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Conrads opinion on Likeicare telling him to post stuff himself instead of telling people tp Google dead military officers

I am a coward and I lack the courage to request Conrad's official military service records via the FOIA, even though I just need his name to request them, and even though they will provide his records to me for free via email, because my bipolar egotistical ass can't handle being wrong.


Edit: This section was added by Conrad himself, apparently unaware that it is up to himself to prove things, not other people

Subedit: Holy Shit, someone did get the FOIA and posted, yet Likeicare discounted it as a "sock" since it apparently didn't fit his narrative.

False. As soon as it was posted i stopped accusing you of anything. This is sounding slanderous conrad

Subedit: Your sock, Cassius Longinus, still accuses Conrad of stealing medals. By the way, when it's written it's called "libel." But even in the beginning, I provided proof that I wasn't lying, which you said was "forged" yet you had nothing to base that on. You were wrong, and you posted a shitty attack page that ew normally delete, because we normally delete shitty attack pages. Faggot.

I dont have any socks, that account belongs to someone over 1000kms away and you aren't part of the "we"

You do have socks. Whatever, you're a proven liar. Oh God, it's a colloquial "we" you dumbass, or do you not know English? Want me to leave ED? Want me to take back the help I've provided? I can leave now, just let me know.

Why dont you just message me on skype lol

I'm very involved with Tor, i2p, protecting free speech and privacy, which is why I believe ED deserves to remain available for all - freedom of expression, doy.

Unless said speech is directed at me



Conrads opinion on his deployment

Yeah, I was, it has the years and months total time right there on the very document, but you're so fucking retarded that you can't read, obviously. But boy, you do love to skim a line, talk shit, skim a line, talk shit.


Not all my deployments were at sea. I was assigned to JCU (Landbased/Airborne), and JMAST (Landbase/Amphibious).


I did indeed deploy, multiple times to various places on land and at sea, which is significantly more than you have done


The US Navy's opinion on Conrads deployment

When asked about his deployments, he ultimately

admitted, “I never deployed.”



Conrads opinion on his medals

All of my medals were earned. All of them!


I have valor. You dont even know what valor is


The US Navys opinion on Conrads medals

Submitted several documents purporting to show the appellant was entitled to wear the Purple Heart Medal, the Joint Service Commendation Medal,

the Combat Action Ribbon, and the Afghanistan Campaign Medal, as well as qualified as an Enlisted Expeditionary Warfare (EXW) Specialist. He also submitted documents indicating he had been entitled to imminent danger pay for deployments to Cote D’Ivoire and Afghanistan


The appellant submitted these documents in the hope of gaining admission into a program for wounded veterans


NCIS asked for and received the appellant’s permission to search his personal computers. A forensic examiner discovered several files on the appellant’s

computer that contained images of award citations, NAVPERS 1070/613 forms, and signatures of certifying officials. These images match in material aspects the documents the appellant provided to HM2 F, and appear to have been “cut and pasted” to create the documents


We are also satisfied that the appellant’s confession was sufficiently corroborated by other evidence in the case.

Specifically, we considered the numerous images found on the appellant’s personal computer indicating the appellant created the documents purporting to prove authorization to wear deployment-related awards