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Confirm/Deny is an Internets phrase commonly used immediately after a statement by the poster to the postee.

For example: "You are anonymous - confirm/deny."

Because the phrase is used as a statement rather than an inquiry, it leaves the reader with the impression that the statement is a fact. Therefore it is useful to insult the postee without explicitly stating the insult. In addition, the postee's only defensive option is to deny, which means they have to acknowledge the statement, and therefore lend it legitimacy regardless of how ridiculous.

People who have been pwned by confirm/deny

  • Sexydan by gays
    • e.g. "Sexy Dan, you have teh ghey. Confirm/Deny."
  • Wit by the internets.
    • e.g. "Your puerile attempts at insult prove conclusively that wit was destroyed once and for all by the invention of the internet. Confirm/Deny.

People who have pwned themselves with confirm/deny

Jack Thompson, who famously gave Janet Reno a memo with 'u r a dyke confirm/deny" on it during a debate. Of course, since Jack Thompson is a boob, he only succeeded in making himself look like a jackass.


A comprehensive study of the origins of this phrase is still pending review.

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