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Constructive criticism is perhaps one of the lulziest forms of trolling on the internet, particularly in online shitholes much like DeviantART, where people submit their work online. In constructive criticism, one looks at artwork and finds its flaws and merits (ignoring this is what makes you a troll), which normally results in the offended rallying their friends to try and intimidate said critic into kissing the victim's ass.

Normally the constructive critic tries to play educator, offering tidbits on anatomy, lighting, color theory and all other components that make art good. The original idea behind the concept was to be a supportive collaborator that kindly and politely improves them through deconstructive analysis rather than just saying "it's shit", but what most people really mean when they ask for "concrit" is "lavish praise onto me while maybe mentioning one teensy little problem for 'balance.'"

As one can guess, offering advice is pointless as it will be ignored and you'll be the subject of many a call out journal on whatever art site you happen to be on. As a result, you should only offer constructive criticism for the lulz; in fact, given the right target, you'll even look like the good guy! The results of such actions do create some of the best drama in the world.

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