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In short, those advanced controls are not a bug, they are a feature!


—CyberDefender uses an old meme, [1]

According to Web of Trust.
One of the many faggots who tries to sell you this crap.

You probably never heard of CyberDefender, but you probably heard of,,, and All these websites (and lots more) are just fronts for CyberDefender. By running several cheap and poorly-scripted commercials, CyberDefender hopes that you'll be stupid enough to believe everything you heard on TV. As with other security providers that provide free scanners, CyberDefender uses hype in order to lure users into buying their products. Their free software "scans" your computers and then tells the user that there are ten thousand viruses and errors on their computer that must to removed now or else risk a cyber-catastrophe. However, in order to remove the viruses, the user must buy CyberDefender products that cost over 50 US dollars. Seems legit.

Paying for the service

Said I have over 420 errors and that they would need another $389.00 to remove the visures after they remove the errors, which would be good for one year.


—From David, [2]



In August 2009, SpyZooka called CyberDefender a fake antispyware program, but CyberDefender forced them to apologize.

Allen Harkleroad

Allen Harkleroad is the brave, little warrior who stood up to the big, nasty corporation. Harkleroad didn't really challenge or threaten CyberDefender Corporation. All he did was publish his skepticism and observations online, but CyberDefender would take none of that – after all, criticism is covered by the First Amendment amirite! CyberDefender's attorneys sent legal threats to Harkleroad and accused him of libel and fabrication.

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