique not desired" is shorthand for "I am a faggot that has too much of an ego to admit I can't draw".
  • Tell him that Christianity is wrong.
  • Say that you're a Muslim, or any other non Christian religion.
  • tell him that he's a furfag and to go yiff in Hell.
  • Laugh at him for how much Kylee hates him.
  • Show him this.
  • Tell him that homosexuality is equal to heterosexuality.
    • Show him this, or any other pro-homosexual piece.


Gallery of DBoyWheeler's crap art About missing Pics
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DBoy's "wisdom" About missing Pics
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Look at the love for DBoy! About missing Pics
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Oh look, he dboybutthurt forgot to deactivate his clubs account, rofl!

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