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Info non-talk.png PROTIP: To become an alpha male, do the exact opposite of what a woman tells you she wants. A woman has no brain and does not know what it is to be the greatest.

Not to be confused with a Pretty cool guy or Guido.

YO! he came from nowhere, he's got popped collars, 6-pack abs, backwards hat, cool like that, and he's gonna steal your girl!


—Sound familiar?

Cooldude is a MSpaint meme born on 4chan during an MSPaint Relationship Thread where all the permavirgin losers of /b/ share their collective failures. Interestingly enough, Cooldude quickly evolved into the MSpaint representation of your typical alpha male. An alpha male is a man who is active, social, athletic, doesn't give a fuck, and, to the anguish of the basement-dwelling /b/tards, he gets all the ladies. Only the greatest of men ever achieve the status of alpha male. By his overuse of the phrases "bro," "chill," "dude," and "son," it's obvious that he's just plain amazing. To achieve this status, one must achieve a high score of Man points. The only other way to become a cooldude is to be full-blooded Italian-American guido trash.

One of the few IRL alpha males to visit /b/ cooked up an epic copypasta with the iconic cooldude at the helm, causing much lulz among /b/tards.





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