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Objectivism mah boi!
The liberal community responds to Cropperb
Cropperb's favorite place to cruise for hook-ups

CropperbFedora icon.png is a fucktard libertarian who divides his time between Connecticut and Utah, he's currently building up his early evidence file on youtube for when he's arrested in his 40s for molesting little children.

Up to now he's a popular lol-cow on the JewTubes, due to his unwarranted self importance, unrealistic expectations, and batshit insane statements. Watching a Cropperb video is akin to punching yourself in the dick with brass knuckles and leaves you with a strong desire to pull your eyes out with heated tongs.

Great Thinker For Our Times

Cropperb is not racist to the extreme, because no Randroid is a racist, even when they act in a racist manner, because Ayn Rand said so. Proof of his non-racism include his statement that nigras are poor because they want to be, and Indians deserved being IRL trolled by whitey (besides they were asking for it, amirite). He made this incredible discovery as a fast food worker, which is about where he belongs in the economics of the real world.

Cropper's Opinion on Poor People Part 1 of 2 Part 2 of 2 Part 3 of 2

Cropper's Opinion on Indians

The Cropper Lyceum

Brandon Cropper fancies himself an intellectual and, to back up his credentials, will show you how big and massive his collection of books is (compensating for something? The answer is yes), and quote from some that he's actually read. He is eager to inject his philosophy and knowledge into young nubile children and for that purpose has opened a school for kids aged 4-14 where he plans to give plenty of hands-on attention. He plans to teach history, science, economics, and filmmaking, along with a rigorous study on the ways of the Greeks. Ironically, he hasn't been able to raise funds in the capitalist system (i.e. no one wants to pay him to molest their kids when it's moar fun to do it themselves), and so like every other camwhore, has taken to E-begging to support his career path. The reason he doesn't have enough money is that he is a lazy drain on society who admits that "I don't even work 40 hours a week in my wage job" and spends all his time making YouTube videos about shit nobody cares about for the purpose of stroking his ego. He could get a second, or third, job, or just do a normal fucking week's work at his one job. To this day his school's website is nothing more than a pretentious quote and a PayPal button. If you don't give him free money you're a socialist. Disregard that, it's not begging and he doesn't want free money; you actually owe this to him because he gave you the wonderful benefit of his YouTube wisdom. It should be pointed out that the word cropper means "a disastrous failure", thus making Cropper an appropriate name for not only his "lecture hall", but Brandon himself.

In my first year I will be doing as many students as I can.


—Probably in the pooper

I'm going to molest little kiddies start a school with a shitty brilliant name

I decided that the shitty pretentious name I chose wasn't good enough, so I'm going with another shitty pretentious name

I don't plan to have my school accredited so your diploma won't be worth wiping your ass with

Okay this one is fucking epic beyond description. He starts out by "admonishing" (begging with big words) viewers to send money, admits to having zero students, whines like an emo kid who lost his favorite razorblade over being phone trolled, compares himself to Henry Ford, and ends it by more or less admitting that the "contributions" have been going towards funding his book collection.

Now he compares himself with Empire Builder Cecil Rhodes, and his dull videos with freaking diamonds! Then he discloses he needs moar one buck donations to finance his fucking mac! Finally he bullies his public with Tchaikovsky and menaces to not upload any more videos, Oh no!

A quick rundown of his begging videos for those who don't want to sit through the whole thing. BALEETED!

Generalissimo Douche

Crapper B also wants us to invade Venezuela, because somehow all of our oil got into their country and we want it back, and because Chavez is was (lol DEAD!) a donkey fucking cockbag. He doesn't have any plan for how to invade, or any idea where we'll get the troops from, or any post-invasion plan that didn't fall straight out of his pooper, but he still thinks we should go ahead and invade because he is a fucking genius.

College dropout tries to lecture us on international relations

Cropper tries out his Internet Tough Guy routine, but as usual he fails bigtime.

Randroid Wants Free Money

Begging For Unearned Money Like The Bitch He Is
Moar Begging, With Flounce

Ways to troll Cropperb

  • Ask what he's done to earn the money he expects you to give.
  • Ask if he knows what a degree from a non-accredited school is worth (hint: it comes from your pooper).
  • Ask where he gets his income from if he spend all his time making shit videos and planning his shit school that'll never happen. I doubt he'll ever answer that one.
  • Make a donation of <$0.50 to his "school." PayPal fees eat it all up.

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