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CuntFuckBitch, or Famous Barbie believes herself to be "one of the YouTube people"; after she accepted cotton candy from irish282 IRL.

She is hot, and you are not, Cuntfuckbitch. The truth can be hard.

In internets reality she loves playing mindgames with Jew-bois while surfing the world wide web. Most argue that she is nothing more than a stickam whore due to her obsession with hellionexciter. Often, her occasional funny bone shows when she pops out one lonely tit and exposes the internets to her Lee Press-On Nipple. Over-all it is clear she is notable due to her brief encounter with irish282 at Sea World, and her amazing ability to bring neu wave emo to the masses.

When Barbie isn't on Stickam, she can be found cutting herself or crying about her expired pal "xochi". Or leaving ssssskittles30 100 phone messages per hour, stalking and harassing her since hellionexciter was interested in her. Unlike CuntFuckBitch, ssssskittles30 was amazingly hot, and is now filing a lawsuit against CuntFuckBitch.

Ssssskittles deleted her account because of CuntFuckBitch's obsessive stalking and stupid insane internet bull shit. Thanks a lot, CuntFuckBitch. Skittles did not accuse her of calling her house 30 times. The story goes as follows: (FYI This is copy-pasted from an email I had with skittles regarding the situation):

The Ssssskittles30 Incident

Hey thanks for the email. I don't really miss youtube at all, I mean it's fun but now I can focus on school and stuff but to answer your question, "Why did I delete my account?" Basically, I was in LA with a couple friends Saturday night, August 4th, and I didn't have my phone on because I was in a comedy club. I go to the bathroom just to see a few voicemails on my phone. While I go to call my voice mail, I get a call from an unknown number from my area calling regarding my "craigslist posting." I had NO idea what he was talking about because I wasn't even on the computer at all that day, nor even near one. So I find out that someone put a post on under the "erotic services" section with a picture of mine, my home number, my cell number, my location, full name, my youtube address (kind of a big clue it was someone from youtube who did this) and graphic details of all these sexual things I have never even heard of. What is ATM? I don't know.

BUT So I told this guy, "Hey, I'm actually with my boyfriend right now...and I wouldn't do that for the life of me, I am very confused!" Then the guy said that someone must really hate me becuase there was a post. So he tells me all about it then I hang up and talk to my friend about it. I call my mother and she said people have been calling all night asking for me, saying 'Heyyyyy, how you doing?" and things of that nature. I have no idea who posted that craigslist posting at the time, I haven't hurt anyone except cussed 2 people out on the net but that's pretty much it. So I go home, in tears, I get ripped a new one because I lied where I was that night (Said I was at DLand but was really at a comedy club in LA with my friends), then my parents were upset and very very scared. What the person who wrote this listing doesn't understand is that this person can search through the white pages for my name and number and get my address and abuse the fact they know where I live so they can come to my house, hurt me and/or my family, BASICALLY, my family was in danger. I kept getting calls all night long, about 30 calls from creepy guys wanting me to "fuck" them within the 4 hours it was up; (THEY WERE CALLING MY HOUSE AS WELL AS MY CELL....ugh). I had to turn my phone off, it was too much. I called a couple online friends on the phone to see if they knew anything and they all said they suspected one person (who ended up being the guilty suspect).
Because my youtube account was splattered on this fake post, I deleted my account. Not only that, I deleted everyone on the internet from my myspace, to livejournal, to facebook, to ebay, to basically everything except email and one other site (remained a mystery). I do not want anyone from the real life to search me on the internet and I don't want anyone from the internet to search me in real life. Whoever got my number got it some how but I have no idea how because I've never given my home number to anyone ever.

My parents and I emailed craigslist saying it was harrasment and we requested the information of who posted it. The info we got back was as follows:

email: [email protected]
posted at: 5:34pm PST August 4, 2007
taken down: 9:58pm PST August 4, 2007

My mother asked me "who is hellion exciter" but I thought to myself, HM, jonathan wouldn't be that stupid to use that email, and there's one girl who hates me for God only knows why who seems to be obsessed with Hellion and has past videos proving her ability to search people's numbers and houses, etc. So I thought to myself, "Hm, I think it's this girl, BECAUSE, just a day or so before this happened, she asked me to unblock her from stickam and I said no because I do not trust her, and then I finally did unblock her and then this happened....she is obsessed with hellion...hence the email....she lives in the PST, which the post was made....she hates me, she hacked into Mike's email account where the picture in the post was, she seems to be out of her mind most of the time - capable of this stuff....I think it's this girl." And I didn't just think, I knew. She always hated me and all the signs and whatnot pointed to her. SO I deleted all my accounts because I want my privacy. It's actually really nice because I started to make new friends in my class, which I have a 95% in and only one day left of class, I'm going to a counselor to straighten some stuff out that this whole fiasco has messed me up with, going back to work at my old job with my old friends, I'm just living. I'm spending time with my family again and ya know...if it wasn't for this whole situation, I would be stuck on stickam right now or making a youtube video, but I'm not....and I'm happy. :)
Thanks (my name censored- sorry folks) again...that was sweet of you to email me.

-- ssssskittles30 aka skits :)

ps. maybe I just thought it would be too stupid....but would hellion really do that to me?
pps. why would I make something like this up...and why would I delete my youtube for no reason?

END OF EMAIL. NOW YOU KNOW THE REAL STORY. I have her email if you want to talk to her, she said it would be okay if I limit who I give it to.
ALSO, I was talking to her and she said she never was going to do anything to harm "barbie" unless she did this again, and she also said, exact quote,, from an IM session:

ssssskittles30: hahahah...wait how can I send her emails when I don't even have an account to do so?
ssssskittles30: I sent her emails like 2 days ago and she's saying I send her emails every day threatening her, haha...yeah i threatened her to stay out of my family life and she better not pull anything stupid or my parnets WILL get the cops involved,
ssssskittles30: eh...but we didn't because my parents felt bad for her because of her condition.

ssssskittles30: but yeah...if it happenes again, she can get prosecuted for what she did
Oh if only this where true.


Fun Facts

....and looking back I know I've my bipolar disorder the whole time, and nobody knew it



You're like an episode of NightLine... (Barbie)



  • People say she is suicidal.
  • She has a face like moldy white diarrhea.
  • Is searching for a father figure. (In Hellionexciter for example, LULZ.)
  • Is on lots and lots of psych meds.
  • Her mother was addicted to whale blubber when she was pregnant with Barbie, which explains her face and ass.

According to her MySpace:

"People wonder why i am the way i am. Short and simple but not really.
 I have been through so much shit that you wont ever understand. 
The pain never leaves. There is one thing that will haunt me until i die. 
but i wont tell you. if my family on here want to know what it is i will
 tell them. it just does not go away. so this is the way i am as of right 
now. a few years back i lost total control of my life and had to fight for
 my life back. i had to fight my own body for my life back. a few years ago
\ i tried to escape from the world with a bottle of tequila and vicodin.
 now my body is imune to vicodin and io hate having to tell the doctors why. 
sometimes i get these stupid thoughts in my head of wishing i was that person
 again. i sometimes wish i could pick up a bottle like that again. i wish that now...."

Deep, dark stuff, ladies and gentlemen.

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