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An example of crying moar.

Cry moar is the response that people on Livejournal typically use in order to respond to butthurt people, mostly on communities such as Lj-favicon.png roleplaysecrets and fandomsecrets when their opinion is unpopular or just plain dumb. Another term is "get over yourself", but most people think it sounds more cool to send people packing.

It is actually meant as sort of a schadenfreude term, that your target's tears only make your penis grow larger.


Its origin is a thread in a roleplay journal for the community Lj-favicon.png discedo, though a lot of other roleplay communities like to brag that they were the first to coin the term in their ooc chatrooms. They're just fags though.

Proper usage

Alternative used by angry schoolmarms.

To properly use the term, it should be limited to these occasions:

  • When someone is literally crying.
  • When someone is figuratively crying.
  • When you are trolling someone and they try to get their friends to gang up on you.
  • When your mom doesn't have enough money to pay the bills.
  • When your friend's cat dies.
  • When Chris-chan gets his Sonichu necklace taken.
  • When someone threatens suicide over an ED article.

If you feel bad for the target, it is best not to tell them to cry moar, as it is demeaning.

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