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Cuckservative propaganda
Earliest known use of the cuckservative hashtag on twitter

Cuckservatives, or Neo-conservatism 2.0 is an ongoing trend on Twitter and the collective internets. The term usually describes the candidacy of Jeb "I don't speak English at home" Bush, opposition to The God Emperor, said Emperor’s multiple failures, RINOs, and Conservative Inc. However, the term is repeatedly misused to describe any right winger who’s not as batshit insane as the person using the term.


Cuckservatives believe in good ol’ fashioned American/Western, Christian values. They include but are not limited to:

  • Unlimited immigration as long as it’s legal
  • Dying for Israel
  • Dying for major military companies
  • Corporate shilling at the expense of their constituents
  • Mindlessly backing the blue
  • ‘Privately’ opposing sodomites and infanticide but supporting it legally
  • Being a Fudd
  • Worshipping the GDP
  • Believing that ‘muh principles’ are more important than actually protecting them
  • Doing nothing beyond lip service to right wing beliefs
  • Undermining actual right wingers in the name of ‘bipartisanship’
  • Appealing to everyone who hates them or otherwise didn’t vote for them in the name of ‘bipartisanship’
  • Being afraid of being called a bigot (or some variation of it)

Why they do it

Cuckservatives mald at the prospect of actually conserving anything, but why is that the case?

  • They think like cultural marxists, treating bigotry as the ultimate sin and thus trying to be the most ‘tolerant’. Sometimes this can precede an actual transformation into a marxoid, but usually it’s just an effort to ‘outflank’ the left by supporting everything they do for different reasons. This is guaranteed to fail because cringe cannot be beaten with cringe.

  • They’re naive or deliberately ignoring the threat they truly face. Best case scenario, the cuckservative in question keeps expressing shock that cultural marxists will break every rule and principle to achieve the commie utopia™️. Properly informing them of what’s really going on is simple, and can happen either before or after roasting them for being oblivious retards. Worst case scenario, they’re hardened Alt-Right types who’ve come up with the most smooth-brained scenarios as to why the Aryan race is dying and propose ‘solutions’ accordingly. Whether they’re being contrarian for attention, or dumb enough to think racist communism and siding with everyone who hates the West would actually save the whites from their own faggotry, individuals like this will inevitably meme themselves into being total faggots.

  • They’re grifters. Simply put, they exploit right wing sentiment for the clout and cash. They’re either more focused on having something to rant about so they can keep the jewgolds flowing, or don’t believe in anything beyond whatever popular ideology gets them paid. Hunter Avallone is a particularly infamous example of this during his time as a ‘conservative’.


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