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Also known as Burning Down The House, Format C:, or Aunt Flo Is Visiting.

  • On Encyclopedia Dramatica, a good place to look for articles needing a complete rewrite is the Crap category - articles in need of a rewrite are so marked with the {{crap}} template.
  • On Apple products, a "complete rewrite" entails downloading the latest crapfest from, adding a fat and ugly interface and then claiming to have invented unix.
  • On LiveJournal a complete rewrite is more or less the equivalent of removing an entry (or select contents thereof) in order to not offend and lose the money of corporate sponsors.
  • A normally-good band will "re-invent" themselves into a shitty band in order to drive up sales, usually by adopting a "punk rawk" persona.

With the noted exception of the first point, generally a complete rewrite is a bad thing, due to the second law of thermodynamics which states that all systems are spiraling down in to disorder, also known as the law of entropy.

Remember: he who is listed at the top of the history page is KING.

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