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And they will be reported, discussed, and broadcast by the same mass media outlets over and over again until you believe them.

Wake Up Sheeple Blue.png

You look like this, not through any fault of your own, but because some conspiracy is working against you.
If the NWO is going to rule the world, they had better get started. The Mayans predict they only have a few years left the world should've already ended.
It's true! Don't believe the reptilians!
You're doing it wrong.

There is a secret cabal whose only design is to keep you from getting laid. There are forces aligning against your attempts to make money. Secret societies are lining up and scheming just so that you will never be successful. Mysterious factions gather under the full moon, attempting to bring the downfall of the world, just so that you will never lose weight, be attractive, or stop smelling like cheese. All of these things, these Conspiracy Theories, are the average internet slob’s excuse as to why he or she has become and remains such a goddamned loser.

All conspiracy theories revolve around two things, fail and money. If you can find any subject which involves some type of fail in which someone made money there is a conspiracy. In basement terms

(FAIL <= 0); 

Lunatic Fringe

Alien civilizations, far more advanced than our own, do not understand the concept of "seat belts."
A few years ago, Dan Brown stirred up a steaming pile of shit. Now the theorists are coming out of the woodwork.
Lunatic fringe...

I know you're out there

You're in hiding

And you hold your meetings

We can hear you coming

We know what you're after

We're wise to you this time

We won't let you kill the laughter.


—Red Rider, As Far As Siam LP, 1981

For most people, life is a series of steady ups and downs that do not shake the bedrock of quality living. These people, well adjusted and sane, are often skeptics of conspiracy theories, and thus will not be discussed within the confines of this article.

A raving minority of people, often called the lunatic fringe and just as often quite vocal, are the main believers of conspiracy and the various hypothesis that often accompany the most outlandish of these theories. Like all minorities, they are annoying and shrill. Because it is a well known fact that news agencies and other media outlets will often pick up on the most outlandish of stories, these groups are quite inventive, obnoxious, and loud.

Typical Conspiratard

I've done the research!


—Typical conspiratard

Your typical conspiracy theorists are basement dwellers who spend too much time on the internet watching conspiracy videos on Youtube, reading Wikilinks,, Infowars, masturbating furiously to recordings of Alex Jones, and usually refer to themselves as being in Anonymous. Theorists think they are far more intelligent than the normal human being. They like to tell people to WAKE UP!, which they think is clever, but is actually quite annoying, and often call anyone who doesn't believe in conspiracy theories as "sheep". This is particularly ironic considering most conspiracy theorists are only going on what other conspiracy theorists tell them is true. The truth is, infact, most theorists are mentally disturbed psychopaths and Aspies with very little sense of reality.

Some theorists don't like to be called theorists, and will often say such pretentious things as "Well it doesn't mean we're conspiracy theorists if we're only asking questions." While this may be true, they are also lazy shits who don't try to find the answers themselves, because if the answers turn out to be against the conspiracy, then that would mean giving into The Man. This means they are also incredibly ignorant. They chose to argue online using ALL CAPS and IRL shout loudly at anyone who either disagrees with them or do not believe their bullshit. They would rather believe insane, complex ideas of government takeover, holograms and aliens to simple truths. Of course the government is shady and corrupt, but if they really wanted to kill us all, they could. And the fact is governments are terrible at keeping secrets. Bill Clinton couldn't even get a blowjob and Obama couldn't even listen to your phone calls without the whole world finding out, and he actually did lie. In this day and age of hacktivism, it would not be that difficult to uncover documents of government cover-ups. The problem is they simply don't exist. Because of their know-it-allism, ability to completely ignore facts, and yet complete lack of ever doing anything remotely productive with

Watch these fucking idiots in action. [1]


Conspiracy theorists are often categorized as people who have obsessive/compulsive disorder. Individuals will have an eccentric set of actions that preclude their comfort level and ability to be effective depending on the situation. Some examples of these eccentric behaviors include:

  • collecting large numbers of firearms
  • distracted attention
  • constant mumbling
  • talking and answering oneself
  • continual mumbling
  • you need to shut up
  • preoccupation with a fetish
  • don’t speak to me like that
  • fixation on events or sets of events

While obsessive/compulsive disorder is far and away the largest noticeable symptom within the conspiracy theorist community, it is by no means the least dangerous or distracting. Paranoia is probably the largest single factor in determining whether an individual is your average, run-of-the-mill tabloid reading fatty or if they are a real, dyed-in-the-wool psycho who has a fallout shelter in their back yard which they lovingly call either “the compound” or “the situation room.”


An individual has to really be fucked in the head to actually believe that a “shadow government” stands behind the scenes, pulling the puppet strings, and defining how life on earth is maintained. None-the-less, there is a large population, often referred to as “Illuminati theorists” who believe that the folks of Skull and Bones, the Bilderberg Group, the Trilateral Commission, the Sacred Chao, and the Jews all seem to run everything. When you consider how these people think, it is perfectly acceptable to believe that everything ties into a centralized government that is designed to control you and allow you no freedoms other than the ones they prescribe. When you consider a more sane line of thinking, you pretty much know that you are in your position in life because of choices and mistakes you have made. Seriously, the world needs ditch diggers…and you couldn’t get past organic chemistry in college. Hear that buzzer? Quick, it’s time to drop fries!

Occam's Razor

Occam's Razor is a dirty word amoung conspiracy theorists because it serves to remind people that if a theory sounds too batshit insane because it requires way to many impossible or difficult events to happen for it to be true, then it is most likely wrong.
As most conspiracy theorists grew up in environments with parents that wouldn't tell them they were wrong no matter how stupid they got, because who are we to say one idea is right and another wrong, they hate anything that might even suggest that their outlandish attempts at attention and retard attempts at trying to look smart could be wrong for no other reason than how stupid these crazy ass theories sound when they are actually spoken outloud.

Famous Conspiracy Theories

Princess Diana, killed by the French??? Since the mid 1990’s, there has been a major growth in the tabloid culture of conspiracy theorists, their ideas, and the mass production of all forms of media that report this kind of garbage. Some of the more famous internet theories:

Protocols of the Elders of Zion

Conspiracy theory goes mainstream. An anonymous Russian synthesized everything available about Jews, Freemasons, communists, and the Antichrist and wrote the classic of the genre. Instead of a dragon, the Antichrist is a Jewish salesman who will cause as many disasters as possible before rescuing the world. This means that anything bad that happens to anyone, anywhere, is caused by the Jews. All rule-the-world conspiracy theories, from aliens to the mortgage crisis are ripoffs of this.

9/11 Was an Inside Job

Some conspiracy theorists believe that George Bush was the real mastermind behind 9/11 and that he did it to justify the invasion of Iraq. All of these same people believe George Bush to be an idiot incapable of wiping his own ass, so how they think George Bush is still smart enough to organize the most destructive single act of terrorism in the history of the world and get away with it, who the fuck knows - or maybe that's what he wants you to think.

Jews did 9/11

Jews are a lower form of life with limited intelligence and are akin to animals, so how could they control everything?
Pot smoking jungle savages have been alarming people for centuries. I think I see Pikachu in there.
There were furries even back in the 1970's
The Hollow Earth Theory. Sorry folks, the only thing going on here is a bunch of arabs getting rich and buying up hotels in Nevada.

A natural evolution from the lolracism that is prevalent on such popular websites as 4chan and other notable web message boards. Once the neo-Nazis and white supremacists got a hold of this theory, it really began to become mainstream. On a related note, it is common knowledge that airplane fuel does not burn hot enough to melt steel, however it does burn hot enough to heat steel to the point where it will bend. So shut the fuck up, Rosie O’Donnell.

This conspiracy theory is rare in that it's actually been proven true.

The World will end in 2012

It's so obvious! So a group of savages who wipe their asses with their hands thought it was necessary to sacrifice thousands of people a year to prevent some god from destroying their harvest and were constantly stoned on Jimson weed made a calendar that repeats. It just happens to be the 13th time the thing has repeated itself, so let's all panic like fucking retarded 2nd graders! Really though, it just goes back to day one when it ends like a regular calendar. Cunting dumb asses will believe anything. Later, it actually became one of the conspiracy theories that were truly proven false. In fact, the world really DID end on December 21, 2012, but we were all uploaded into a computer simulation the night before, so no-one noticed. It's a massive computer, and it's owned by a Jew.

The Cincinnati Radiation Experiments

If you were either born, were of elementary school age or in jail or prison between the years 1960 and 1975 and are from Southern Ohio, Northern Kentucky or West Virginia there is a good chance you are included in this experiment to study the long term effects of radiation exposure.
Most nefarious as it wasn't just the oppressed ethnic populations being used but all races. Consents were faked, no one, parents, convicts and some even include correction officers were ever told if they were irradiated.
Probably an offshoot of the Manhattan Project's same studies that used informed soldiers but felt that keeping the people in the dark was a better idea because they didn't want another run of the bottom 5% reporting every other day, convinced that it's because of the radiation that their dick is bending that way.
There is very little information of how many people and who was included. The way I see it, if you're one of the children that fit the description, right now you are at the prime age for cancer. If you have the unfortune of being in a hospital with a really nasty case of cancer and a lot of people seem have an interest in you for no reason, your doctor seems to always have consultants with him when he sees you, you were most likely a part of this experiment.
All jokes aside. If for some reason this conspiracy theory turns out to be true as there are lots of examples of the government and military actually using uninformed people to test radiation exposure, I pray to God that you are not one of these people.

Fiction is True

The belief that mass media such as “Minority Report”, “1984”, "Brave New World", "Conspiracy Theory", “Fahrenheit 451”, ”V for Vendetta”, ”The DaVinci Code”, ”The X-Files”, ”Tabloid Elvis sightings”, "Interview With a Vampire", and the "Terminator" series are all true. Further discussion, often heated and full of rage, will only make these fiction stories more true. The main proponents of these theories are keyboard jockey nerds who have no life and spend way too much time arguing that perhaps Dan Brown was on to something...

Innoculations Cause Autism

Unless you are a wrinkled, droopy pair of plastic tits that is so used to living in a shallow world based on looks and perceived perfection that she can't accept having a flawed child and has to come up with some half-assed excuse to remove her responsability of donating half her genetics and wants to capitalize on her son's illness to make herself still seem relevant by reciting pseudo-scientific dribble that was most likely read in a badly Xeroxed article found on a bathroom floor like Jenny McCarthy or are a washed upped actor that wants to fuck her ancient ass like Jim Carrey, then you're probably one of ten people, on this planet that believe this for shit theory.

Charles Manson working for clients?

Ha Ha Ha Ha, Dumb Americunts!
A classic conspiracy theory, as described in the exception to Heppum's Razor

Conventional Jew regard the Manson murders as a Satanic ritual killing, the work of a madmen. Fact is, Manson is not your ordinary madman. He is confirmed Illuminati. While Manson may have duped his brainwashed cult followers into doing the killings for Whitey vs Blackey, it is also noticeable that the people targeted were not just random folk. Sharon Tate's husband Jew may have wanted her dead. She may have known too much. But skeptics argue that Polanski is too nice, and that there is a fine line between drugging and anally raping a kid and getting your own wife killed. The LaBiancas were running a successful supermarket chain, making a lot of powerful people angry. Maybe Manson offered his "services" to such clients in exchange for monetary compensation.

UFO Cover up at Roswell

This belief, which has only gotten stronger over the decades, is ludicrous due to the fact that nobody--and I mean NOBODY--would go to Roswell.

The JFK Assassination

The belief that Lee Harvey Oswald was a patsy or acted as part of a team. Evidence of another gunman, on the grassy knoll only points out that pretty much everybody hated Kennedy. You don’t live very long if you piss off the Mafia, the CIA, and the military industrial complex. The question shouldn’t be “Who really killed JFK?” but rather “How the hell did he live as long as he did?”

Sandy Hook Cover-up

The belief that the government was behind the 2012 Sandy Hook Elementary Massacre. Some theorists believe it never happened, and that the government staged it so they can get our guns!!! There are several theories, including that the grieving parents of the 20 dead children are actually "crisis actors," which would mean the entire town would have to be in on it, meaning well over 1,000 people. Most of the believers in this theory are crazy gun owners who think Obama was gonna git thurr guns or people who are also behind the 9/11 theories, so you know they're valid. Most sane people don't believe this shit anymore, despite the best efforts of pathological attentionwhores like Alex Jones. Oh snap!

Global Warming

Please, are you going to listen to anything a hippy commie faggot tells you? Quick! Turn around, I think I just saw Elvis getting a drink at that Slushie Machine!!! wait...nope, after all, he was abducted by aliens... amiright?

Global Warming Denialism

Yep, just about every working scientist in climatology is lying and probably working for joos, except for a small cohort of kooks courageously employed by the oil industry.

The Death of Princess Diana

25% of Brits polled recently believe that Di was killed because of a plot. There are several theories surrounding why this plot came to be, most notably the fact that Di planned to marry Dodi Fayed and was going to convert to Islam. Is it really a plot when everybody knows it is true and can see the truth from a mile away?

The Moon Landing

You can examine the photos all you want and find whatever you want in them. This still doesn’t change the fact that if you aim a laser at the mirror the Apollo astronauts left on the surface of the moon, the laser beam will bounce back at you. Since the invention and wide-spread use of Photoshop, this conspiracy theory has stepped from the merely ridiculous into the insanely absurd, with insanely absurd people keeping it alive. Never knowingly undersold, David Icke has gone one better and decided that the moon itself is fake.

Pearl Harbor

This is not a conspiracy theory, even though a large segment of the population still considers it one. FDR was a backstabbing commie who allowed American blood to be shed just so his New Deal didn’t fall apart. A favorite conspiracy theory of weaboos that want to excuse Japan for it's cowardly actions during WW2.

Project Rainbow

No, it has nothing to do with the gay conspiracy. It's the belief that, for a few brief seconds, a multi-billion dollar naval destroyer completely disappeared during the early days of World War II. When this theory is weighed against contemporary governmental mismanagement, it is not such a stretch to believe that many billions of dollars can simply vanish. In reality, this project was nothing more than an international PR campaign designed to scare the shit out of the Japanese.
Poularly known as the Philadelphia Experiment. Wow! You really can't escape the gay references with this one.

The Various Microsoft Wingdings Font Messages

Is it really a plot when the world’s largest man can do whatever he wants? People need to get a life.

The Fatima Prophecy

Let me get this straight, three kids were in Portugal and they saw things in the sky. They saw the sun “dance” and they saw several apparitions floating about them. Let’s add up the facts…the kids were teenagers. The kids were bored (there is nothing to do in all of Portugal). They “saw” things. It sounds to me like the kids got into a bad bottle of vinho, and proceeded to STARE DIRECTLY AT THE SUN for awhile. Maybe the whole 'miracle' thing was what they told the doctors to explain why they were suddenly blind and smelling like marijuana.
The real miracle is that Catholics actually believe this. In the Bible when Jesus was asked when the end will come he said the he didn't know and even God didn't know because it would most likely happen on a day he got really drunk, a lot like Katamari Damacy. Now, we are supposed to believe that if God did know when the end of the world would come that he wouldn't tell his only son but would wait to spill it to 3 uneducated Portugese teens.
Occam's Razor can be used here.


In May of 2009, the Cassini space craft returned pictures of Saturn’s moon Iapetus. In some pictures, the moon bears a striking resemblance to the Death Star of Star Wars fame. The real conspiracy here is that Star Wars nerds are allowed to work for NASA.

(Wait, wasn't it Mimas that was compared to the Death Star for the past half of a century?)

16th Amendment

Since the 16th Amendment was never properly ratified, income taxes are illegal, and you don't have to pay them! Simply let the IRS know that you know all about their scam. They will simply ignore your income in return for your silence, since the whole economy would collapse if you told anyone else about it. Make sure to point out the part in the constitution that allows average hardworking Americans to decide the constitutionality of Amendments. PROTIP: it's somewhere in the back.

Hitler's Head

Evil Nazi scientists, worried about the future of Nazi Germany, severed Adolf's head and placed the brain within a jar. For further information, please watch Futurama.

New World Order

Full Tinfoil.jpg

Conspiracy Theorists often decry that the end is near while at the same time stating that a New World Order is emerging. Some might say that the end of the world is near, but the Mayans were a bunch of beaners like me and were not very good at science. So when I see Chris Brown , Kanye West, Young Jeezy, T.I., Fat Joe, Gay-Z and other stupid niggers doing tons of different Illuminati hand signs and subliminal faggotry, I ask my self how the New World order has evolved from european fagmunchers to common day street niggahs. I guess it is a plan to get everybody separated between Alex Jones's niggahs, Ron Paul's niggahs, and street niggahs. Though we should all not dealve into the gay lore that surrounds the New world Order and its evolution, and live on with our lives. Because, in the end, i'm not scared of pussy ass Kanye, I'll just stick with Tupac.

Rex 84

Some aspie basement dweller was once dicking around on Google Maps and searched up FEMA and saw what he (and others) strongly believed to be government concentration camps. Not knowing that concentraion camps are not only what were used for home cooking, and also not knowing what a relief camp is, he told people they were going to be used so the government could kill lots of the population. Then this plan was named Rex 84.

Tycho Brahe was Murdered

Nuvola apps xmag.png Moar info: Tycho Brahe.

Who cares? The guy had a false nose made out of gold. He was probably mugged. A more preferable, as well as funnier story than this was the tale about how he died from holding his piss so long he couldn't do it anymore.

Stairway to Heaven

If you play Stairway to Heaven backwards it says demonic stuff – This is a great one, fueled by the religious nut jobs during the 1980’s. Considering the fact that Jimmy Page WAS a Satanist, do you really think he had to hide his messages backwards?

Ladder to Heaven

It happened. The Japanese made it there and announced it on CNN with video proof They were quickly kicked out because everyone knows that Heaven is only for white people and their dogs simply because they're the only beings God created that have souls.

The Dollar Bill

Since the 1940’s the dollar bill has been under scrutiny because of the various Masonic symbols that have been placed upon it. Never mind the fact that the whole country was founded by Masons, large portions of European monies donated to the founding fathers during the Revolution were from Masons, or the fact that just about every president has been a Mason…

I seriously hope this is just a bunch of Catholics who are still mad about the whole Knights Templar thing.


The AIDS virus was manufactured by the United States government. In reality, some chimp fucking furry, who fucked a tainted gorilla in the ass invented this theory to cover up for his nasty habits.

Crack Cocaine

There is the belief that crack cocaine was invented by the United States government to “keep the urban black man down”. Given the fact that pre-crack era urban communities were shitholes, this theory doesn’t really hold much water.

Jews did rap/hip-hop

Nuvola apps xmag.png Moar info: Rap.

Nuvola apps xmag.png Moar info: Eminem.

Nuvola apps xmag.png Moar info: Tupac.

Not a theory, but a scientific fact.
As the token Jew of this site, I hate to admit, but this is true.
They're a splinter cell group known as Record Executives and they like Rap/hip-hop because they're like the top 40 one hit wonders from the past. Because most rap/hip-hoppers rarely see a second hit they can be squeezed for every penny, first in their original album release and then cheap as shit concert tours that have over 9000 differant acts because most people are there to only hear that one song they like and leave. When compared to established groups with 2 or more succesfull albums that have leverage in contract negotiations, it's usually in the best interest for the Record Executive To keep the performer or group happy because there's a good chance that the next album will sell well. Don't worry, no matter how many concessions are given, the Record Executives will still make money and the group or performer will still get screwed.
Record Executives live by this old adage, "If they're smiling when they hand over their money, then they don't know that they're being robbed."
Ha Gibor.

Religious Cult

Sometimes, conspirators take it all to a new level. "It's not the man that's keeping me down, it's the many thetans that are controlling my actions!" One religious cult in particular have become very prolific, containing many of our beloved Hollywood stars. Another one is infamous for believing alien's were coming to take us to the next dimension, and that they were arriving at Earth by means of the back of an asteroid. To make a long story short, they all drank the kool-aid. It's much harder to over come these groups as their arguments and beliefs rely heavily on the logical fallacy of, "You have your chance, prove me wrong."


The crack detectives of the internets have found the Head of The Illuminati. Of course, it makes perfect sense that the group bent on world domination (since the dawn of time) would rest their entire plan on a rapper. Their incontrovertible evidence of his involvement with the "Illuminate" lies here, there, and everywhere. Now let me get that dirt off your shoulder.

Jay-Z is affiliated with the "Illuminati". Which is a secret society aimed at the music industry. There is and organization that directs towards certain sectors in life. He is part of the hip-hop organization. This is all part of the NWO. Which is a process that's taken decades and is still in affect. Something that has taken this long to produce would take even longer to explain. The worse part about it is the disbelief that people harbor.


Devilz, breaking it down

Jay Z is definitely a part of the Illuminati. Think about it. How could a black man who didnt graduate high school get this far in white Hollywood. Let's be real. The only way is to sell out. Look at Oprah.(she part of it too by the way.) She doesnt even let rappers on her show. But guess who got a guest appearance on her show a few years back...Jay Z.


omegablack, proving it beyond a shadow of a doubt.

I can't belive that jay-z talking about iluminati/d'Evils,i mean i'm chirstians how he can led people like that.I luv jay-z but i make me start looking him diffant now and really start listen to his lyrics and start thinking about what he about......


danielle,'start thinking' being the operative phrase.

Flat Earth

Nuvola apps xmag.png Moar info: Flat Earth Society.

The final boss of conspiracy theories. The Flat Earth Society is dedicated to fighting the wicked conspiracy by NASA to convince us that the earth is round and profit as a result. There are rumors that the Flat Earth Society is a figure of speech, that there are no literate human beings who are this fucking retarded. Wrong, they are not only real but they have a forum, one that you are required by internet law to troll.

Yo Freemasons, I'm really happy for you, I'mma let you finish,
but the Zoroastrians were the best secret society of all time!

If it were really a secret, would it be on YouTube?


The government is putting toxic chemicals in our atmosphere. The next time it snows, hold it under a lighter and watch. If it melts and doesn't turn black, it's real snow. But if it shrivels like styrofoam and evaporates, then turns black, it's fake chemtrail snow. See this page [2]


In Pizzagate, e-detective have determined based on Wikileaks that a global child sex trafficking ring operates out of pizza places like Fuck-E-Cheese. Oh, and registered sex offender Jeffrey Epstein paid Lolita Express-frequent-flier Bill Clinton $3.5 million out of a secret Swiss bank account for some reason.
One of the most hilarious aspects from this is how it sounds a lot like a bad fanfiction that someone lifted directly from a book chronicling one of California's biggest legal fuck ups following the OJ case, the McMartin Trial. Spoiler alert, the McMartins were innocent and it was a moral panic like organized Satanic Sacrifices of children and because a prosecutor thought that a paranoid schizophrenic would make a reliable witness that allowed this whole cluster fuck to happen in the first place.
Like Pizzagate, in the McMartin trial there's a multinational organization of child pornographers and pedophiles buying children but from a pre-school in California.
For that last bit of lulz there is supposed to be a large room, as big as a convince store under the pre-school and an elevator that can lower a medium sized school bus underground, to it. After 20 years of digging, no one has found this room.

Pink Floyd/Wizard of Oz

If you watch the original The Wizard of Oz movie with the sound turned off and Pink Floyd's Dark Side of the Moon album cued up correctly, you will discover that the album is actually an alternate soundtrack full of hidden messages. N.b., this only works while you are on acid.


When attempting to explain oddities, it is often entertaining or beneficial to manufacture fictions, and it is generally done to appease a child's curiosity in the most expedient manner possible. Since society is largely full of grown up children who laughingly call themselves adults, Conspiracy Theories are quite popular. So popular, in fact, that actual studies have been performed regarding these whackjob ideas. Sadly, the results from this study only fuel the fire.

Realistic Conspiracy Theories

Di and Dodi, right before their death. A realistic conspiracy theory would be: The Royal family didn't want her getting married to a wog.

As far-fetched and unrealistic as most conspiracy theories are, it would probably be a good idea to give some examples of more realistic theories that can actually be applied to modern life. The following list, by no means total or complete, is a jumping off point for Encyclopedia Dramatica users to apply to their own lives. While they will not seem outlandish, fringe, or zany, they will seem outrageous to the average Conspiracy Theorist:

  • Education is the best way to obtain wealth. While communing with your dead grandmother's ghost in an attempt to predict tomorrow's lottery numbers may seem like a perfectly rational idea, going to college and graduating has a much higher success rate. Also, discovering the government's secret ESP laboratories hidden beneath the Pyramids of Giza is a good way to get yourself shot.
  • The more ignorant you are about how the night skies look the more likely you are to see a UFO. This was proven after the 1989 San Francisco earthquake when utilities like electricity were out. Being able to see the night sky for the first time in their life because it wasn't being washed out by the city lights, people became convinced that the stars were UFO's and the police were inundated with calls because people believed that the Earth was about to be invaded.
  • UFOs are the products of good peyote. Despite what you have heard, there is an awfully large amount of hallucinogenic chemicals just growing freely out in the desert. Is it any wonder most UFO sightings occur there?
  • The Earth is not hollow and angels do not live there. The only thing important going on under the Earth's crust is oil, gold, and other precious commodities. Go and get some.
  • Jim Morrison is dead and his "California Beach Diet" does not work. If you want to lose weight, stop cramming your mouth full of french fries, stop guzzling Faygo orange soda like it is going out of style and go outside and cut the fucking lawn.
  • 9 out of 10 times you are fat because you eat too much and are lazy. Yes, there are people who have hormonal disorders like an underactive thyroid that make them fat but you are not one of them. Eat less and exercise more fat ass and don't tell me how you ride a bike all day. Unless you're pedaling that thing like you're in the Tour De France - you ain't doing shit fatty.
  • It is possible for Chinese people, usually from specific areas, to have green eyed children. Experts believe it happens because Roman or Scandanavian explorers settled in these areas and contributed their genes. Blonde hair has been known to show up as well in the areas. Because of Dutch and Spanish traders the same is true with people from certain areas of Japan but it is usually blue eyes and sometimes, blonde or a dark blonde, mousey brown, hair.
  • Exercise has been proven to help with asthma by strengthening the lungs. Loose the doctor's excuse, get dressed for gym class and run some laps fat ass.
  • Millennials, on average, are so fat and out of shape that they are the first generation that will probably die well before their parents.
  • It has nothing to do with racism but safety is the reason why companies like Dominos or Pizza Hut won't deliver to bad neighborhoods in areas like the DC metro area. The irony of this is that it is black drivers from these same neighbourhoods that refuse to make the deliveries.
  • Black males do not have huge cocks...yours is fine...really it's not the size of the ship, but the motion of the ocean...really! That may be true, but it's pretty hard to reach England in a row boat. "More so, I've never heard anyone ever say that they'll opt for the canoe when they have the option of a 40 foot yacht."
  • An Asian woman's vagina is not slanted or horizontal. Some historians believe that this was a rumor started by the English when they took over Hong Kong to keep their men from fraternizing with the local woman by convincing them that their sex organs wouldn't match up. You know how sexual curiosity works. All those English prudes did was cause a boom for the local brothels and a massive increase in STDs.
  • A woman is most sensitive in the first 1/3 of her vagina. As long as you're not lost in your pubes and can last more that 2 strokes, you have enough. Now that really don't mean shit when you really piss her off and the first thing she goes after is your tiny dick.
  • The best advice my dad ever gave me about women was 1: The best orgasm you can ever give a girl is taking her to a jewelry store and letting her pick out what she wants.
    2:Get good at eating pussy. I'm talking, be brilliant at it, memorable because you can be the worst roll on this planet but if you know how to lick the plate then your value as a "friend" will go up immensely.
Contrary to the conspiracy theories, Paris Hilton reveals that fluoride tastes good and yields a +1 to your IRL intellect for 100mg ingested.
  • Fluoride in our drinking water does not allow the government to control our brains, but it does help keep your teeth strong. Substituting a few glasses of tap water per day for the sugary poisons you drink now will probably do your health some good as well. Some research indicates that substituting fluoridated toothpaste for fluoridated water will maintain teeth strength just as effectively.


A strangely hypnotic exposé of how Robert Zemeckis encoded an upside-down warning
about 9/11 in Back to the Future and sent Marty McFly back in time from
a fictionalised version of the 1970s in 2015 that viewers can access
by touching the screen which releases them from Kubrick's 2001: A Space Odyssey
which forms a historical focus for the collective... nah, I'm done.
Why does YouTube keep censoring this video?
Who are they working for? What are they trying to hide?

Often full of cryptic bullshit and music taken from The Matrix,
conspiracy theorists like to dazzle.

I have five words for you: helium balloon and road flare.
If you have a phone, can dial Art Bell, and can overact,
you can instantly become your own conspiracy theory.

If Elvis is still alive, why the hell is he hanging out in Ohio???
Our Reptilian overlords are dispersing viruses and mind control
chemicals via jet contrails.

Spike Lee and Bill Maher are fucking idiots.

Clever terms used by Theorists

"Where do you hide a tree?"
  • Sheep/Sheeple- Normal, rational people or skeptics who don't believe every conspiracy theory.
  • WAKE UP!- Theorist's annyoing way to try and convince people to think like they do. It's actually very insulting and stolen from the Rage Against The Machine song at the end of the Matrix.
  • Blue Pills- An attempt to bring the young into their tinfoil hat, retard world by using overused and stale pop culture references like the one above. It refers to people that are too smart to pay $63.50 for a legal envelope filled with badly printed pages that the cospiracist claims will proove that Islamic Terrorists and not the Jews did 9/11.
  • Lamestream Media- Any news site or network that isn't a conspiracy site. All mainstream networks are actually used by the government.
  • Cover-up- Something the government is trying to hide. They fail to realize the government is horrible at hiding secrets
  • False flag operation- An event that was perpetrated by the government but framed on someone else.
  • Anonymous- What most conspirifags claim to be a member of. For most, they only claim this until the first time their computer is hacked and an "Anonymous" user posts a picture, on their website, of a dog licking peanut butter off their genitals that was in their documents. The rest see something like this as proof that the government is out to get them and see it as something worth bragging about.
  • Alex Jones- Conspirifag Pope.

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