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It's the BiMonSciFiCon!

A completist is a fanboy or fangirl that must prove their devotion to a band, television show, movie or comic book by collecting every piece of Chinese made crap sold at Wal-Mart or shitty fan-made merchandise bought at conventions that relates to said media. Symptoms include lining up at midnight to buy a new record, DVD, or toy, constantly searching eBay for imports of the same exact crap from Japan and camping in line for years just so they can get tickets to a show before you. There is a significant overlap between completists and fans of Pokémon, My Little Pony and similar franchises, and this is expected given their catch phrases are "Gotta catch 'em all" and "Magic makes it all complete!" Some of the worst completest fucktards are known to be so rabid that any mention of how much the old Star Wars movies suck total ass will bring down a legion of basement-dwellers stalking the shit out of you, trying to prove that when trivia night comes around you'll lose.

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