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He is a Communizm.
In Soviet Russia, meme posts you.
You are telling me this little diagram means 20 millions of people will starve to death? Yuri and Stepan from NKVD will visit you tomorrow.
Karl Marx, the founder of communism. Karl Marx then (left), Karl Marx now (right).
Coming soon to a labor union near you!
Now kids can play too!
Super Soviet!

Cummunism is the belief that young hooligans who never have read a book are best fit to rule a country. Its proponents are school yard outcasts, scarecrows, people with a meanness-complex, butthurt Iranians, men with a curved penis, tall people who want to fuck midgets, 13-year-old boys, and people who were relatively poor in their childhood. Invented by Karl Marx last thursday, cummunism is the final form of liberalism, the arch nemesis of capitalism and some people say is the reason why America is #1 and why the rest of the world sucks. Under communism, there is no need for money, because all goods needed to support life are free, which by "free" means you never actually get what you need and the bastards at the Party bathe in your hard-earned cash. This is why Communism failed: everybody loves money. Communism was first theorized with the brick lit. convoluted multi volume Communist Manifesto, which was written by Karl Marx at least 100 years ago. It led to two paradigms we have today: Writing TL;DR-texts and the tradition of economists to tell incomprehensible lies and flavor them with arcane math.

Enough is enough! I have had it with this motherfucking bourgeoisie dissin' the motherfucking proletariat!


—Lenin on the purpose of his life in general.

Lenin first turned communism into practice by establishing circle jerks known as Soviets throughout Russia (Soviet is Russian for council). He feigned his death and got replaced by a pretty cool guy known as Stalin, who turned everything into a dicktatorship. When Lenin comes back, he will start a society consisting of "real" communism as opposed to the one that has been practiced in Afghanistan, Albania, Angola, Benin, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Bulgaria, Cambodia, China, Cuba, Congo, Croatia, Czechoslovakia, Ethiopia, Germany, Hungary, Kosovo, Laos, Macedonia, Mongolia, Montenegro, Mozambique, North Korea, Poland. Romania, Russia, Serbia, Slovenia, Somalia, Yemen and Vietnam.


Screengrab from 1960's Post Cereals television ad provides proof of International Communism's insidious plot to push Marxism on America's children in the guise of crunchy breakfast treat.
Communists (apart from Yuri Gagarin) fail at life.
Lenin would shoot political oppponents, and then shoot some hoops made of win
Typical Failbook communist. Notice the Lenin-esque beard and mustache.
Papa Smurf, pretend commie - secret capitalist.

Theoretical communism is the natural conclusion of Christian Doctrine that suggests in an unregulated economic system of nearly-infinite goods production, everyone will play fair and nevar ask for moar evah, and God disappears because we have nothing to pray for. This differs from the fake Christianity of W and Sarah Palin where if you hate the Jew, God rewards you with gold and power. This new religion is obviously an extension of Judaism and will never become perfected into the final stage of man known as communism, rather everyone will just digress into Meth and Hookers.

Karl Marx was so furious that his rich Jew parents did not leave their colonial estate in their will to him (which was tended by mud races for him to deliciously mouthrape), he used communism to troll lower-class factory workers into spamming the ruling class for moar money. Commies got IRL banhammered all over Europe when Germany helped arm the Great October Socialist Revolution in World War I to remove the Imperial Russian military threat from their Eastern Front so they could relocate those soldiers to curbstomp France. After killing anarchist heathens and pwning Adolf Hitler, the commies felt so validated that they haven't shut the fuck up since.

Communism is the most amazing religion ever because it is based upon the ideology that everyone is equal. However, it has been mathematically proven that White People > women > Asians > Jews > niggers African comrades > fags > Scientologists > Juggalos > furries > homosexual Scientologist furry juggalo niggers > Scottish People > The welsh > The irish. The vast majority of adherents to communism are not only gay losers, but also paedos. All paedos love Children. Russians love vodka. Therefore, Russians are Children.

The Crucible

The Crucible was a story about dumb Christians killing people they believed to be possessed by the Devil. Based on Communism

The origin of the Crucible performed by faggots

If Footmen Tire You, What Will Horses Do?

A shitty propaganda movie made by Estus "Derp" Pirkle about what Communist America would be like. At least he did SOME research to know that communists hate religion. For lulz he added a scene with a child getting his head chopped off because he wouldn't step on a picture of Jesus.

The Communist Smurfs

Undeniable truth that The Smurfs was a pro-communist brainwashing attempt by American media during the Cold War.

How To Tell Who is a Communist

Communist, gay and Emo? We have a winner!
A typical Wikipedia editor.
In America, you can always find a party. In Soviet Russia, the party finds YOU! -Actual joke by Yakof Smirnoff

Communists are actually quite easy to identify. They will almost certainly wear a scarf with Palestinian symbols on it, so any person seen sporting any other colors is definitely not a communist. Typical communists come in three flavors:

  • The first kind are the middle class college/uni students taking Political Science, Liberal Arts, Modern Studies or some such shit, made obvious by their world weary expressions, pretension, arrogance and distaste for anything they deem "unintellectual". And they'll be members of the Socialist worker student society (SWSS) if they are Britfags.
  • Secondarily they will be dressed with Palestinian symbols (are we sensing a pattern?), old, dishevelled and will almost always be smokers (likely roll ups), they will cough a lot and talk about building the party. They will get very angry when discussing their houses which are falling apart as they have no money and live at Rallies for Job Growth.
  • Finally, and ultimately, the "teenage" communists. They can be seen on Facebook, MySpace,Instagram, Google+ and twittard joining groups with less than 500 members or pointing to communist flags. They usually don't know what the fuck they're talking about and are in the process of looking for another way to piss off their fascist, consumerist parents. Lulz. Everyone knows that real Communists have facial hair. Thus you have to first hit puberty to be a Communist.
  • Usually hate Jews or everything related to Israel, also keep comparing israelis to nazis while ignoring that Gays are executed in arab countries. They are sometimes of jewish descent, but hate being reminded of that and call themselves "citizens of the world".

If Red Alert 3 has taught us one thing it is that Tim Curry is also a Communist, possibly the only true Communist left in the world, even if he has the worst Russian accent ever.

Trolling commies

Trolling is very simple. Just ask how they justify the violence. Spoiler: They can't. Congrats, you create fallacy generator 1.0 based on a real neural network that is stupider than an artificial one.

Explanation commies think (in brackets fallacies):

If I DON'T RECOGNIZE the right to your property, it means that I DON'T RECOGNIZE your grounds for defending it, then you don't defend it. (ontological argument).
You have the right to self-defense but compulsory execution of property is not self-defense. (Definitional retreat)
for this reason, there will be no violence on my part, and at most it will compulsion to defend my interests. (non sequitur)
I will have the right in an act of self-defense to stop you from unauthorized violence and I will stop you. (false conclusion)

And they can't because none communist knows this and their guru, the marx, doesn't know it either. Nice that rabbit hole of fallacious reasoning, right?

to increase the flame, you can also say that until they answer the your question, no one will mind our violence, but their, yes.

Famous Last Words

Despite their misguided economic agenda and obviously misguided political agenda, commies are really good lays.

Practical communism is defined as the economic system, faithfully represented by Josif Stalin, in which the government owns everything and the government is owned by people who make your life hell. This makes it possible for the government to ban the game Monopoly. Anyone found with said board game will be sent to the gulags for "re-education". The last words Stalin said before he died were inevitably: 'I did it for the lulz'.

History and Leadership

Everyone's favorite commie dictator and his infamous stand-up routine!

Few realize that the current president of communism is John Lenin, winning 18 consecutive unanimous elections. Though Marx holds the copyright on communism, many credit Lenin with its distribution and popularity. Grucho Marx was also a strong propogator of Communism in the eighties with his hatred filled diatrabe "Endless Summer Nights". In 1917, Lenin downloaded a hacked version of communism off Kazaa and copied it to some floppy disks (Blu-ray hadn't been invented yet) with some other snazzy programs like Banzai Buddy and Mac OS. When he offered the disks on eBay for 5 cents a pop, it became an instant hit, spreading across nations like China and Soviet Union which thought they were simply buying a picture of Fonzie from Happy Days straddling the crack smoker from the Dell commercials. When Marx found a copy of the disk, he summoned the RIAA and sued Lenin for copyright infringement, more commonly known as sharing. After some convincing testimony, Marx agreed to settle for $231 and an apologetic kiss on the cheek. Though many rumors have been spread hinting that Lenin might have died, they are highly unverified and have come from questionable sources.

Sexual Practice

Hepkitten, a well known supporter of groups with communist agendas, often dresses herself in erotic latex versions of communist uniforms. This is srsly A++ hot and more people should do it. Jesuitx also believes in the tenets of communism, as he was too young when the Soviet Union fell to realize how shitty it was.

The Typical Communist

The typical communist is a 13-year-old boy who has never paid a cent of tax in his life, other than with his parents' money. He doesn't trust the government, and naturally wants the government to be in charge of every facet of society. Wears a Che Guevara T-Shirt and a U.S.S.R. pin, both purchased from Hot Topic for 75 dollars (Let's not forget that when our little communist buys china made imports at places like hot topic, he's sucking capitalism's cock). Thinks the entire human populace can effectively share all their resources to end poverty.

Most of these can be found on Wikipedia, deviantART and YouTube. When anything is criticized about communism a typical 13 year old boy reply will be "well lyk it ttly hasnt been done right yet!!11", usually hypocritical with previous evidence of said boy sucking Marx's, Engels', Lenin's and Stalin's cocks in screensavers or banners. They will usually hate Nazis and purelily with a passion but do not seem to mind the fact communism pwned at least 100 people. 97% of the Gaian populace is made of Commies. The other 3% consists of socialist, though, similar to Wikipedia or deviantART or any other site in the Interwebs, no body has the slightest fuck of what it is.

Non-juvenile communists - namely those making up the communist voting base and party officials - are mostly crusty, old ex-hippies who, unlike their counterparts who are now CEOs of companies, flunked out of college and are now working EXACTLY 40 hours a week (Marx help you if they should work a second of overtime) at the box factory or some other lame manufacturing sector job. This is usually to get more time off work to campaign, write gay zines, and be the token creepy old people at punk rock shows.


  • A communist government is better equipped to fight zombies.
  • Bribery does not exist due to the absence of money.
  • Those who shit themselves will not feel alone, since everyone will feel like they are having a buttplug in their ass 24/7.
  • Although the Final Boss of the Internet has not been determined, it has been determined that the Soviet Union was the final boss of IRL. Since the defeat of the Soviet Union, the world has jumped the shark.
  • A society without cocktease
  • A society without The Black Eyed Peas
  • A society without Dane Cook
  • A society without Comic Sans
  • No music channel which shows more teen werevolves than music

Gallery La Revolución Comunista

[Collapse GalleryExpand Gallery]

Famous Communists

Yeah, but Mao was a faggot.

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