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The KGB calls it “Active Measures” . . . The purpose of this process is to change your perception of reality to such an extent, that even despite an abundance of information and evidence about the danger of Communism, you are unable to come to sensible conclusions in your own interests and in the interests of your nation. . . . One of the main tactics in this process is to develop, establish and consistently enforce a set of ‘double standards’.


— Yuri Bezmenov

The road to hell is paved with good intentions


— Unknown

The (un)official flag of cultural marxism.

Cultural marxism is a pseudo-religious cult that plagues the mind, body, and soul. It has steadily corrupted civilization over a 100 year period before experiencing unprecedented growth following Obama’s ascension to power. Cultural Marxists are known by many aliases like Libtard, Demon-crat, Prog, Woketard, SJW, NPC, Useful Idiot, Hippie, the Blue Wave, Leftard, Regressive Leftist, Soy-cialist, ‘Libertarian-Leftist’, 'Anarcho-Communist', ‘Anti-Facist’, Globalist, Globohomo, Marxoid, Western Marxist, Neo-Marxist, and Pedophile. Becoming one requires sufficient brainwashing and grooming. They are defined by 2 central goals. The first is causing the greatest harm to Western Civilization, its people, and culture. The second goal is implementing gay automated multicultural luxury space communism IRL. What this really means is total destruction of all racial, ethnic, national, and sexual identities while the now docile and downtrodden masses are wagecucking at the behest of unimaginably wealthy and authoritarian cabals.

The (un)official badge of cultural marxism.

When they aren’t busy trying to kickstart the Revolution™️, Cultural Marxists will spend their downtime trying to prove that they’re the most open-minded and sensitive. They’ll also be found fighting amongst each other to prove who's the most oppressed, since the perceived oppression of one's group determines the flow of sympathy, attention, and jewgolds from whitey (they call this intersectionality). Tactics to achieve this include a mixture of Slacktivism, subversion, and violence to achieve these goals.


Look familiar?

Cultural marxism is an grotesquely insidious ideology, so it only makes sense that it was created by the most subversive, conniving, nerdy, ill-natured, sick fucks in the world. Satan's right hand man and nigger lookalike Karl Marx was a kraut who founded Marxism and laid the initial groundwork. He thought the economy drove the culture, and would thus instigate class conflict between the rich and poor despite being rich himself. Marx’s revolutions would fail everywhere except Russia, and he was forced into exile where he continued his deluded rantings instead of considering that he might be wrong about a few things. The acolytes of Marx were just as stubborn, and continued his work in an even worse manner.


In the 1920s, Karl 'Kraut' Korsch, Georg Lukacs and Antonio Gramsci would take Marx's theory the that economy drove culture and argue the inverse: culture drove the economy. While they'd still be instigating class conflict, they'd primarily be instigating cultural conflict. And thus cultural marxism was born. Gramsci would create the blueprint for cultural marxists to cause as much drama as possible. It discussed 'cultural hegemony', and how the ruling Christian capitalist oppressors used cultural institutions to spread and reproduce its values until normies practiced and upheld them. Shit like 'traditional marriage' was an example of what would need to be subverted or destroyed to bring about the commie utopia. After all, the ways of life that allowed mankind to continue its existence and prosperity were merely a power grab. The idea was to gain cultural hegemony via thorough cultural and institutional corruption, so that the people would drown in the commie kool-aid and finally kickoff the revolution. Communist thought would also be self-sustaining. This proves that brainwashing is a favored cultural marxist tactic. Fun fact: Pete Bootygag's daddy was a founding member of the International Gramsci Society and served as executive secretary. Go figure.

Realizing widespread cultural subversion was a great trolling tactic, the Frankfurt School of Critical Theory thought these thinkers were onto something. They were forced to flee Germany though when Hitler took power. Manchild that he is, good ole 'Dolphie decided to murder 6 million jews but let the Frankfurt School leave unharmed, making Hitler the world champion of not finishing the fucking job. The Frankfurt School crew chose to live like fat cats in the US and West Kraut-land. From there, they would shit into a giant intellectual cauldron and mix it with poisons from fellow krauts Kant and Hegel, before finishing their recipe with the semen from wet dreams involving people's parents. One product of this is Marxian-Freudian theories, AKA 'sexual liberation'. The father of the ‘New Left’ and Kraut Herbert Marcuse later made further significant contributions to this theory. Ultimately, the Frankfurt School would be called out on their shit by Georg Lukacs for doing exactly what any cultural marxist would do: living the high life and only paying lip service to the communism they preach. Kraut sociologist Rudi Dutschke coined the phrase 'Long March Through the Institutions' (a reference to Mao's long march), meaning marxoids would gradually rise to high-ranking institutional positions in a bid to help the ‘oppressed class’ overtake and replace the ‘oppressors’.

These pleasant individuals were not the only ones responsible for creating brain cancer 2.0. The devious and brutish vodka-niggers had a hand as well. Utilizing a form of political warfare called ‘active measures’, the KGB planted marxoid agitators and trained agents across the West. They would create or support left wing activism like the Peace Movement and World Peace Council, subvert academia into a marxist playground, inflame racial tensions, and gather intelligence on state secrets. Such efforts by western adversaries have continued to this day, merely updated to utilize technology and corporate influence.

The West received precious few warnings about what was happening. Angry boomers -especially American Evangelicals- complaining about devil worship in every rock song and popular movie repelled young people. Joseph McCarthy's lulzy and ineffectual (but posthumously vindicated) antics made him look like a commie cockpuppet, and said marxoids continued his batshit insane legacy as a way of reverse psychology to celebrate the American tradition of shooting one's own foot. Actual Soviet defectors and communism refugees barely managed to outrun the fucking gulag by booking it to the nearest embassy or Western nation, only for leftyfags across the world to ignore their firsthand accounts of spending a quarter of their lives in breadlines and forced labor. Among the most famous of these were Yuri Bezmenov, whose warnings of Red subversion were popularized by COD Cold War's leftie-triggering teaser trailer (which was ironically censored by the Chink Commie Party). They were largely ignored, and now they're laughing at us from the grave for it.

It's little wonder why cultural marxists are insufferably amoral, nihilistic, pseudo-intellectual faggots crippled by cognitive dissonance and a 19th century philosopher fetish. Everything, from their increasing worship of communism to the creation of Clown World is entirely intentional. It's been their plan for the past century, and we're in the end stages of it. Buckle up.

Fundamental Beliefs

Cultural Marxism's essence in 3 tweets.

One major aspect of cultural marxism is its reverence towards anyone they believe is oppressed. All (real or mostly perceived) criticism and negativity of any kind towards the ‘oppressed’ is banned on pain of death, but not before misusing any and all terms describing bigotry and extreme right wing ideology towards the accused. This is why cultural marxists are unfunny fucks utterly incapable of making good memes. It also helps explain their paranoia that wignats and nazis are everywhere. Anyone who’s oppressed cannot do wrong and is pure of heart, for they have no power and the whites are responsible for everything bad. As long as their outcomes and presence in everything is unequal, the oppressed will be entitled to special privileges which would be deemed highly illegal if whites had them. Of course, equal outcomes will never happen in a world of over 7 billion people.

Hypocrisy and contradictions are a way of life among cultural marxists. Despite their lack of belief in objective morality or natural law, you'll never find a more self-righteous group of people. Their relentless pursuit of ‘progress’ has caused social stagnation and decay. In their bid to abolish social taboos, they've simply normalized the transgressive while rendering previously normal behavior as taboo. While they happily condemn whites, Christians, and the West for any perceived sins, getting a cultural marxist to condemn the sins of ‘oppressed’ groups is like pulling teeth. Most amusingly of all, they believe they’re in the midst of a revolution against the establishment despite both of them going up to bat for each other regularly. Cultural marxists are some of the most powerful people in the world (or in bed with them), but maintain their facade of rebellion or else their entire worldview wouldn't make sense.

T H E M E S S A G E.

The last foundational aspects of cultural marxism are victimhood and weakness. They have a manchild mentality, deathly allergic to even the concept of responsibility lest they actually have to face it at some point in their lives. They blame their inherent mental illness on capitalism rather than the numerous fundamental character flaws that've festered for years, or the bitter fruits of their ideology. Instead of facing up to the fact that they're spiteful, terrible human beings who've had every chance to improve, cultural marxists will pathologize society and blame some villain, external factor, or reality itself for their problems. They're hostile to strength, self-sufficiency, and competence because such traits remove the need for cultural marxism, and act as a mirror to the failures of it. Every cultural marxist is a degenerated slave to vice who believes they're weak and helpless, and need others to be the same way so that they're receptive to their bullshit. Cultural marxists worship victimhood because it's the only way their cult can function.


Religion is the opiate of the masses.


Karl Marx


When it comes to religious matters, Cultural Marxism is largely defined by a need to seem enlightened/progressive, hate Christianity, and suck off Islam. Some will write off all religion as backwards and bigoted. While it’s one of the only positions where they display some moral consistency (due to their Muslim fetish), it won’t stop a forest from growing on their bodies and neck (for the ‘men of course]]). It’s also the most insufferable take. Many others will choose a bullshit progressive interpretation of any major religion, where all the scripture is worshipping trannies and noisily advocating for prompt Aryan genocide while gesticulating in a monkey-like manner. They might also do this while worshipping some quirky fad religion whose sole purpose is to confuse or piss off evangelical boomers, be it Buddhism, Yoga, Kabbalah for overweight aging strippers, Wicca, or Satanism for bonus lulz.


The main goal though is to remain in a constant state of butthurt against Christianity by way of holding it to incoherent postmodernist standards created just a few decades ago. After this, they will completely ignore said standards and welcome Islam as a religion of peace. They will do this even while being raped and stoned to death for showing ankles, paving the way for the great jihad against those filthy infidels.


Smash the patriarchy!


— Feminist rallying cry

Turn yourself into a whore to own the patriarchy.

Every cultural marxist is a feminist. Feminism focuses almost entirely on the perceived issues by women. This is because the real issues women face were created by feminism, cultural marxism, or the members of ‘oppressed groups’. While it’s obviously heavily pushed by women, most of whom are whores or hideously unfuckable, this movement is actually led by cultural marxist men who think that doing so will finally get them laid. They seek to empower women by encouraging them to leave their husbands, develop a severe allergy to personal hygiene, fuck every random stranger in sight, raise fatherless mixed-race kids, murder countless millions of babies in the womb, whore themselves out online, and shun all efforts to start a family in favor of selfish hedonism and soulless corporate jobs. They also believe that taking responsibility, not exaggerating minor inconveniences, not being insufferable bitches stuck in a permanent game of brinksmanship against men, and actually understanding the true philosophy behind gender equality is what's truly oppressing women. The virtually non-existent brains of cultural marxists are wired to see women as victims incapable of doing anything a man can without extensive government intervention, despite (or even because of) the lip service they pay towards feminism. A relatively recent phenomena spearheaded by feminism is the relentless attack on masculinity. Rank and file cultural marxists have declared a crusade against 'toxic masculinity' because their victim complex compels them to hate successful men (although cultural marxist women internally beg for them). Cultural marxists who've unfortunately gained positions of leadership do it because men who aren't emasculated pose a threat to their power.

Strong independent women are too weak to take a joke.


BLM & Hammer sickle in the bio = no opinion



With Spics,
Do not mix!

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Diversity is our strength.


— Nancy Pelosi

Normally, white people are hated because they’re prone to psychopathy, mental illness, edginess, shooting schools, faggotry, bestiality, obsessing/fetishizing anime, being emo, basement dwelling, retarded opinions, having shit taste in food, music, clothes, fictional franchises, and cringe in general. Some whites have realized this and began clamoring for a 4th reich. But all they’ve really admitted is that without a genocidal maniac to whip ‘em into shape, mayos will devolve into fat retarded trannies, inadvertently proving that whites are the problem. Unfortunately, the rightful decision to be wary of whites has been irreversibly tainted by cultural marxism and the white people who’ve drank that particular flavor of kool-aid. Of course, white ppl would never be dumb enough to naturally reach the conclusion that they should fuck over their own race on behalf of total strangers. You’d have to do a lot to convince pigskins that a multi-century lead is actually bad.

Mostly peaceful

Cultural marxism has taught people (especially whites) that mayos are responsible for everything bad and that they have all the privilege. Diversity is the removal of whites, which is taught to be the end goal. In the pursuit of diversity, they’ll go great lengths to import as many 3rd world immigrants as possible. This includes bribery in the form of gibmedats, favorable media coverage, coverups of crime, and white women spreading their cheeks since they're addled with white guilt and daddy issues. A diametrically oppositional culture responsible for waves of crime, terrorism, and rape won't bother cultural marxists, whose main concern is the backlash towards these invading groups and spinning their antics to actually be the fault of wypipo or being poor. Their viewpoint on any racial issue is ‘whites bad and nonwhites good’. If the issue doesn’t have anything to do with race, they’ll turn it into a race issue and conclude that ‘whites bad and nonwhites good’.

Just look at the oppression.

The main objective is not the betterment of ethnic minorities and 3rd world countries. Free-flowing gibmedats perpetually ruin black families. Burn Loot Murder does what they do best. The biggest perpetrators of anti-jewish crimes will be the newly arrived Jihadis. Affirmative action will only put unqualified minorities into positions where failure is inevitable, thus breaking their confidence and excluding more qualified people who didn’t have enough melanin. And a more ‘racially tolerant’ education system will instruct students to value ‘lived experiences’ over objective truth and white supremacist instruments like proper english, historical achievements, and math skills. As the manufactured race war brews up and boils over, cultural marxist organizers of all stripes will watch the lulz unfold from the safety of gated communities almost entirely populated by crackers.

Champagne Socialism

The 4 horsewomen of champagne socialism.
You are among the MOST privileged people in the history of humanity. And yet you walk around as though you are a Che Guevara revolutionary. You are the product of capitalism.... Live out your convictions. If you are a socialist, you have no business being the beneficiary of the most capitalist industry in the most capitalist country in the history of humanity.


— Professor Gad Saad to Seth Rogen


All Cultural Marxists want socialism and communism, although the ones too bitch made to admit it will shill for the Nordic Model -completely unaware of what it actually is- to seem more agreeable. They think socialism and communism will be an equitable paradise, and that they’ll be immortalized as heroes of the revolution in the end. The only thing stopping them of course is the darn CIA intervening against every one of their attempts. And the improper attempts at socialism/communism, which weren’t built to their exact specifications. And going outside. But make no mistake. Once these formidable obstacles are overcome, everything the cultural marxists couldn’t earn or do for themselves achieve due to the trappings of a failed system will be acquired and distributed by force, since all that stuff is now a right they’re entitled to.

Is there a reset button for Globalists?

Back in the real world, cultural marxists are so caught up in these fantasies that they’ve forgotten that they're all are part of the bourgeois that they claim they wanna overthrow - no exceptions. They make up the wealthiest people in the world and are far richer than their ideological rivals. They got that way by turning whining into an art form, worming their way into global influence, manufacturing enough consent to create a (somewhat stable) market for marxist agitation, and swindling people out of the money that was supposed to fund a noble cause. They do this because they are jealous, resentful rich people trying to transfer vast amounts of wealth and power to themselves. They sold away all of their principles and souls a long time ago, using the money to buy buttplug funko pops from Amazon and brownie points backed by tech monopolies.

Follow the money.

Cultural marxists know that they're supported by the global elite, but don't care either because they think they're entitled to an exemption from their own values or because they're the ones pulling those strings to grease the skids. One can debate if pushing their propaganda is truly a passion project that 'coincidentally' got lucrative, or a grift they're gradually forced to uphold courtesy of the rabid zealots they created. The figureheads of cultural marxism are part of greedy cabals getting the best of everything while their servants are impoverished and killed, but the NPCs championing the revolution are too caught up in their own self-righteousness to realize it. Woke capitalism isn't a bug, it's a feature.


Humans may have only 10 years left to save the planet from turning into a total frying pan.


Al Gore

Guess the environment doesn't matter so much after all.

Cultural marxists have concocted the great hoax known as 'global warming' which they treat the same way die-hard Christ-fags would treat the Rapture. This is how they justify forcing everyone to eat the bugs and live in a pod. But global warming hasn't gotten bad enough to prevent famous cultural marxists from using gas-guzzling means of transportation to visit their climate conferences. They also push for baby-killing on demand so that there's less people to rape mother earth, although they have no problem letting millions of rapefugees outbreed the populations of whatever Western country they end up in. There’s also remarkably little effort by leftyfags to clean the trash that mostly comes from migrants and shithole countries. The tree-senses of a cultural marxist is such that even a single tree in danger will cause a massive tingling of said senses in their lower regions. This sense allows them to hunt down the working-class logger doing his job so that the cultural marxist can organize a fundraiser/protest/sit-in/chimp-out to protect the tree. Once the excess collection of trees contributes to uncontrollable wildfires that will be blamed on global warming, a cultural marxist will call it another hard-day's work. Other important issues include sucking off Russia and the Middle East by preventing western countries from tapping domestic oil and gas reserves, advocating for every non-viable form of clean energy, and telling everyone to buy electric cars they can't afford. Just don't tell the cultural marxists that the electricity these cars are powered on is generated by fossil fuels, or that their Apple product addiction relies on exploitative resource mining.


A quick fun fact by the University of Michigan in 2018 found that the ones most concerned about man-made climate change were less eco-friendly than the ones who think man-made climate change is bullshit. In other news, water is wet. What you didn't know is that many of the environmental disasters were caused by cultural marxists. Examples include the 40% increase in coal use as part of a demand to cut oil out of electricity production, the fuckload of trash that needs to be cleaned after cultural marxists gather in large numbers, the waste and ecological disruption created by rapefugees, the water pollution from all those birth-control pills and MTBE put into gasoline to make it burn cleaner, the fact that the organic farming craze takes up way more land, and the SS Prestige leaking almost 80K tons of oil into the ocean since Spain signed the Kyoto Accords and refused to let the ship gain safe harbor. However, the combined consequences of these environmental fuckups are dwarfed by just one of the many ecological catastrophes in formerly Marxist-Leninist nations.


It shouldn't need explaining.
Give us the child for 8 years and it will be a Bolshevik forever.


— Vladimir Lenin, unwittingly referring to more than brainwashing

Gradually, the unthinkable becomes tolerable, then acceptable, then legal, then praised.


— Joni Eareckson Tada

At the direction of many pedos and sick fucks in academia, cultural marxists have gradually encouraged all manner of sexual depravity in a campaign known as the sexual revolution. Normality to them is fucking countless random strangers, relying on big pharma to make your STDs undetectable, and encouraging infanticide so they won’t have to tell little Timmy he was the product of a drug-fueled polyamorous relationship. They would rather do all this than not being a degenerate, but can’t comprehend a better option since their minds have been fried by porn courtesy of predatory rich people.

The slippery slope is not a fallacy, it's a warning.

The alphabet mafia would join the scene, justifying their sick fuckery with pedophilic, self-referential pseudoscience like gender theory. Women with dicks who rape other women in the bathroom and beat them in sports are women apparently, and want your son to be like them or else. Some argue that the patriarchy is pushing the tranny insanity to prove that men are better women than actual women.

Cultural Marxism (and by extension the LGBTQIAP) are unsurprisingly fronts for people unhealthily obsessed with children. Spearheading their charge into orifices of children are groups like NAMBLA, Prostasia, MAPS, the journalists, and academics. They’re growing more brazen in their push to destigmatize and normalize pedophilia, if their drag queen story hour obsession, sex experiments involving kids and pedos, and sexualization of kids in the classroom are any indication. It’s particularly entertaining that they label Christianity a pedo ring in light of the abuse that takes place in marxoid dominated schools and entertainment industries. Part of it is a survival mechanism, as grooming kids is the only way they can reproduce since they can’t have kids of their own and/or their membership with the 41% is imminent. There’s another reason that’s far less pragmatic; they’re just evil and want to touch kids. With all that in mind, this is how you should address cultural marxists.


“While they tell us to put our masks on -both literally and metaphorically- theirs come off.”


Paul Joseph Watson

Do you live in a country run by cultural marxists? Good news! If you abide by another 6 month lockdown and triple mask mandate, the curve will be flattened in 2 weeks. Just be sure to get your weekly booster, and ensure your vaccine passport is up to date.

The cultural marxists have learned to manipulate the chi-com's revolutionary boomer removing virus for their own ends. They will use the threat of Chinese Cringe-AIDS to justify trolling society while blue-balling it beyond the point of insanity. It's also been a handy tool against churches and protests against the lunacy of movement licenses and universal medical isolation. The cultural marxist religion has adapted to view masks as holy clothing (yet another imitation of the Hajis), and the jab as an offering from their new gods.

Interestingly, they only seek to mandate this nu-religious devotion among the plebs and political opposition. After all, it's been scientifically proven that the Kung-Flu takes a day off for gatherings of the faithful. As usual, the faithful includes untold millions of migrants from the 3rd world. To advocate for non-vaccine treatments/cures like ivermectin and hydroxychloroquine is a great heresy, since cultural marxists no longer hate massive pharmaceutical companies. On the topic of corporations, they’re now more powerful and wealthy than ever thanks to cultural marxist support in enforcing lockdowns and their peaceful protests aimed at small businesses.

‘Trust the Science!’

“I represent science.”


— Dr. Fauci, displaying no self-awareness

Cultural marxist 'educators' are fulfilling the intentions of their ideological predecessors by brainwashing young people at all stages of academia. White, Christian males are seen as evil; cultural marxist orthodoxy is to be worshipped instead of God. Any dissent is rewarded with arbitrary academic penalties, including failure of the coursework. Cultural marxists have realized that nobody in their right mind would voluntarily take a course titled "Modern Queerology in Redneck America", so they make these lessons in shitbuttology mandatory for graduation. They've also been extending beyond their shitbuttology courses, as STEM classes are increasingly required to show completely off-topic garbage like 'An Inconvenient Truth' and 'Sicko'. The purpose of course is two-fold: further corruption of the hard sciences, and the mental masturbation of cultural marxist professors. Lulzy pranks like these have demonstrated what all observant people already know: that the soft sciences are permanently lost to madness. All of its adherents move in ideological lockstep, and are pretty much entirely responsible for the junk science that justifies cultural marxist fads.


It is difficult to free fools from the chains they revere.



You live in a country that enshrines your ability to check your government and protect yourself to a degree that no other country in the world affords their citizens, and here you are -along with you and a bunch of other people in this country- doing their almighty BEST to welcome oppression because you can't -or don't- want to handle the responsibility of freedom.


—Colion Noir

Of all tyrannies, a tyranny sincerely exercised for the good of its victims may be the most oppressive. It would be better to live under robber barons than under omnipotent moral busybodies. The robber baron's cruelty may sometimes sleep, his cupidity may at some point be satiated; but those who torment us for our own good will torment us without end for they do so with the approval of their own conscience.


— C.S. Lewis

Cultural marxism is an ideology whose stated goal is the liberation of the proletariat. That’s why they don’t want you to own weapons that can help protect yourself and others from criminals, have opinions that go against the official narrative, refuse experimental MRNA treatments, or choose your own child’s curriculum (to name a few things). That’s a potentially neo-nazi dogwhistle and a threat to democracy.

You are however allowed to occupy and destroy entire city blocks on behalf of domestic terror groups, intimidate/physically harm political opposition, satisfy your selfish urges (even at the expense of vulnerable people), and commit theft to your heart’s content regardless of the people and businesses harmed as a result. If you’re a refugee then so much the better, because you can get away with more shit than the actual citizens of the country you’re culturally enriching. We’ll get back to you as soon as we can figure out how this liberates the proletariat.

The ultimate liberation will be brought about by Orwellian tactics like Doublethink, Newspeak, manufacturing consent, and controlled insanity. They won't stop until everyone (and every major institution) is completely detached from reality and forced/coerced into staying that way, since creating the slaves and foot-soldiers necessary for the regime to replicate itself is the main strategy. The social credit system by China is their goal, albeit gayer. Cultural marxists have not only inspired the creation of many famous dystopian works, but use said works as instruction manuals. They are Machiavellian types by necessity; no sane human would ever follow them, so they have to create a vast web of illusions held together by force, fear, and manipulation. It can be fought simply by rejecting their indoctrination, because if the situation was hopeless they wouldn't need propaganda.

How to Troll a Cultural Marxist

How leftyfags handle opposing views.
  • Call them a cultural marxist- they hate that
  • Deadname any cultural marxists who are troids- it’s like reciting the True Name of a demon
  • Disagree with them at all- they hate dissent
  • Inform them that their activism is largely (if not entirely) a front for hostile intelligence agencies (particularly the KGB) and Marxist agitators
  • Ask them why most corporate entities -the same things they claim to hate- repeat their message verbatim
  • When they call you a -ist or -phobe, give a response that appears to dismiss or embrace the term
  • Don’t be politically correct
  • Be straight, white, rich, a christian, a male, or any combination of the 4 and not support them
A typical cultural marxist expressing their beliefs in a calm, rational manner.
  • Be any member of the ‘oppressed groups’ while not supporting them, and say -ist/-phobic content. If they call you a racist whitey, inform them you aren't and call them a racist for jumping to conclusions.
  • Ask white cultural marxists where the fuck they get off assuming they know what is or isn’t in a minority’s best interests
  • Ask female/nonwhite cultural marxists why they think their concerns take precedent over anybody else’s
  • Ask if Jews count as white. If they say yes, ask why actual Jews disagree with them and how Hitler could tell the difference. If they say no, call them "antisemitic" and tell them to check their privilege.
  • Tell them that "Minor-attracted persons" are an oppressed sexual minority, and if you disagree you're ageist/kinkshamer. This is guaranteed to cause a shitstorm because some of them actually hold this view and the rest, as every cultural marxist has naturally been raped and molested in every way imaginable, probably find it disagreeable.
  • Ask them what their relationship is with their father
  • Ask any cultural marxist who's a fag or troid if they were touched as a kid, because odds are they have.
  • Ask why they suck off Islam so much even though it’s a patriarchal religion that violates everything they claim to stand for, and its radical muslim lolcows are responsible for most of the world’s terror attacks.
  • Remind them how eerily similar 'person of color' sounds to 'colored person'.
  • Point out how privileged Jews are, since it might make a cultural marxist say something 'anti-semitic' and get admonished for it.
  • Since most of these sentient shitbags have a fetish for anything British as they mostly come from twitter or tumblr, insult Britain.
  • If they say only white people can be racist, point out the blatant racism by minorities as well as the uncomfortably close ties between Muslims and Nazis
  • Post on social media how you were gangraped by members of the 'oppressed groups' and watch their brains melt as they debate ignoring it or #BelieveWomen
  • Use logic
  • Make an offensive post on Tumblr or Twitter and wait for a cultural marxist to argue against you. Instead of actually making a counter argument, just point out the fallacies in their argument. That will make them mad real fast.
  • When they talk about how whitey is keeping everyone down, ask how Obama got elected in a country full of burger-munching hicks.
  • If they mention their 'headmates,' inform them that there's an actual term for hearing voices in your head and advise them to seek help
  • Point out how privileged the ‘oppressed groups’ are because of how they benefit from affirmative action
  • Tell them to get a job and stop complaining about things that don't affect them. Cultural marxists are proven basement dwellers.
  • Support GamerGate.
  • Don't use social media.
  • Remind them that they are, and will be dying alone.
  • Send 'em to this page. It's practically foolproof, and you should know that.
  • Use their own 'logic' against them

Cultural Marxist Contributions to Society



The greatest trick the devil ever pulled was convincing the world he didn’t exist.


— The Usual Suspects

It turns out that the existence of cultural marxism has been DEBOONKED! Who knew that calling it a far right anti semitic conspiracy theory rooted in nazi talking points was such an effective rhetorical strategy? The Frankfurt School of Critical theory also concluded that they've done nothing wrong and never tried to incite a communist revolution, following a full investigation. Every single trustworthy source on the matter seems inclined to agree, following a lengthy and thorough analysis. It doesn't matter if the people in question have openly admitted what they’re doing and how they plan on doing it for roughly a century. Cultural Marxism can't exist because certain groups of people have claimed it does, and you don't want to be a bigot, right?


TV Tropes has also found it necessary to make excuses for the inevitable hypocrisy of cultural marxists woke activists, since asking them to live by their principles is such a tall order. Their ‘Bourgeoisie Bohemian’ analysis page basically tries to explain that it's actually OK when said woke activists do it, and that the people raising concerns about said hypocrisy are actually the bad guys because they supposedly don't do it in good faith and are driven by superficial ideas about class and wealth.


Evidence of Demonic Possession/Activity

Hell is empty and all the devils are here.


—William Shakespeare

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  • George Soros, the current Arch cultural marxist

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